Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3455


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“We must kill before the big formation gathers, otherwise we will all die!”

It was the first time that Hua Mengxue spoke in this anxious and timid tone, and it was even more terrifying.

“It’s too late.”

Qing Wumeng grinned: “You are really good, and you can force me to use this method.”

Hua Mengxue’s heart sank to the bottom.

Actually, even if she has lived for endless years, she just listens to the name of the Killing Formation.

I only know that this Killing Formation is one of the most terrifying methods in the Forbidden Area of ​​God. It is reported that this is the originator of the Forbidden Area of ​​God. This formation’s prestige killed a god.

With a sigh, looking towards Sifang faintly, Hua Mengxue said: “It seems…I’m afraid it will really fall here.”

Lin Fan is frowning, his eyes are shining brightly, and hundreds of millions of rune fly from his rune, branding everywhere in the void.

“Little things, I will try my best later to try to find a way out for you. If you can escape, please be kind to Five Elements.” Hua Mengxue returned to her usual coldness and said: “If you can survive, and you can guarantee that the name of the Five Elements restricted area will not be lost, then I can be regarded as repaying the kindness of this family.”

“Senior, I don’t think I need to go any further.”

Lin Fan speaks.

“You don’t understand.” Hua Mengxue sighed and said: “This God Killing Formation is evil and vicious. When the formation is completed, there are only two results. The trapped person will die, or the formation will be formed. The man died.”

Lin Fan frowned.

Gongsun Zan was also pale and bloodless, and said with a smile: “God Killing Formation requires at least twenty god-immersing cultivators to be qualified to arrange, and those trapped in it, every second , Will usher in an attack.”

Speaking of this, Gongsun Zan looked towards Lin Fan, his face paler, and said: “Do you think that an attack every second is nothing?”

Lin Fan is silent.

Gongsun Zan laughed: “But if it’s an attack once every second, what about the equivalent to at least one blow after the ten gods join forces?”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink sharply!

so that’s how it is!

It’s no wonder that even Hua Mengxue’s expression changed drastically and she said that kind of desperate words.

A blow after the ten gods have joined forces, which is far from space.

But it is definitely not as simple as one plus one, and, for so many years, Lin Fan has really never heard of any kind of formation that can integrate human strength and then turn it into an effective attack.

“hehe…it’s enough to be proud of the three of you to die under the Killing Formation of our race.”

Qing Wumeng said, with cold and severe murderous intention, said with a malicious smile: “You know, this kind of big formation has never been used on a cultivator below the pregnant tract, all, you really It can be named as the history of cultivation.”

“old bastard, just tell us that we are dead?”

Lin Fan sneered, but looked very solemnly towards the time and space where the four directions were gradually chaotic.

“hehe…If you have the strength to break this formation, why bother so much? How dare I provoke God?” Qing Wumeng ridiculed: “You take your time to enjoy it, rest assured, I will tell you. It will slow down the attack and will not let you die too soon.”

Qing Wumeng feels cold in her heart.

The reason for using such horrible methods.

It’s not because God’s restricted area really didn’t have the ability to kill three people.

Instead, he felt that the longer these three people survived, the greater the influence on his fame and reputation.

And, he is sure, at this stage, there must be so many eyes staring at God.

So he decided to use the most powerful means to send Lin Fan and others on the road in the most terrifying way, so as to frighten everything in the dark.


The big formation was activated. There were chaos of brown and yellow everywhere, and there was a gleam from time to time, and the rune of incomplete order passed by from time to time, and above the heads of Lin Fan, there was a smooth mirror surface. , The reflection shows the silhouette of the three people holding their heads up and watching.

“Senior, don’t be alarmed, I feel this Killing Formation is also only this.”

Lin Fan opened his mouth to comfort.

This drew wry smiles from Hua Mengxue and Gongsun Zan.

But Lin Fan is telling the truth.

The eyes of rune, peek through the world’s falsehood and Formation, and search for the world’s weak spot.

He has this kind of self-confidence. Rune’s eyes will not let him down. Even in the murderous Killing Formation, it can help him find a way out.


Suddenly, a beam of sword light slashed and lased from the smooth mirror surface.

For Lin Fan.

This sword light too terrifying, straight to it, but the infinite sword energy Heaven Sealing Danger Land, made Lin Fan feel that he was forced to a dead end, unable to move forward or retreat, only to fight with this sword.

The most important thing is that this sword light is too strong, far beyond the limit he can handle.

Lin Fan even has a certain illusion now, this Killing Formation seems to be killed by the pregnant Dao Realm’s Xeon!


Lin Fan yelled, threw the black house in his hand, and faced the sword light with a ding sound. The Purgatory was cut and flew by a sword, smashing through the void and disappearing.

But fortunately there is the Treasure Gathering Pot, otherwise, Lin Fan will really miss this treasure.

“really strong.” Lin Fan looked solemn.

The Purgatory Hell doesn’t seem to be palm-size, but that kind of weight can definitely crush the gods, but it was cut flying by a sword light.

With a whining sound, Purgatory broke through the chaos and returned to Killing Formation, which made Lin Fan’s eyes narrow.

He suddenly had some ideas, and of course he still needs to verify them carefully.

The attack is here again. It is also a sword light, but it is stronger and more terrifying than the last time. There are thousands of sword intents, all bright as the sun, when it shines in this sealed Killing Formation. Later, it turned into a giant sword, and it swept across Lin Fan’s three people at the same time.

Lin Fan repeated the old tricks, and Purgatory was knocked into flight again.

“Senior, I should know how to break the formation.” Lin Fan said, and then: “Of course, we need to try.”

Lin Fan’s eyes were serious, he was waiting for the third attack.

This Qing Wumeng did what he said, but he actually slowed down the rhythm of the attack deliberately, and Lin Fan waited.

Finally, it is still a ray of sword light. Lin Fan swiftly evolved a ray of Divine Soul into his own silhouette, deep into the purgatory, and drove the purgatory to the sword light. go with.

“Good way.”

Hua Mengxue’s eyes are slightly bright.

She and Gongsun Zan both guessed what Lin Fan was going to do.

But suddenly, at the moment when Purgatory was knocked out of the great formation, Lin Fan coughed up blood, his eyes were gloomy, and said: “No, there are weird murderous intentions. This purgatory has no souls of soldiers. Shelter everything within.”

Hua Mengxue and Gongsun Zan’s eyes darkened.

The hope that finally rose up turned into despair.

“You don’t need to be downcast, as long as you are in battle, you must be alive and have a way to survive.”

Lin Fan comforts.

And this time, he completely gave up seize every opportunity and peered around with the eyes of rune.

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