Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3452


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He is serious and serious, explaining the difference between the two words, but he is even more arrogant and arrogant.

Click to kill!

This term is too bad.

It’s like going to a vegetable market to select freshly slaughtered animals.

“Come on.” Kuzen started, and he stood sideways, facing Lin Fan with a single finger.

This posture is even more contemptuous.

“Are you sure I do it first?”

Lin Fan has weird eyes.

This is not a discussion, it is Life and Death Battle.

But this bitter meditation is like an idiot, trying to put on the air of expert.

“Exactly.” Kuzen frowned: “I’m afraid you will die as soon as I shoot.”

Lin Fan extremely angry grinned, he walked forward and winked at Gongsun Zan.

Their three people didn’t come here with the mentality of negotiating with God, they came here to kill people.

Of course, it is unrealistic to want to destroy this clan.

But before I came, I had already set a plan to make the most horrible movement and the most terrifying prestige.

After Gongsun Zan’s insignificant nodded, Lin Fan hehe smiled and walked forward and said: “Well, a gentleman has the beauty of an adult. Since you are so hard to invite, I must agree to your request.”

“You talk a lot of nonsense.” Qi Fu frowned: “Can’t you just shoot?”

“Okay.” Lin Fan smiled, but the smile only appeared for an instant.

With a bang, Lin Fan set off a sonic boom, fast enough to make the cultivator of the Seven Divine Realms slap his tongue. I can’t believe it. In this realm, how could anyone be so fast?

Beyond common sense, it doesn’t conform to the great realm’s sky moat, just like the 8th Realm’s hidden power, which is suddenly exposed at this time.


Lin Fan shouted, and, immediately, he suppressed and killed out of Purgatory.

Black’s house suddenly expanded, and then suppress and kill down. Suffering Zen didn’t even have time to react and was directly included in it.

“The Rat! How dare you!”

Qi Fu’s pupils shrank sharply, and roared: “Bastard, this is a fair battle, but you dare to use this Evil Artifact? Don’t you want to let him out? Do you have to force the deity to do it?”


Suddenly, a huge sword light exploded above Qi Fu’s head!

It was Gongsun Zan who was shooting. It was too cruel. A huge sword intent lotus appeared on top of Qi Fu’s head, and then it was cut and cut off, like a drop of blood, about to take Qi Fu’s head.

“A fair fight? When did the deity say that he would fight fair with your God? This time I came here just to kill!”

Lin Fan roared, and quickly culled forward.

This Qi Fu is much stronger than Ku Chan, and it actually avoided Gongsun Zan’s mortal blow.

Quickly, Qi Fu followed in the footsteps of bitter meditation and was taken into it by Lin Fan as a purgatory. After the house was slightly shaken, the black door opened wide and two piles of black ashes fell out.

Both of them died.


Hua Mengxue moved, Yu made the coffin fly up and slammed forward, blocking her heart.

“Hua Mengxue, do you really think you can’t kill you?” He roared with all his heart, his face full of hideousness.

This is a skinny old man. It doesn’t make much difference like a corpse. The hair is sparse and yellow like weeds, piled untidy on the head, and the whole person has a strong smell of decay.

Hua Mengxue didn’t answer, and said coldly: “God seems to have fallen. After he died, you are the only one who holds this realm.”

“Are you sure you want to be the enemy?” His eyes were cold and severe.

With this coffin in front of him, he was destined to be unable to rush forward to kill Lin Fan.

“For the enemy? Isn’t this chosen by your family?” Hua Mengxue sneered, and said: “I was planted with love poison and underwent Taicang Gu, not just to wait for my life to die, you swallow the Insect King , In the first life? Really think I don’t know?”

Complexion ashen with all my heart.

Then he sneered: “What do you know? It’s a trick after all. Do you really think my brother is in love with you? Tell you, from the beginning, it was just a scam.”


Hua Mengxue screamed in the cold, and the coffin cover bounced like a heavenly blade, killing her with all her heart.

At this time, Lin Fan and Gongsun Zan are also fighting and fighting!

The most important thing about Lin Fan’s madness is that the Supreme Treasure too terrifying on his body restrains many heavy treasures and weapons, and makes him go forward bravely and splattered with blood.

Of course, Gongsun Zan is also very strong. There is no incompetent person for the owner of the restricted area.

“Please move the family device!”

I yelled with all my heart, and said: “Take out the tenth generation, suppress and kill the enemy!”

He has lived for endless years, and now he knows the true intention of Lin Fan and his trip.

This made him even think whether this world is crazy.

Someone dared to use his forbidden area as a stepping stone.

He must be used as a stepping stone for Divine Court to enter the restricted area.

Just after this full-hearted roar, in the restricted area of ​​God, one after another large mountains exploded, and the silhouettes of each and everyone in ragged buildings fought bravely to Lin Fan and so on.

“Dare to come to God to be wild, who gave you the courage to Deity?”

He has the background and roar, he didn’t reach the seven realms, but he also passed the predators. Holding a huge wolf fang club, he swung down at Lin Fan across a thousand miles, and the time and space was suddenly exploded by the plow.

But Lin Fan was not afraid. After a sneer, the Treasure Gathering Pot flew up and swallowed the wolf fang club in the hands of this foundation.

“Damn it!”

Background roars, he attacked Lin Fan with his bare hands.

Soon, his whole person was suddenly manipulated by a weird force, and he flew horizontally, actually blocking Lin Fan in front of him, using his flesh to block a sword mark for Lin Fan!

This background is very miserable. It was just born, and before it was greatly showing divine might in the future, it was manipulated by Lin Fan with an inexplicable method rubbed from the Treasure Gathering Pot and became a meat shield.

He is dead!

The shooter is crying.

He couldn’t believe that his eyes had cut off his Old Brother.

Finally, he followed in the footsteps of this background. After being attacked by the God of Chaos Clock, he successfully bombed his Soul Sea and shattered his Divine Soul.


Roaring with all my heart: “Please show the eighth life and kill the enemy!”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink slightly!

He stepped forward hurriedly, after a long whistle, he turned to shatter the sky of the heavens, dragged countless stars from the Foreign Domain, and smashed into the restricted area!

In the restricted area, this is peaceful and beautiful, just like the back garden of a god.

But now, as if it were about to be Life Extinction, hundreds of big stars burning and dragging orange tail flames just like this.

This is very scary, even if there is a large array of guards in the restricted area, this kind of attack method, impossible to hurt too many lives, but the restricted area is probably half destroyed, at least I want to restore the previous magnificent appearance, I don’t know how it will cost Many years, how much effort has to be wasted.


Just as hundreds of big stars were about to fall, a huge tree as thick as a mountain exploded, and a silhouette sitting cross-legged roared.

It seems that the law will follow. After he said the word ‘quiet’, time and space seemed to stop for a moment.

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