Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3456


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This is the first time in his life that he urges Rune’s eyes with such full force. I can imagine Lin Fan’s seriousness and seriousness in this matter.

At this moment, his eyes are like a scorching sun, and the blazing light is enough to melt the divine iron that can be handed down to the Divine Item.

“Lin Fan, you will know that there are some things you can’t do, and some mistakes you can’t make, but unfortunately you have no chance. Death and death is your only end.”

Qing Wumeng’s words are too cold and severe. It turned out that Heaven and Earth’s snow, like goose feathers, covered the ground with a thick layer, and then melted; it turned into thin blue ice, this It’s just murderous aura, it actually affected Celestial Phenomenon and changed the seasons.

No wonder he dare to say that even though he is still in the seven realms, he can still dominate the world and comprehended the silky power of another realm.


Suddenly, God’s Killing Formation was in great turmoil. It was like a real creature, but a sleeping True God. At this moment, the True God was offended and wanted to lower the thunderbolt-like anger. First Destroy this big formation, and then come out to kill everyone here.

Qing Wumeng’s pupils shrank slightly, and then roared: “Shoot with all your strength!”

The starting point of anxiety has risen in his heart, and the nowhere to follow panic makes him feel bored.

What’s wrong with this?

Why do I have that idea?

Too bad.

This Killing Formation of God is always unfavorable. It is one of the confidence that he has dared to stand tall in the forbidden area for hundreds of millions of years.

But now, what is he thinking.

It turned out to be in a trance to see that the three people inside took the coffin and rushed out of the Killing Formation. When he did not react, he killed the bloody scene of many great experts in the formation.

This feeling makes him feel ridiculous.

But when he arrives at this realm, how can such an illusion be reborn?

So, he strictly ordered a quick shot, which contradicted his previous order to kill, so that the great experts who were stationed on the left and right of the Killing Formation and all around frowned.


The big array shook suddenly, and the chaos seemed to be uncovered from the inside out.


The dreamless roar, the canthus is about to split!

He saw that a large vacancy was suddenly opened, where a coffin was hitting, preventing the healing of the big formation, and it was pushed hard from the inside out.

“Go back!”

Qing Wumeng roared fiercely, took a step forward, twisted his waist and hit the coffin with a fist, making a loud noise.

The coffin retreated an inch.

But it’s only an inch.

When the coffin was stabilized, a horrible force surged towards him. At this moment, he felt like a regular wave raising tens of thousands of feet, high towards him. The head shot away.

“The ants also want to turn the sky, and the salted fish also want to turn over?”

Qing Wumeng grinned, he stepped back slightly, avoiding the first wave of sharpness from Lin Fan and others, but he stepped forward in a flash. When he stretched out his hands, he was already golden, like Dao Cast from Tribulation Gold, bright and bright.

In this way, Qing Wumeng patted the coffin to re-enter it.


At this moment, a halberd shadow suddenly shot out from the half-opened coffin!

It’s really only half the tip of a halberd, but it makes Qing Wumeng almost scared off in an instant.

Too insidious and vicious.

This halberd didn’t give him any chance to react at all. The moment it appeared, it was pointed directly at his eyebrows. The moment he discovered it, the halberd was no more than half an inch from his eyebrows!

“get lost! ”

Lin Fan appeared. He escaped from the sky and successfully escaped from the Killing Formation.

This is too unimaginable.

In the ancient history of cultivation, there are not many people who can escape from this Killing Formation, at least the known ones, and there are real records, but one or two.

Zhu Tian buzzed, and the bloodthirsty killing sound made people fearful.

Lin Fan jumped out of the coffin, and long halberd reached half an inch between Qi Wumeng’s eyebrows, and kept pushing him back thirty thousand zhang!

This is a terrifying distance.

Qing Wumeng really has the strength to aspire to the Supreme Master of Three Thousand World. Looking around the world, I am afraid that few people can make him take a step back, but at this time, he retreats again and again.

Of course, during this period, Qi Wumeng is of course the best way to do it. He shifts his shape and positions, he so close, yet worlds apart, he Close Horizon, he Shrink The Land Into An Inch, and so on. All of his Great Divine Ability can be used in a single thought, but they are useless. Lin Fan is really more proficient in this than him,

So, the tip of the halberd was always half an inch before his eyebrows, not increasing or decreasing.

“Mouse dare you!”

Suddenly, Qing Wumeng roared, both of his hands leaned forward, going through the space by means, passing his supreme power to the left and right, to kill Lin Fan’s third-life body.

“old bastard, in front of me, are you inviting humiliation to oneself by playing with these methods?”

Lin Fan grinned, and he stamped his right foot fiercely, the void suddenly made a clanging sound of gold and stone hitting, the void within a radius of ten thousand li, instantly solidified, comparable to Zhentie, shackled into dreamless power transfer.


Qing Wumeng roared fiercely, but he was in no way. The halberd pointed at his brow was too cold, and the murderous intention too terrifying contained in it.

If he is daring to be distracted, there is a high possibility that he will actually be nailed through Soul Sea.

I had to watch the three-life body sweeping the formation of Xeon like this, the head flew, and the blood splashed!

The three generations who entered the crowd can really be described as tiger entering a flock of sheep.

The battle is broken!

Gongsun Zan and Hua Mengxue are killed!

Both of these are Heaven’s Chosen for a while, trapped in the big array, making them desperate. At this time, they are out of trouble, and both have a killing intent to release.

So, the people in the Forbidden Zone are miserable!

Although there is no indiscriminate killing of innocents, for at least ten breaths, as long as the cultivator that appears in front of the two is their target.

Two Peak Experts let go and kill is a breath that can kill people?

It is difficult to count.

It’s just that the cultivator in the Forbidden Zone of God is at least empty.

“You go first.”

Lin Fan speaks.

Hua Mengxue and Gongsun Zan’s faces changed slightly.

“Quickly retreat, first go to clear the way of retreat, I will break for you, and then come.”

Lin Fan yelled, the eyes of the two of them flickered slightly, and after a long howl, they ran towards the exit.

“Stop them!”

Qing Wumeng roared, he couldn’t wait to get out at this time, and killed Hua Mengxue and Gongsun Zan.

“old bastard, your forbidden area is only this, after this incident, your forbidden area will definitely decline.”

Lin Fan has a hideous expression.

What he said is a fact.

The three of them rushed to God, which was a great blow to God’s prestige.

Lin Fan didn’t believe that God would have no strong enemies after such a long time. Perhaps he was restrained in the past and feared each other’s strength, but after this incident, God’s strength was at least broken by one third and proved Killing Formation by God is not unbreakable.

This will allow all enemies who begin to stir secretly. It must be a temptation at first, but afterwards, it will definitely be endless entanglement.

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