Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3440


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It should be so.

In the past, he has never paid attention to the Supreme Treasure that he took from Wuxiang.

Many times, they just use the inexplicable method printed on it to deter the soldiers of the enemy.

At this point, it seems that he picked sesame seeds and lost the watermelon.

Of course, the root cause of all this should be that at that time, he took the Treasure Gathering Pot from Wuxiang’s hand too quickly, so fast that Wuxiang didn’t have time to use the Treasure Gathering Pot and didn’t let him feel the power of this thing.

Heavenly Ghost is chanting incantation. At least the soldiers of hundreds of thousands flew up and hovered in the air. While the brilliance flickered, the Treasure Gathering Pot suspended in the air seemed to have a portal, and all the soldiers after that Are swallowed.

“Lin Long!”

Lin Fan big roar!

He saw that Lin Fan was swallowed in the Treasure Gathering Pot. He was chained to his limbs by several Order Chains, nailed through the bones of the lute, and imprisoned.

“Are you still in the mood to care about your brother?”

Laughing presumptuously, then roared: “Close!”

Lin Fan was suddenly sucked into the sky by a huge Devouring Power.

Four thick chain crash-bangs came to him, to wrap around his limbs, drag him into the Treasure Gathering Pot, and be imprisoned like Lin Long.

“get lost! ”

Lin Fan roared. At this time, he didn’t even dare to use his Zhen Shen Zhong and Zhu Tian.

He felt that even the ultimate weapon could be swallowed by this weird treasure, so his Zhu Tian and Zhen Shen Zhong would inevitably end up like this.

With a buzzing sound, his talisman ring brilliance flashed, and the Treasure Gathering Pot that had been covered in dust for thousands of years suddenly burst out!

As soon as Lin Fan’s Treasure Gathering Pot hits out, the regular chains entangled with his limbs burst, and the golden light disperses.

“Why do you have this Supreme Treasure!”

Heavenly Ghost exclaimed incredibly, his eyes were full of panic. He was continuously watching the Treasure Gathering Pot suspended in the sky and the Treasure Gathering Pot hovering around Lin Fan.

Of course, other restricted zone owners were also frightened.

But soon, Wang Tian said with a malicious smile: “This Supreme Treasure has a mysterious origin. It is said to have existed before the opening of the sky. So many epochs have passed, and there are no less than a hundred imitations. This waste hides a bit of imitations. What?”

“Indeed!” The owner of the forbidden zone seemed to cheer himself up, said with a malicious smile: “It is said that many gods will look for the Supreme Treasure itself to observe before they sacrifice their ultimate weapons. Maybe What this kid is holding is a defective product.”

Lin Fan frowned, is he really defective?

The Lin Long imposing manner that came out of the portal was full of imposing manner. Raising his hand, he slashed at Lin Fan with a sword, using the Gold Dragon Sword and Lin Long method.

This Treasure Gathering Pot is too weird.

Fortunately, Lin Long and Lin Fan often fight and fight, Lin Fan knows Lin Long’s methods too well.

Because this Lin Long is just an illusory shadow, after all, this is a copy of its shape, without its soul, so after ten moves, the copied Lin Long was killed by Lin Fan.

“Is this the power of ‘Treasure Gathering Pot’? Simply this.” Lin Fan sneered.

But actually, he did it on purpose.

To irritate Heavenly Ghost, let him use all the incantions, so as to use the stealth power of the eyes of rune that he has not used for a long time, and see if he can learn those incantions.

It’s done!

The eye of rune really heaven defying, and it really made him capture a short incantion.

“Go, let me see what terrifying power you have.”

Lin Fan roared and threw the Treasure Gathering Pot fiercely hanging in front of him towards the sky while chanting the captured incantation.

“ha ha ha…It’s just broken copper and broken iron, how dare you show off in front of which heavy treasure?”

Laughing wildly.

But soon, he couldn’t laugh anymore!

Because the Treasure Gathering Pot thrown into the sky by Lin Fan is showing off his power and bombarding their Treasure Gathering Pot more than once, just like meeting a big enemy.

But it’s more like seeing a scum who pretends to be his own reputation and doing bad things.

“ha ha ha!”

Lin Fan screamed: “It seems that your Treasure Gathering Pot is a rateless imitation! Okay, now it’s time to pay the debt!”

The Supreme Treasure was entangled, and many ultimate weapons were shot out, all of which belonged to Divine Court. After that, a long whistle, Lin Long got out of trouble.

When he saw Lin Fan, he looked guilty, but soon, guilt, etc., all turned into a hideous killing intent, and he blasted the owners of the restricted area.

Lin Long was so angry that with a big hand, he turned out to involve all the five forbidden zone owners into his circle.

“You save me a decent one.”

Lin Fan was dissatisfied. Of course, this was a deliberate ridicule. In fact, his eyes were cold and his mind was quiet.

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