Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3451


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Just when Lin Fan finished saying this, a fist suddenly blasted. The fist prints that suddenly appeared from Lin Fan’s up ahead, such as a tidal wave of electric chi, did not even have time for Gongsun Zan beside him. In response, the fist marks have already wiped his cheeks, bringing out a trace of bright red!

This is extremely scary.

Information, Gongsun Zan is a great cultivator in the seven realms of God.

Being able to break away from the limit of his Divine Soul capture, he didn’t realize it until he brushed his cheek.

This means that the player’s strength is at least equal to him.

“Will you say that my powerhouse is full of greenhouse flowers? Okay, let you see.”

After the fist marks exploded, there was a cold voice!


The fist mark is more urgent, and he moved towards Lin Fan’s face!

The fist mark is not big, not much different from an ordinary fist, but it is like condensing the entire star in this fist mark.

Lin Fan roared fiercely, his eyes suddenly brilliance, and between the bright rune, he found the only weak spot, and single-pointed forward fiercely.

“Your hand is about to break.”

The powerhouse that shook the fist mark grinned and ridiculed: “The deity’s fist mark is not so resistant.”

pu’ sound, that fist mark is cracked!

Lin Fan’s finger is like a sword of nothing that cannot be broken. It slashes the Invincible Fist that is enough to kill the powerhouse of the six realms, and at the moment of contact, it will dissolve its inner meaning. terrifying power, not at all let it show off.

“You can’t.” Lin Fan slowly retracted his finger and stared at a man who came slowly!

The man has a pale face and sunken eyes. The most prominent is the huge aquiline nose.

“Heh…really? That was just my random punch.”

aquiline nose ridiculed, and then hooked, jokingly said: “Come on, let me see how arrogant you, the overlord in this world, are, and dare to say that kind of arrogant words.”

Lin Fan stepped forward, without fear, going to a battle.

At the same time, his heart shook slightly.

It’s a forbidden zone for God.

As soon as I entered it, the cultivator of the seven realms came to kill.

The background is too deep and terrifying. If this race joins the world, who can compete?

I want to come, even with the power of his Divine Court at this time, I am afraid that it can be ruled by the stars.

“Bitter Zen.”

The majestic silhouette that stopped Qi Fu came up again, slightly stern, and said: “I let them in, didn’t you hear?”

Lin Fan looked towards aquiline nose slightly differently.

The name Kuzen is completely inconsistent with his image and violent personality.

Finally, no one is blocking the way. Lin Fan and the three of them slowly move forward under the threat of Kuchan and Qi Fu.

Lin Fan’s mood became more and more serious.

This restricted area is really too terrifying. He actually saw a child under five years old who could cross 10 li in a vertical leap!

I saw a little girl who was still biting a baby bottle suppressing and killing a dragon elephant with her pink fist.

This dragon elephant is three meters high, but the little girl who was biting the baby bottle had just three punches and suppressed and killed it.

The more you go, the more frightened!

This is the real restricted zone.

In comparison, the so-called Heavenly Ghost restricted area, the so-called reverse Five Elements restricted area, etc., are too ‘shabby’ and too ‘backward’.

“It’s been a million years…I’m here again.”

At this moment, Hua Mengxue faintly spoke in the coffin that had been floating forward behind Lin Fan, and then he smiled: “Qi Fu, you said that no one dared to be arrogant in your God’s forbidden zone. The next time I came, I killed all the way from outside the gate to this place, and cut off the one who should be regarded as your uncle. How can this be counted?”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink sharply!

What kind of grudge is this?

“Hua Mengxue, you should know that last time, my brother died intentionally by your hands, do you think you still have life?”

The majestic voice appeared violent, and said grimly: “He would rather die than kill you.”

“Will he not kill me?”

In the coffin, Hua Mengxue hehe sneered: “So…I can’t recover completely the strange disease in these several epochs…Who gave it to me? If it weren’t for him, who could come into me in this world? The body is poisonous.”

Lin Fan brows slightly wrinkle.

This grudge seems to have a long history.

Of course, he would not be so stupid to think that the so-called sentimental poison is the sentimental poison of men and women.

It is the strange poison of the world’s most poisonous.

Even him can’t be resolved for the time being.

“Reverse Five Elements…Originally in nine heavens above, at that time your God was still under it, why would it slowly decline…”

Hua Mengxue speaks again, and tells the shocking secrets!

Obviously, even Gongsun Zan and Qi Fu didn’t know this kind of thing.

“With all your heart, you two brothers are the same, honey-swords, full-fledged villains.” Hua Mengxue continued, and then said mockingly: “Qi Fu, you have always been complacent and proud of being outside the restricted area of ​​your body, but in fact Up, you know, your roots are…”

“Hua Luoxue, enough! Is it true that this deity can’t kill you?”

He screamed with all his heart, and said in the lunar calendar: “Those are old things, just talk about the present, you are against the decline of Five Elements, but I am still aloof and remote, even your patriarch, bowed in front of my clan , What else do you have to be proud of? Talking here?”

Hua Luoxue said indifferently: “He is not the patriarch of Five Elements. I have deprived him of his position.”

“You said that you can count?” Qing exhausted a smile, and then said grimly: “I can guarantee that, now, Ni Five Elements has been held in his hand again.”

“Are you treating everyone as an idiot?” Lin Fan started, sneered, and said, “Really, I’ll just talk about conspiracy and trajectory. I’m afraid I can be your Master.”

With a sigh, Lin Fan said, “Originally, I wanted to say that with regard to those two things, I can be your ancestor, but I feel that if you say it like this, you are the one who is stunned and the deity is at a disadvantage.” /p>

“Kill! Kill them!”

Roar with all my heart.

His original intention was to trick Lin Fan and others into his place of living, which contained Absolute Heaven Great Formation, so as to ensure that the three of them could not escape and could completely kill them.

But the reality is short.

I was so humiliated by Lin Fan again, so I couldn’t help it and ordered directly.

“Oh, good, I haven’t done it for a long time.” Kuchan grinned and said: “In fact, what you said is true. In our world, we can indeed cultivate a realm powerhouse, but it is difficult to get out of the fight. The hero of China, it seems that I have not killed a few people in my life. Of course, there is no commonplace to kill. All of them are named, and they are enough to crush the existence of Three Thousand World.”

“Do you say these are useful?” Lin Fan smiled, shrugged, and said: “So… are you going to fight me?”

“no no no, you are wrong, I am not trying to fight you, but to kill you.” Kuchan seriously corrected his expression, and said: “Click to fight and click to kill are two different things, incomparable.”

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