Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3454


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This is an unimaginable battle and fight.

Even in the long river of history, it is enough to shock ancient history and the starry sky.

God’s forbidden area, which survives forever.

Even if his superiors are full of blood and disgrace, no one dares deny their strength.

This forbidden area has gone through many ages of divine warfare, has crossed countless days, and has crossed many epochs. It still stands at the peak of the forbidden area, and it represents something in itself.

But now, someone actually called in.

Just in this forbidden zone that is enough to shake multiple time and space and epochs, the killing will be carried out.

It’s like joking, but it’s happening in reality.


It exploded that day. Someone blasted out the fist marks and was led by Lin Fan to kill the sky, causing the sky to explode and the earth to fall. Countless black air currents washed away from the big hole like a waterfall. Down, I don’t know how many vast mountains and rivers in the restricted area of ​​God were destroyed.

“Lin Fan, what you do today, you must use the blood of your clan to atone for your sins!”

The mighty power in the Forbidden Area of ​​God is roaring, the murderous aura is too rich, and when Lin Fan waits to kill at the exit, the mountains exploded, and the many secrets in the Forbidden Area of ​​God are unsettled. , Kill it without receiving a request for help!

Either the driver made a huge coffin smash, or crawled out of the coffin, summon returned to the soldiers who had been sleeping for thousands of years and came with a sharp weapon.

“One yuan!”

Lin Fan roars!

At this step, I really can’t keep too much hands on it, otherwise it may happen at any time.

God really not just in name only, but also in reality, too much background, too strong.

At this time, a full 30-40 supreme powerhouses were besieging the three of them.

Gongsun Zan was covered in blood. He was nailed through the shoulder blades by a long spear, and then slapped on the back by a broad knife like a door. He was embarrassed and miserable.

Actually, if it wasn’t for Lin Fan who secretly gave him how many treasure pill, it is estimated that he is impossible to survive now.

Of course, this is not to say that Gongsun Zan is extremely weak.

On the contrary, he is strong enough.

Otherwise impossible to live to now.

If you are not confident enough in your own strength, you will not dare to accompany Lin Fan to this madness this time.

It’s just because Lin Fan has various Supreme Treasures next to him, and the coffin where Hua Mengxue sleeps, seems to be some kind of incredible treasure in itself, but it can hardly pick up many attacks and weapons without any damage.

Only him, there is only one ultimate war sword, the lethality is indeed infinite, but in terms of protection, it is still a little worse.

“Good means!”

Plent Wumeng eyes cold and severe, staring at the three Dao Body shadows behind Lin Fan.

This method, he had never heard of before, was unprecedented.

It is a magical skill.

“jié jié… Even if you call ten more of you, it will be useless today, it will not save you.”

He smiled with all his heart, he danced his weapons, attacked Lin Fan, and asked God to be expert here, first focusing on Lin Fan, first beheading Lin Fan, and talking about other things.

As a result, as soon as he took a step, he howled miserably.

The future, who was in the lower reaches of the long river of time, stepped onto the bank, raising his hand is a reincarnation, forcibly cutting his life for at least ten thousand years.

All of a sudden, I buckled down.

It should be noted that he and Hua Mengxue are people of the same age. They have not been completely self-proclaimed. They have lived to the present, and the life essence is really insufficient.

At this time, I was involved in this cruel plan. I was afraid that at least half of the life essence was stripped.

“You die for me, come!”

After a scream, Qing did his best to kill again.

Lin Fan smiled darkly, and the future body formed mysterious handprints again, and suddenly shot, it turned out to be another reincarnation, sweeping towards the rushing heart.

Qing dedicated his heart not daring to take it hard, and continued to retreat after a strange cry, but this reincarnation seemed to have locked him up and fixed him in the dark. About the cause and effect line of the full heart, he must be cut off.

In the end, Qing was robbed with all his heart, and the world body also took action, blocking his escape route, and letting reincarnation fall on him again.

Qing dedicated his heart and became older, and several fingers became ashes. The rotten and decayed body could not withstand the pressure of this world and was crushed.

“Junior, Hugh succeeded!”

Someone roared and attacked Lin Fan. This man was young and strong. He was in his prime, and he was not afraid of Lin Fan’s Profound Truth of Reincarnation.

“Trifling six realms, dare to scream in front of me?”

Lin Fan grinned, his deity did not move, but he used to make a move. He calmly walked out and slapped a palm forward. With a ka-cha, these six realms were on the way to attack, and the void suddenly collapsed. Buried in it, never came out again.

The fighting became more intense, even Hua Mengxue coughed up True Blood!

It’s strange that the True Blood of Hua Mengxue is not red, but blue like ice.

“It must be removed.”

Gongsun Zan spoke, he was also coughing up blood, insisting to this day, it is already the limit, he feels that if he continues to kill.

Even if you don’t be banished here, it will damage the Dao Foundation. At least it will be a consequence of the regression of the cultivation base.

Lin Fan blasted back the road blocker with two fists, looked towards Hua Mengxue, and said: “Senior, borrow the coffin for a use.”

Hua Mengxue frowned, but in the end she was nodded.

Lin Fan stuffed Gongsun Zan into the coffin, flew up, stood on the coffin with Hua Mengxue, and slaughtered forward.

The past, current, and future three generations are guarding the left and right, rampant, Lin Fan controls the coffin and rushes towards Qing Wumeng.

Qing Wumeng is actually the biggest obstacle.

“Kill them.” Qing dedicated his heart to roar, but his voice was very small. Lin Fan’s two reincarnations almost directly polished the remaining life essence. At this time, he drew back and did not dare Too far forward.

For fear that Lin Fan will attack him again and let him directly become nothingness.

As a result, he was still robbed.

The coffin of the guard rushed towards Qing Wumeng’s future body, unexpectedly and suddenly appeared behind him.

“Save me…”

He wailed with all his heart, and when he felt the familiar breath near him, he knew it all!

It’s useless.

At this time, everyone’s attention was on Lin Fan and Qing Wumeng who were fighting, and not many people paid attention to him.

After hearing the dedicated cry for help, it was too late to help.

I can only watch him slowly turning into dust under that cycle.

This scene is terrifying, starting from the soles of the feet with all my heart, every inch of it turns into fly ash.

I screamed with all my heart, struggled hard, even cut off his body, leaving only one head is useless, and finally the soul left Nine Nether, and the body became ashes and died completely.


Qing Wumeng roared.

This is simply extraordinary shame and humiliation!

God’s forbidden zone, almost all the details.

But he was still in full view, and was killed by God’s contemporary speaker.

“Go die for me! Group God Killing Formation!”

God Killing Formation!

As soon as these four words came out, Hua Mengxue complexion was greatly changed.

This woman is too cold and quiet. She can hardly see any expression on her stunning face. At this time, there is anxiety and fear in her eyes, which can only prove that this God Killing Formation is terribly terrifying. Top.

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