Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3453


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Lin Fan’s expression suddenly became serious!

He traveled through the world and rushed through chaos, but he really didn’t see a few people who could use Time and Space Rule like this.

This man is terrifying.


Lin Fan’s horrifying major event happened!

This Qi devoted all his heart to bow his head in front of the silhouette that appeared, and called it the ancestor!

This is terrifying!

Keep in mind that I have been sleeping for at least millions of years.

So, he called the ancestor, should he be the old fart in that era?

“My family, are we lonely to this step?”

The old silhouette spoke with a sigh, and then slowly got up.

Every action he made seemed so unnatural, as if he hadn’t moved a bit for millions of years.

“Three little things…” the man said.

Lin Fan is trying hard to see from his decayed battle armour which pre-Era creature he is, but it doesn’t work.

It can only be calculated from the traces of the half-dying secondary mother gold armor. This person is at least an old fart of dozens of epochs ago. He escaped the liquidation of Heaven and Earth by weird means and has survived until now. Come.

“Kill it.”

This person said: “Those who dare to rebel against the mighty tiger, kill without mercy, kill the ten races.”


Hua Mengxue’s cold voice sounded, with doubts, as if uncertain.

“There is still someone who remembers the name of the deity?” Suddenly appeared in this person’s eyes, and various scenes appeared in his eyes, as if he was thinking of his own life in an instant, and then hehe smiled: “Too long , This name…little thing, you remind me of the ups and downs of the past, and you can spare you half your life.”

Lin Fan’s eyes have been very solemn.

It should be said that since this HeQing Wumeng appeared, Lin Fan did not dare to take any care.

“You…” Who knows, Qing Wumeng also noticed Lin Fan. There was a frightening brilliance in his eyes, condensed into two horrible light beams, looking towards Lin Fan, Lin Fan was coldly snorted, a layer of gold The telescreen shrouded him, rays of light ten thousand zhang, entrusted him to be as mighty as a god.

“tsk tsk, I was really shocked by you at first, thinking that you are the power of nurturing the Tao, or the power of pregnancy.”

Lin Fan laughed suddenly. The moment he saw the golden telescreen, he noticed the dreamless cultivation base.

Still in the Seven Realms of Prosperity.

Then why is he afraid?


Qing Wumeng opened his mouth, the half-dying secondary gold battle armour on his body clanged, and the dust and mottles accumulated over the years fell off, once again shining brightly.

After that, Qing Wumeng stretched out his hand and slowly squeezed it against Lin Fan.

Suddenly, Lin Fan felt like he was suddenly squeezed by the two big worlds, trying to squeeze him into fleshy pieces.

This is the use of Time and Space Strength.

This dreamless dream really has become the capital of supreme powerhouse.

“Only ants, dare to come to my heaven to make a mess, and dare to disturb my sleep.”

Qing Wumeng’s eyes were full of coldness, and then he looked towards Gongsun Zan, said with a malicious smile: “The trash in the Valley of Unrequited Love has not yet become extinct? Well, since you are here today, it will simply be destroyed. That waste Bloodline that only grows flowers and grass.”

Gongsun Zan was full of anger.

Hold the sword to kill Qing Wumeng.

After rushing forward three steps, he was surprised to find that he was still in place.

“hehe… Although the deity did not break through the seven realms and go to a higher place, but after so many years, it is still comprehended the formidable power of another realm.” Qing Wumeng smiled: “Of course, although it is just silk Silky strands, but also enough to sweep the contemporary.”

He sighed a little bit of excitement, and said: “When I was alive, there were enemies everywhere, and when I was born again, the group of enemies died, and under the stars, it was hard to find an enemy, how lonely.” /p>


Suddenly, Qing Wumeng thought he had been suppressed, and Lin Fan, who could only wait to die, suddenly escaped from his Divine Ability, and, also traveling through time and space, swiftly killed Qing Wumeng.

With a buzzing sound, the Chaos Town God Bell presses forward, and there is a funeral sound, which is regarded as unknown, and behind this Chaos Town God Bell, it is Lin Fan’s Zhu Tian!

“Good boy; it is the old man who underestimated you! He even understands Dao of Space-Time!”

Qing Wu Meng laughed strangely, he cut with one hand, and the time and space in front of him were intertwined and chaotic. Zhen Shen Zhong and Zhu Tian both seemed to pierce his head.

But in fact, there is nothing like that at all, it’s just that the chaotic time and space make people illusion.

“old bastard, do you think you are a time and space god? Your this method is too superficial, at least you can’t hide it from me, you can’t stop me!”

Lin Fan is fierce.

You know, he is the treasure of the time and space gods once held.

Up to this point, he still had something in his arms.


Zhu Tian suddenly argued, and hundreds of millions of murderous aura exploded, crushing the chaotic time and space.

Qing Wumeng screamed and fell back. He was not severely injured, but he was blind in one eye and his face was covered with scars.

“With your method, you still dare to be invincible, and you dare to say lonely!”

Lin Fan sneered, but he knew that it was time to leave today.

If it drags on, I really don’t know if one or two older old farts will jump out of this restricted area.

It seems that Hua Mengxue didn’t really know this forbidden area.

For example, this dreamless dream is not in her knowledge.

“Want to go?”

Qing Wumeng grinned: “When you come here, you will die here forever.”

I have to say, this Qing Wumeng is really terrifying, and it can see Lin Fan’s current plan at a glance.

“Brother, it’s time to go, it’s almost time today.”

Gongsun Zan is also sound transmission: “After such a trouble, if we can still retreat, then your Divine Court will definitely be able to enter the restricted area. The goal is achieved.”

Lin Fan was nodded, and at the same time sound transmission to Hua Mengxue and asked him to withdraw.

“You can’t leave!”

Qing Wumeng roared and pressed his hands forward.

But it was not aimed at Lin Fan and the others, but with hundreds of thousands of li, blocking the way out of God.

Lin Fan sneered in his heart.

Since I want to come here to make a fuss.

How can I not arrange a proper escape route?

The fundamental reason why Lin Long did not appear in this battle is that he was inserted by Lin Fan at the gate of God, and he could meet their three people at any time.

Also, Lin Fan is sure that when the time comes, there will be a big surprise when the time comes.

Fight and retreat.

Lin Fan made another glorious success, and even cut the three tenth generation ancestors and two eighth generation ancestors in the forbidden area of ​​God!

In fact, if it weren’t for this Qing Wumeng’s sudden appearance, and the clan weapon in the forbidden area of ​​God, which made him jealous, this slash could expand infinitely.

The clan weapons in the Forbidden Zone of God are terrifying. Even the Treasure Gathering Pot can forcefully stop him from showing up, but can’t take him away.

“Stop them, if you let them retreat from my God, what face of my God will stand under the stars!”

Roaring with all my heart, the canthus is about to split.

Lin Fan’s eyes are like knives.

From then on to the mountain gate, there are still eight hundred miles.

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