Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3441


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Lin Fan spoke like that on purpose, just to stimulate the minds of the owners of the restricted zone.

It made them feel fiercely turbulent after the lost treasure.

This is not useless work. In fact, the higher the realm, the higher the demand for mood.

Especially when fighting, a slight mood swing may cause irreversible results.

Lin Long fought one against five. He held the broken rainbow, which was too fierce. He cut the Heavenly Ghost vigorously, and tore the unnatural life, and then chopped it up with hundreds of millions of sword intents.

Lin Fan certainly didn’t let the wind fall, and without any scruples, he killed everything with the clock of the gods and the heavens.

This is the first time he has made an unscrupulous shot after crossing the border. It is indeed not comparable to before.

Lin Fan even thought, if the self at this time fights with the self before, then the self in the past should be resolved within ten moves.

There is no suspense in this battle. Several major forbidden zone owners were killed in Soul Destruction, and they were all destroyed here, and none of them escaped.

For those in the restricted zone, Lin Fan is not kind.

Only because of this, the death and injury in Divine Court was really terrifying, I am afraid it was no less than 3500,000.

If these brothers are not allowed to vent their hatred, how can he convince the crowd?

In Divine Court.

“I’m sorry.” Lin Long blamed himself, where he hugged his knees and buried his head in his knees: “I was careless, I underestimated the enemy.”

“Uncle, I don’t blame you. No one thought that Supreme Treasure was so terrifying.” Xiao Nuo comforted, and said: “Actually, if you were not trapped inside, it consumed the power of Supreme Treasure. , I may not be able to survive until father arrives.”

Everyone tried to comfort him. Lin Long’s mood finally improved. He got up, looked towards Xuan Dong, and said: “I will give out the comfort this time.”

Chen Xuandong brows slightly wrinkle, but Lin Fan sighed and motioned Chen Xuandong to agree.

“Why are you each and everyone so low?” Lin Fan still felt something was wrong.

It’s just that after Lin Long left, Chen Xuandong and everyone were gloomy.

“Although I suffered heavy casualties in Divine Court, the nine restricted areas were removed in one day. This is also a shocking feat. Those brothers are also considered dead.” Lin Fan said, “It is the highest level of Divine Court than you, and even became The faith of Divine Court, if you are the same in front of brothers, I’m afraid it will cause trouble.”

“Brother Lin, do you think there is a fatal problem in my Divine Court.” Chen Xuandong was silent for a long time before looking towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan brows frowned.

Chen Xuandong said with a bitter smile: “Divine Court is very united and strong, but pinnacle’s strength is too little.”

Lin Fan sighed and said: “It takes time to develop. Looking at those powerful forces and ethnic groups, which one is not spreading hundreds of thousands or even millions of years, that is the strength accumulated over the years.”

“But we don’t have time.” Chen Xuandong smiled sadly, and said: “When the world war will start, you and I don’t even know.”

Lin Fan is silent.

Chen Xuandong said: “Brother Lin, I have a proposal.”

“You said.” Lin Fan said.

Chen Xuandong said: “This matter is the result of discussions with sister-in-law.”

Lin Fan slowly took the main seat and said: “Between brothers, there is nothing to hide, just say something.”

“Brother Lin, we can seek talents from the entire Three Thousand World.” Chen Xuandong smiled bitterly, and said: “I know, you think the current Divine Court is very good. Anyone who walks out can be committed to life. Brother, but this way…it can’t keep up with the expansion speed of Divine Court.”

Lin Fan is silent.

He does like the atmosphere of Divine Court.

Anyone who can live on the main star of Divine Court is not the Divine Court brother. Anyone is a race or a force that has followed him from the Lower Realm to the present.

This frees him from worrying about the so-called betrayal, the so-called spies, etc.

This can eliminate many things.

But what Chen Xuandong said is also true.

Divine Court is expanding too fast, how big was the former genius of the lower realm?

I’m afraid it is less than 1/10000th of the current Divine Court galaxy.

“I agree.” Lin Fan sighed, and then said with a smile: “Some of the previous offerings, elders, etc., have been integrated into my Divine Court for so many years, this time facing the entire Three Thousand World , Can indeed attract more powerhouses.”

Qingcheng Road: “What I think is that all the people recruited from outside, let them be their own.”

Lin Fan brows slightly wrinkle.

Qingcheng explained: “This can also keep the purity and loyalty inside Divine Court, and at the same time expand the strength of my Divine Court.”

“Well, you are responsible for this matter.” Lin Fan sighed and said, “But in my opinion, it is better to set up an elder’s hall. The first condition for entering the elder hall is to be in the four realms of God. , As for the other pawns, I think they are dispensable.”

Qingcheng’s beautiful eyes are slightly bright.

Lin Fan said: “Today, Wu Jian, Li Guang and their sons have all grown up, enough to stand alone. At least in today’s battle, several Little Brat made great contributions and made great achievements. Prestige, simply give them resources, property, etc., and let them recruit troops and buy horses by themselves. What they can create depends on their good fortune.”

“You are raising a dragon.” Qingcheng sensed Lin Fan’s true intentions, and said: “Do you want Divine Court to have an invincible Legion like hell and reincarnation?”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “Peak battle strength is of course very important for future battles, but the battle of Legion must be cruel and terrifying. I think the one who can fight against the Legion of Chaos is in my Divine Court. , I’m afraid it’s only reincarnation and hell, but how many of them are there?”

“Okay, I will arrange this.” Chen Xuandong said.

Also, there is a smile in his eyes.

Who doesn’t want his son to become a talent.

Who doesn’t want his son to be majestic and glorious.

“Husband, I need to recruit experts to enter the Presbyterian Church. I think…” Qingcheng said, and then said with a smile: “This matter will trouble you.”

Lin Fan shrugged and said, “It’s nothing more than medicine pill, just find Xiaoxi.”

Qingcheng fiercely glared at him: “You don’t feel sorry for your girl, so you are not afraid that she is tired?”

Lin Fan’s eyes suddenly chilled, and he said, “I have to settle the accounts.”

“What are you going to do?” Anxiety appeared in Qingcheng’s eyes.

“The tribe who dared to lend the’Treasure Gathering Pot’ to the restricted area must always ask a clear question.” Lin Fan’s eyes flickered in the killing intent.

If it’s other ethnic groups, then that’s all.

But this ‘Treasure Gathering Pot’ turned out to be from the reverse Five Elements restricted area.

He can’t help but think about it.

He is going to ask what happened.

The time that this tribe lent this treasure has a purpose.

If you lent it before meeting Ni Cangsheng, that’s all.

But if this ‘Treasure Gathering Pot’ was borrowed from him after his battle with the sky, then no matter what, I have to ask the brothers who died in Divine Court for an explanation.

Know that when negotiating with the restricted areas, he kept his hands and didn’t demand his life against the common people on the spot.

“Don’t worry, I have fought with him, he can’t, even more how. At this time, his family weapon is suppressed, and he can’t find any flowers.”

Lin Fan smiled cold and severe, and his body was gone.

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