Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3424


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Heavenly Ghost The restricted area is a sensation!

Enemy attack.

How could this happen?

How could it appear in the restricted area?

This is the biggest joke in the world, which Great Influence or Great Family is looking for death?

It should be noted that since ancient times, only the restricted area has attacked and killed other tribes or forces. How dare someone take the initiative to attack the restricted area?

This is unrealistic, like a nightmare.

Of course, the first object that comes to mind at the top of the Heavenly Ghost restricted area is Divine Court!

Could it be that this family wants to tear up the peace agreement and weigh his Heavenly Ghost restricted area?

This restricted area is urgently moved. All kinds of Legion are gathering in an instant, and they have to push out along the outward passage, let the world know the power of his Heavenly Ghost restricted area!

These people are murderous aura surging, and their faces are full of frost!

How many thousands of years have passed.

No one has dared to invade the Heavenly Ghost restricted area so boldly. It has broken the precedent today. If the enemy cannot be quickly and bloodily suppressed and killed, wouldn’t it prove that the Heavenly Ghost restricted area is good for bullying?

So in the future, there will be endless trouble waiting for them.

The cry of killing was loud, and he went out of the passage.

They are fast, if a group of ghosts will rush to Human World from the gates of hell.

As a result, there was a scream, and we could see that the Heavenly Ghost soldiers in the restricted area who had just rushed out were thrown into the air.

It’s really people leaning on their horses, those strange beasts, those savage beasts, and the fierce soldiers waiting in an imposing manner, like a scarecrow being kicked at will.

“really strong!”

The pupils of the person still at the end shrank sharply, and then roared: “How many people are here?”

This is a leading general, he roars, and he must arrange the most suitable response method according to the number of enemies coming.

“General…There is only one person.” At the front, someone shouted hoarse, and then the answerer screamed, was caught by the ankle and threw it fiercely, not knowing that he flew to the edge of the universe.

“One…a person?”

The leading generals are stuttering, incredible, as if they can’t believe their ears!

“Who is looking for death!”

In the end he roared in anger.

You know, after receiving the news of the enemy attack, he made a sensation in the Heavenly Ghost restricted area. He gathered generals and some soldiers in an emergency. The result was that there was only one person in the so-called enemy attack?


His curse wasn’t over yet, the remaining sound was still swaying around, and he was blown away with a punch.

“Is this the way of hospitality in the Heavenly Ghost restricted area?”

Lin Fan turned into a rough man who roared and roared: “This deity has no intention of being an enemy of the Heavenly Ghost forbidden area, just want one defeat!”

His voice is very mad, even the soul energy breath is greatly changed, no one can recognize it, otherwise, he must have just entered the Heavenly Ghost restricted area, he will be detected by the old fart. coming.


A mighty general dressed in shiny silver armor shouted and made his subordinates back away.

Don’t go forward and besiege Lin Fan.

Just because he could see that this person has been keeping his hands, it really doesn’t seem to be a conquest of the Heavenly Ghost restricted area.

Those who were thrown into the air, those who were knocked into the air, and everyone who was shot into the air were all safe and sound. Although they looked embarrassed, when they landed and landed, they were all safe and sound without any damage.

“Who are you!”

The mighty general narrowed his eyes, cold light popped out of his eyes, and cold light splashed around.

Lin Fan blinked suddenly.

This is a failure.

I didn’t even think about my name in advance.

Scratching his head, making a simple and honest gesture, saying: “It’s not a success.”

The general showed the color of thinking, and then said blankly: “I haven’t heard of it.”

Lin Fan said: “So I’m here to let everyone in the starry sky remember this name.”

“Arrogant!” The general shouted angrily, and said grimly: “This General, Huo Yi, kill you today.”

Lin Fan still looks like that, now grinning: “You are not an opponent.?”


The general was killed, slashed into the air, and three layers of chaotic and distorted apertures set Lin Fan’s head.

Endless waves!

This general is very strong, and his shot is a stunt, to trap Lin Fan.

As a result, everyone was horrified to see that Lin Fan was just a finger pointing out. This Huo Yi’s fame stunt, relying on this skill to coerce the endless waves of the entire Heavenly Ghost restricted area, turned into a dot of light. .

“You are really not an opponent.” Lin Fan said seriously and sincerely: “I have no malice against you in the Heavenly Ghost restricted area, I just want a defeat.”

Huo Yi gloomy face, said with a malicious smile: “You are very strong, but you still don’t deserve to say the arrogant words that you want to defeat.”

“Then find someone to defeat me.” Lin Fan sneered.

“I will fight you.”

This is an elder from the restricted area of ​​Heavenly Ghost coming from the back, wearing a white robe, but very burly, beard, how weird this outfit looks.

“Neither can you.” Lin Fan sighed.

I feel troublesome.

His goal is only the owner of the penalty area of ​​the Heavenly Ghost.

But if you say bluntly that your goal is him, it will definitely not work.

Then just crush it all the way.

“Heh… when this deity was running amuck throughout the world, you were still taking milk.”

The elder sneered.

As a result, he suddenly flew up, and was bombarded by the invisible air current in his lower abdomen, causing him to curl up like a prawn. After flying into the sky, the screams came from the sky and the silhouette was invisible. .

Lin Fan is really sweeping everything, and almost all the high-levels of the Heavenly Ghost restricted area have been cleaned up by him.

“Fellow Daoist, are you really called it?”

Finally, the forbidden zone owner of the Heavenly Ghost forbidden zone came, with a horse face, looking towards Lin Fan with an inquiring look, faintly said: “The age of your bones shows that you are only a few thousand years old, so how come there is this connecting to heaven? penetrating the earth’s cultivation base.”


“patriarch, I will fight him, just ants, why don’t you deserve patriarch to call him connecting to heaven penetrating the earth.”

There is a Supreme Elder roar in the Heavenly Ghost restricted area.

The owner of the penalty area sighed and said: “Unless I take the shot myself, or the background is born, no one else in the Heavenly Ghost penalty area will be his opponent. Going up to challenge is just inviting humiliation to oneself.”

Lin Fan looked at the owner of the penalty zone.

What I was thinking about were scenes from the last battle.

Whether it is fighting skills, or the use of rules and order, or the connection between killing skills, he does not lose this person at all.

But in the end he won a terrible victory.

The reason is that realm is far worse.

The abuse was miserable.

Now he finds this place back.

“Indeed, with your cultivation base, you can say three words for defeat.”

The owner of the restricted zone looked at Lin Fan, and then walked down a few steps: “Come on, fulfill your defeat petition.”

The war has begun.

The entire Heavenly Ghost restricted area is boiling, all shouting.

How frustrated they were just being suppressed by this achievement.

The entire ethnic group, from the lowest cultivator to Supreme Elder-level figures, unexpectedly no one can beat him a half move.

It really hit them to doubt life.

It’s alright now. Their patriarch, who suppressed the current penalty zone owner, took action. This is not a miserable success, and it will definitely be dealt with miserably.

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