Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3466


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At this time, God went on an expedition, not just to destroy Divine Court.

At least in Qing Ruochen’s opinion, if it’s just for trifling Divine Court, it’s not worth his God’s such a big fight, and it’s almost like going out.

This move, the most important purpose is to shock the starry sky, and once again raise his prestige to the prehistoric level.

He didn’t have a few years to live well.

During the time he is alive, he must do everything possible, at least to exchange 100,000 years of peace for God.

For Qing Ruochen’s words, God will never disobey, it can be said to be one word worth nine sacred tripods, the universe is arbitrary.

The divided front and rear armies suddenly became slightly chaotic.

In fact, this is already very impressive. If it is for other Legion, perhaps temporarily changing the formation or removing the pawns, it will be messed up.

This kind of dust-free governance of the army is indeed powerful, showing a true chapter in the details.



But just when the front and rear armies were a little messy, two more strange armies suddenly came out!

It turned out to be once again cutting down seven inches like a snake, and cutting the unconnected God’s army into two again.

At this time, Qing Ruochen was really shocked, and then endless anger and killing intent suddenly grew from his heart, said with a malicious smile: “Even your Divine Court Lord knows that it’s not my family’s Opponents fled in embarrassment. At this time, they did not know that they were hiding in that corner, but two or three of you cats and puppies, you dare to make trouble! If you didn’t say anything, let you go on the road!?”


“Lin Fan?” Lian Ying was stunned, and then mocked: “Why? Want to come for help? Want me to come forward for him to resolve his Divine Court crisis?”

“I don’t know, but he still looks at him, I’m afraid that’s not what I mean.” Elder of Nine Heavens started, then looked towards Lianying, and said: “Shall he be called?”

Lian Ying joked, saying: “People have already walked to the gate, can they still fight out? Let him in.”

Lin Fan came, looked towards Lian Ying with a smile, and said: “Nine Heavens is indeed the leader of the restricted area. Coming this way is really an eye-opener for Zaixia.”

Lianying squinted her eyes slightly, and said: “The deity doesn’t have much time and effort to listen to you chatting here, what’s the matter, just tell me.”

Lian Ying has made up his mind.

If this Lin Fan asks for help, he doesn’t have to say a word to refuse, but to see what benefits this Lin Fan can bring out.

If that kind of interest is tempting enough, then, even if Qing Ruochen is daunting, I have to touch it.

After all, after the great changes in Heaven and Earth, the living environment in the restricted area is getting worse and worse, and you always have to enter the world.

Of course, if you really want to do that, you have to get two or three allies. For example, Bi Xuantian is very good.

“Well, that deity has something to say.”

Lin Fan smiled and said: “At this time, I am fighting God in Divine Court. I should know that I want to come to Fellow Daoist.”

“World War I?” Lian Ying smiled: “Are you talking about laughing? It should be you Divine Court collapsed without a fight, throw away your helmet and armor and run into the stars.”

Lin Fan shrugged and said, “You don’t understand, that’s a strategic retreat.”

“Strategic retreat?” Lian Ying’s eyes were weird: “Well, tentatively called it that way, so… are you coming for strategic help?”

Now it’s Lin Fan’s turn to look weird, and said: “What is Fellow Daoist thinking? The deity came here just to ask, if I destroy God, can I as it should be? by rights occupy the territory of that clan.”

Lian Ying was startled at first, then looked towards Lin Fan like an idiot, and said: “Destroy God… occupy the territory?”

Lin Fan looked serious and said: “That’s the reason.”

“hehe…hahahaha…” Lianying laughed loudly: “Wait, this is so funny, it needs someone to share it.”

After that, he directly took out the unique means of communication in the restricted area, said with a smile: “You two, come quickly, and allow you to use the technique of overlapping universe.”

Xuanyou and Biluo are here. When they heard Lin Fan’s question, the three of them laughed together. It can be said that they are falling back together.

“Is it so funny?” Lin Fan’s eyes were cold.

“Isn’t it funny?” Bi Luo asked back, and then mocked: “There is a God who has Qing Ruochen sitting in town and a God who does not have Qing Ruochen sitting in town. That is two different things. At this time, Qing Ruochen is in charge of God, don’t say Trifling Divine Court, even if the three of us meet, we can only avoid the edge, but you… actually act recklessly.”

Lin Fan’s eyes were colder, and he ridiculed: “Because you are not as afraid of God as God, and you want to focus on the matter, you can only behave with your tail, and you can only ask for perfection. So do you think that the forces of the world are like this? “

Xuanyou’s face was cold, and she said grimly: “Well, tentatively I won’t talk to you too much, but the deity will say something here, although your question is ridiculous and ignorant, and does not conform to the rules of the restricted zone, but the deity promises, If your Divine Court really can destroy God, you are allowed Divine Court to occupy his home.”

Bi Luo also hehe mocked and said: “Hehe, okay, I also promised, go, destroy God, your Divine Court is the next God, and you are qualified to sit on an equal footing with us.”

Lin Fan’s eyes were sharp, and he said, “I’ve always spit on a nail, so I hope you one word worth nine sacred tripods. If you agree at this time, but afterwards, it’s just prevarication, or even a mouthful. Deny, then there will be another swordsman.”

Lian Ying’s face suddenly became cold: “Are you threatening?”

Lin Fan’s eyes were also extremely cold: “This is not a threat, but a fact.”

“Okay. Why bother to be angry and angry at this time?” Bi Luo smiled and said, “Go, if we will one word worth nine sacred tripods, when the time comes, you will know, but only if you Divine Court must survive God’s attack.”

Lin Fan’s eyes hehe smiled: “Okay, then you guys are optimistic.”

“Okay, we know what you’re here for, now you can go.” Lianying sneered looking towards Lin Fan and said: “Go, after all, you are the mainstay of your Divine Court. This chat, I am afraid that your Divine Court will lack Peak power.”

Lin Fan turned around, but as soon as he arrived at the door, he heard a ridiculous laughter bursting behind him, too harsh and insulting!

Even Lin Fan’s state of mind is in an instant wanting to kill.

But in the end, he just left after laughing three times.

Do you like to laugh?

Then wait for them to laugh. When the facts are in front of them, Lin Fan wants to see if these people dare to laugh.

Lin Fan is certainly not stupid enough to believe that he really won the Divine Court after this battle.

These people are also impossible and it is really easy for Divine Court to occupy God’s territory.

It’s just that Lin Fan just wanted to ask for this sentence.

This sentence is quite foreshadowing the future occupation of the restricted area.

Starry sky.

More and more Divine Court troops are coming out, I don’t know where they are hiding, why even the many powerhouses of God have not found them.

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