Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3465


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The other side.

Lin Fan waits for a battle armour, this is a temporarily opened space.

As the temporary command post of Divine Court.

“Xiaotian, you led your army on the expedition.” Wu Qingcheng looked towards Xiaotian seriously, and said: “It’s not that you want to kill many enemies, you only need to cut God’s army into two.”

Xiaotian cup one fist in the other hand directly turned around, and soon, he commanded the hundreds of thousands of army, and followed the path explained in advance.

“Li Guang, you are responsible for the division of the former army of God who was cut into two by Xiaotian again.”

“Xuyang, you are responsible for the two-pointer of the queen who was cut into two by Xiaotian.”

“Wuji, you are responsible…”

“Wu Jian, you are responsible for…”

“General Slash, you are responsible for…”


Order after order came from Qingcheng’s mouth, orderly and without chaos.

Soon, in this temporary command post, only the most powerful people in Divine Court remain.

“The father-in-law…” Wu Qingcheng looked towards Mozun, apologizing: “Divine Court is not manpowered enough, and the father-in-law needs to lead the army, and the daughter-in-law is sinful.”

Mozun haha ​​smiled and said: “I feel very good, at least that way, let me know and affirm, my old bones are still useful.”

The devil and the queen are always in focus. Since the devil is out on the expedition, the queen will naturally follow.

“Gongsun Valley Lord…” Qingcheng looked towards Gongsun Zan, and said: “It is up to you to rate your clan’s heritage, can you attack and kill the forbidden area of ​​God coming this time?”

Gongsun Zan got up, his face turned out to be respectful, and said: “How dare you not contribute!”

It’s obvious.

His doubts and unbelief about Wu Qingcheng from the very beginning have become the present respect and trust.

Wu Qingcheng slightly smiled, saying: “Don’t worry, unless Qing Ruochen suddenly wakes up, or changes this number and uses millions and millions of years to raise the arrogance in his heart, otherwise, you will not have much casualties. .”

Gongsun Zan gave a wry smile and said: “When did the Unfeeling Valley be afraid of death and injury? I’m just afraid that even if it is killed or injured, it will not help the overall situation.”

He also left.

Unfeeling Valley’s strength is not as good as God’s, so almost all the details are dispatched.

“Flower Senior.” Wu Qingheng looked towards Hua Mengxue.

Hua Mengxue frowned, and said: “Don’t arrange any tasks for me. I think it’s better for me to travel freely. The overall strength of the Little Brat sent out by you is not strong enough. I will be a firefighting team. I won’t support it, I’ll go over there.”

Wu Qingcheng smiled.

This is exactly her arrangement, it just coincides with this Hua Mengxue.

“What about me?” Lin Fan saw that everyone had a task, and was a little curious about what Qingcheng would arrange for himself.

“Your responsibility is very simple, but it is also very difficult.” Wu Qingcheng showed a slight dignified pupil in his pupils, and said: “Didn’t you say that you want to lay down a restricted area to arrange for the elderly in Divine Court.” Is it? This is a great opportunity.”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrunk slightly, and said: “You mean God?”

Wu Qingcheng’s eyes cold light flashed: “why cannot be God?”

“So, what am I going to do?” Lin Fan frowned.

Qingcheng Road: “Go to Xuanyou, go to Lianying…”

Lin Fan flatly refused to answer, saying: “They have to go there for a while, but definitely not now. Everyone in Divine Court is fighting to death. How can I get out of the battlefield?”

Wu Qingcheng said: “This is a battle in battle, not one person bravely, besides, I can guarantee that God’s strongest will not have the opportunity to head-on with us, and will only die according to my plan. In the Danger Land I arranged.”

Lin Fan still frowned.

“Why… don’t you even believe me?” Qingcheng said suddenly.

Lin Fan faintly sighed, Qingcheng said: “If we go to them after a big victory, there will always be a threat, and after the victory, it will be difficult to invade God, but if you go to them now They will treat it as a joke, and even promise to force you to join the battlefield as soon as possible.”

“Okay.” Lin Fan admitted that what Qingcheng said was the truth.

He left. Of course, he did not forget to leave the Supreme Treasure like Purgatory and Treasure Gathering Pot, nor did he forget to summon his three-life body.

One guards this temporary command post, while the two are like flowers and dreams, floating outside the battlefield.

God’s army grand soup soup.

In fact, Qing Ruochen certainly knows that this method of arranging troops is dangerous and easy to be killed.

But, he was sure that no one would dare to attack, he had this confidence.

The most important thing is that, judging from the news gathered by the Great Influences that God has planted in this world, Divine Court has really collapsed.

So, he deliberately used this method to march.

To tell the world that he still stands tall and invincible.


Suddenly, a cloud of sword light bursts from a star!

That was Xiaotian, the Demon Sovereign sword intent he used suddenly came out of that star!

This sword light too terrifying, full of the decisive meaning of press forward, just like this, from the far left of the army of God, to the far right, and after a long drink, the sword light reverses twice, unexpectedly panic again The forbidden area of ​​God plowed again!

“Divine Court, Lin Tian!”

Xiaotian’s figure is slightly paused, and he roars, and Three Thousand World is terrified!

“Damn it!”

Qing Wumeng roared: “Go and kill him!”

From his left and right, three powerhouses were immediately culled and headed towards Xiaotian.

But just when these three powerhouses were approaching Xiaotian, a blade light suddenly appeared again.

“Slash the sky with one sword!”

This is the Heavenly Swordsman. At this moment, he suddenly shot, holding the heavenly blade and slashing down. It turned out that all three powerhouses were involved in the blade light, in an instant, these three powerhouses were overpowered. It turned out that he couldn’t even find a whole piece of flesh.

“Kill them for me!” Qing Wumeng yelled.

No one thought that Divine Court, which had been disintegrated, would dare to take the initiative to attack and kill.

The Divine Court army is dispatched.

But it really echoed the appearance of the rout. Although it can be seen that these Divine Court soldiers who appeared will work hard to piece together a fitted battle armour and a unified style, but it still doesn’t work.

The hundred thousand army, wearing various armors, knew it was a temporary hasty collection.

Divine Court really flees!

Looking at the appearance of these soldiers, everyone believed it even more.

“clown! clown!” Qing Ruochen grinned again and again. His eyes were gloomy. He looked at the lonely army of Divine Court who split his army into two sections. The killing intent in his eyes was terrifyingly rich.

He was a little careless.

Didn’t expect, these three Lin Fan sons actually die than submit like this.

When his father was nowhere to be seen, he was able to form this army in a hurry. This level of trauma is not worth mentioning, but it is indeed disgusting.

“The two armies will each send out 50,000 soldiers, and kill them, leaving none.”

Even now, this Meng Ruochen still maintains her tolerance.

I don’t want the army to encircle Xiaotian, a hundred thousand people.

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