Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3442


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It happened that Lin Fan learned the detailed coordinates of other restricted areas from Heavenly Ghost.

Otherwise, in this vast Star Sea, to find a restricted area is no different from to find a needle in a haystack.

At this time, reverse Five Elements in the restricted area.

Ni Cangsheng has a pale face.

He knows it!

It’s just because he can no longer feel the existence of the clan weapon, as if it is completely extinct in the world he knows.

It’s more like the clan weapon of his family has never appeared.

“What to do!”

Ni Cangsheng was roaring, his eyes filled with unstoppable panic.

“Waste! Waste! All waste! Why can’t even a Lin Fan be killed!”

Reverse Cangsheng shouted.

But he completely forgot.

The reason why he agreed to lend the treasure is that he knew that Heavenly Ghost etc. used his family tool to destroy Divine Court, and borrowed his family tool to suppress and kill Lin Fan.

The fundamental reason for lending was that he didn’t dare to fight Lin Fan head-on, even if he had a clan weapon, he was not sure of winning.

So now, he is yelling here at Heavenly Ghost and other useless, waste, and is probably cursing himself.

“Escape! Must leave the clan!”

After a while, Ni Cangsheng made up his mind that only by abandoning the race and leaving alone, could it be possible to avoid Lin Fan’s pursuit.

He left, and when he left, he did not consider the safety of the ethnic group at all. He did not consider whether his ethnic group would be directly crushed by Lin Fan after he made such a big mistake.


In the vast Star Sea, Lin Fan is extremely fast, one step is a galaxy, rushing to the reverse Five Elements, the murderous aura is more and more surging, I don’t know how many strong creatures in this universe.

On the other side of the starry sky, Yuzhu and Yuhou look pale.

They have been wandering in this endless Star Sea for several years.

I didn’t have any goal at the beginning, and finally caught a ray of vitality, and pursued it not far away for tens of billions of miles. As a result, it was just a piece of star debris, but the size of a hundred feet.

And that ray of vitality comes from a seed hidden in the wreckage!

But it was this seed that almost scared Yuzhu and Yuhou to death!

Because, this seed is Little Princess. Although Xiaonuo left the other side, Little Princess asked Yuzhu to see the whole world, I am afraid there is only this one.

The name is Ge An Si.

Yu Zhu still remembers the reluctance of Little Princess to ask for this thing, and the tearful face.

As a result, this seed did not take root and did not germinate.

It is drifting in the endless sky with this piece of star fragments.

“The stars are all blown up! How terrifying was that battle.”

Yuzhu’s heart trembled, and he trembled: “Who can survive that kind of battle?”

“My daughter…” Yu Queen almost died, and expressions all dimmed.

If it weren’t for keeping in mind the words of the divine envoy before leaving, maybe the two of them won’t be walking, they will die guarding this seed and the remains of stars.


“Life Aura ahead is rich, like an ancient star group of life.” Yuzu said tiredly.

Wandering in the Star Sea for several years.

Death and darkness are the themes of the universe.

In this environment, even hard will will be consumed.

The Queen Yu was even more unbearable, with a tired face and heavy walking: “Hope is the ancient stars of life, even if it is a ghost, even if it is an alien, come out and let me fight, or kill me directly, it’s better. This lonely wandering.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, maybe our daughter is in this ancient star group.” The universe scolded.

U Hou suddenly cried: “My daughter…”

“Don’t think about it, I have confidence in the father and son.” Yuzhu scolded, “Besides, this is a god’s mediator, no matter how you look at it, it is impossible.”

They talked, but they all involuntarily increased the speed to the extreme.

The closer it is, the more intense the surging life force.

“It really is the ancient star group of life! It’s so vast and beautiful!”

After Yuhou exclaimed, she and Yuzhu stood on a dead star overlooking the whole Three Thousand World.

“Fellow Daoist dare to ask where is this place?”

Yuzhu suddenly said, with an angry look and alert in his eyes.

It was a raised gray rock.

Heavenly Ghost is now hiding in it.

Lin Long became fierce that day and cut him into tens of thousands of segments.

If it is a general seven-level cultivator, it must be dead.

Relying on the special cultivation method, he was lucky enough to have a ray of Remnant Soul escape, and he has been hiding on this dead star far away from the Three Thousand World galaxy group for a long time.

Originally, he was quietly absorbing the strength of Universe and wanted to recover completely his injuries.

But suddenly he sensed a creature approaching and almost scared him to death.

Those who thought it was Divine Court found the clues and knew he was not dead, so they came out to search for him.

So I hurriedly dived into the boulder, didn’t expect to be discovered by the Ominari.

“The five realms of the gods are tricky.” Tian Ghost God thought for a moment, then appeared directly, turning into a middle-aged man, said with a smile: “Is Fellow Daoist someone from another world?”

Yuzhu’s eyes are miniature.

He can perceive that the person opposite is very strong, but he was hit hard. The Divine Soul is incomplete. I am afraid there is only a thread. But even so, it still gives him a lot of oppression. After a little silence, he cup one fist in the other hand. Later: “I came from other ancient stars, and came here for the first time.”

Heavenly Ghost is slightly shocked.

Other ancient stars.

These four words gave him a great impact.

The first thing that comes to mind is Chaos Realm mentioned by Lin Fan.

asked: “Are you from chaos?”

Yu Zhu frowned and said: “From the world of God.”

Then Yuzhu cupped one fist in the other hand again and said: “Dare to ask Fellow Daoist what sector is this place?”

“Three Thousand World.” Heavenly Ghost said.

“Really domineering’s name.” Yuzu moved slightly, looking towards the lower realm.

“Fellow Daoist is here to find relatives?” Heavenly Ghost probed.

Yu Zhu was suddenly alert in his heart, and said: “The inferior is just a person who travels far away, and I don’t even know the name of this big world. How can there be relatives here?”

Heavenly Ghost’s eyes narrowed.

Both of them are old fox, it’s difficult to snoop out anything from each other.

But Heavenly Ghost must have a relationship with Yuzhu.

The cultivation of his family is special and vicious.

Especially for him who has been hit hard right now, there are only two ways to recover completely.

First, of course, it is to absorb the great strength of Universe for many years to nourish Divine Soul and slowly recover.

But it will take tens of thousands of years to recover to its heyday.

The second type is Divine Soul who devours the Divine Soul cultivator. This is very fast, and at most a hundred people should be able to return him to Peak.

It’s just that he is timid.

For fear of infiltrating the Three Thousand World and devouring Divine Soul, the cultivator will be alert, which will attract the attention of Divine Court.

Then these two couples are the best goals.

“It turned out to be a Fellow Daoist from far away.” Heavenly Ghost smiled, and said: “I was wounded underneath, and went out to learn the strength of Universe for recuperation. Now it has come to an end. It’s not as good as my peers, I’m the host underneath, and before Fellow Daoist In this world, the first person I saw was in Xia, which is also destined. If Fellow Daoist does not dislike it, I will be a qualified tour guide in Xia, and introduce to Fellow Daoist the various aspects of the Three Thousand World.”

Yuzhu’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Then smirked: “It’s so good, I bother Fellow Daoist. Before, they didn’t expect it, but the first time together, there will be results.”

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