Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3467


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too terrifying!

Aren’t these Divine Court troops fleeing?

The army of the forbidden area of ​​God was cut into countless sections, and it was rounded up by the army of Divine Court!

This is the tactics of Allure.

Divine Court pawns are indeed very strong.

But compared to God, it is still weaker.

So, what Allure needs is an unequal battle situation. For example, at this time, every pawn of God needs to face the siege of three or more Divine Court pawns at the same time!

This can maximize the results and minimize the deaths and injuries of Divine Court pawns.


Qing Ruochen was roaring, he looked at the soldiers who were being eaten away by the Divine Court army, and he was distraught.

“Go! Reintegrate the army!”

He ordered the Xeon under his command to attack, and went deep into every circle of battle, using them as arrows to break through the encirclement of Divine Court one after another.

In the temporary command post.

Qingcheng smiled coldly: “We should only be able to take up this time. It won’t be that simple next time.”

Xuandong is slightly nodded.

“There should be one more time.”

Jue Princess opened her mouth and smiled: “Of course, it depends on whether Xiao Wu and Xiao Nuo are doing beautifully.”

Qingcheng’s eyes gleamed: “Indeed, the backyard was stranded. Once this news is missed, it will definitely cause a great shock to God’s soldiers. When the time comes, morale must be low. We can make good use of this opportunity. “

Lin Fan returns and tells Qingcheng everything.

Qingcheng nodded: “Everything is in my expectation, so… we have to go through a war at least.”

“It is already a surprise to be able to set the scene in two battles.” Lin Fan’s eyes were a little cold.

Qingcheng laughed, did not speak.

“Was it going well?” Lin Fan looked towards Xuan Dong.

“Everything went smoothly. It was completely in accordance with our deduction.” Chen Xuandong shook the feather fan towel, smiled, and said: “My sister-in-law, Deity, take all the reactions of Qing Ruochen and so on. I guessed it.”

Lin Fan is determined.

Qingcheng Road: “You are almost ready to play. You don’t need to fight for long. You just need to show up. With the most powerful posture, in the shortest time, you can kill the most powerhouse in God’s restricted area. Become and retire.”

“Okay, I’ll go.” Lin Fan slightly smiled and left directly. When he reappeared, he was already above the war.

Just hide the True Form.

Lin Fan overlooked the battle from the highest point. After seeing Divine Court gaining an absolute upper hand, a big rock fell in his heart.

He saw an old man who had been quietly surrounding Qing Ruochen.

Looking around God’s side, it seems that the cultivation base is the most powerhouse. It should be the old man.

“Then kill you.” Lin Fan narrowed his eyes.

With a bang, Lin Fan’s firmament explosion shocked the sky, and everyone looked up and looked towards the sky.

Then they screamed!

Lin Fan finally appeared!


A violent shouted, Lin Fan long halberd pointed towards Qing Ruochen, said with a malicious smile: “old bastard, I will kill you today, so that I won’t have to stir up the wind and rain at your age, send you to the west, send you A great leisure.”

“Junior, wait for you for a long time!”

Sure enough, when Lin Fan killed Qing Ruochen, the old man beside him was dispatched.

This is indeed the strongest cultivator in this place. I don’t know how many years I have been immersed in the seven realms.

“hahaha…to catch brigands, first catch their king, punish Lin Fan, let him break a spine in Divine Court, and punish Lin Nuo and Xiaowu, Divine Court is completely over!”

“Kill Lin Fan first, at Zhuliang Primary School, Divine Court will be disabled to withstand a single blow!”


All the gods are roaring.

“Lin Fan, you dare to appear today, obviously you are on the road of courting death!”

Qing Wumeng also roared.

“Lin Fan must die!”

Qing Ruochen’s eyes were cold, and he mocked: “If it weren’t for pushing you people out, I would have broken the game a long time ago. If I didn’t give you hope or sweetness, how could you take the risk.”

“Old friend, cut.” Qing Ruochen whispered.

But the old man who threw out from him suddenly roared, and his breath increased greatly.

As a result, he was killed by Lin Fan within three moves and his body collapsed. Divine Soul became empty!

“The so-called God is impossible to withstand a single blow!”

Lin Fan held the head of the old man who hadn’t looked at him, and glanced at Qing Ruochen coldly and mockingly.

Qing Ruochen’s eyes widened, and wisps of pain crawled all over his eye sockets.

This is his old friend who has guarded him all his life.

But now, he was killed.

Just before his eyes.

“Lin Fan, I want to pay homage to my old friend with the heads of everyone in your Divine Court.”

Qing Ruochen roared.

But Lin Fan’s ridicule is ushered in.

Lin Fan calmly looked towards the bottom, and roared: “Divine Court brothers, the restricted area covets me, Divine Court, there is so much oppression. At this time, I came with the purpose of destroying our Divine Court. Can you agree? ?”

Even in the midst of a fight, the soldiers of Divine Court roared neatly—”No!”

“Then kill me! Kill the bright red connecting to heaven penetrating the earth!” Lin Fan roared: “The destruction of the forbidden area above created the myth of the immortality of my Divine Court. I can guarantee that after this battle is won , Under this sky, no force dares to oppose my Divine Court!”

“Go up and kill him!” Qing Ruochen roared and asked the powerhouse to go and kill Lin Fan.

How could it be possible?

Even the strongest old man was killed by Lin Fan within three moves, even more how are these not as good as his?

People cherish their lives.

No matter how prestigious this Qing Ruochen is.

I don’t have the ability to order these patrons and supreme powerhouses one after another to go to death.

So, even if he is furious and hoarse, it will not be effective.

Even if one or two of God’s background roared towards Lin Fan, they were nothing more than worms shaking the tree. They had never been killed in front of Lin Fan and were killed by things like Zhantian, Xuyang and the others one after another. Kill it clean.

There was no accident in this battle, and Divine Court won.

Under the starry sky, a total of 800,000 troops in the Forbidden Zone of God were killed, and countless stars were drowned in blood.

In the command post.

“To be honest, even now, I still feel unreal like a dream.”

Gongsun Zan smiled bitterly, and said: “That’s a military god, that’s a War God, but we actually won.”

Qingcheng hehe smiled and said: “He is not terrible, you pushed him to the position of God, and set up this kind of fear that should not have appeared in your heart, so whenever you want to be an enemy, The subconscious mind will emphasize and tell you that this is invincible.”

Gongsun Zan’s eyes narrowed, and then nodded seriously, then turned his head and looked towards Lin Fan, saying: “Boy, you can marry this wife, I am afraid it is the blessing of your three lives and three generations.”

Qingcheng said with a bitter smile: “Among the many sisters, my appearance is not outstanding. Compared with the sisters, I am not on the stage, but this Qing Ruochen is too weak, so the other sisters disdain to take action. Let me fight for a big name here.”

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