Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3468


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Lin Fan hehe smirked.

Qingcheng’s words made his face too bright. The concise Gongsun Zan and Hua Mengxue both looked towards Lin Fan in surprise.

I feel that he really walked the lucky dog ​​excrement, even if he married a million years like Qingcheng, he might not be able to make a female hero, and, at the same time, he dare not look down upon Lin Fan’s other wives. Up.

“Well, envy and hate.”

Gongsun Zan stretched out his hands and said: “A lucky kid is always jealous. No wonder there are so many hardships waiting for you.”

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows slightly and said: “I never thought these were tribulations, and I am grateful for these tribulations.”

“Good mentality.” Hua Mengxue said, “If you want to be a peerless powerhouse, only aptitude can’t do it. With aptitude, you are just a piece of scrap iron, just a piece of unpolished jade. It takes a lot of hardships and dangers to slow you down. Slowly change.”

“In this way, this seat lacks hardships and dangers, so I didn’t go forward courageously until I became the strongest in the world, right?”

Wuji opened his mouth and said proudly: “Well, I will ask for trouble and seek all kinds of hardships and so on, just to knock off the stone skin that covers me.”

Lin Fan, etc. have already taken offense.

This guy recently ate fairy eggs, Divine Immortal fart.

Always like to answer after Hua Mengxue speaks.

I am confident every time.

He did it on purpose.

Of course, every time Hua Mengxue’s eyes twitched, she even raised her palm several times, as if she was about to slap it out.

After all, Hua Mengxue has watched the blue sea turned into mulberry fields countless times, how could she not understand this Promise intention?

Just too lazy to talk.

Or even disdainful of it.

For example, at this time, there was a trace of entanglement on Hua Mengxue’s extremely beautiful face, and her eyebrows were squeezed together, as if thinking and thinking about whether or not to slap her out and let the guy who always annoyed her directly explode. open.

“Qingcheng, how to arrange the next step?”

Lin Fan saw that the momentum was wrong, and quickly spoke.

For such a long time, he seems to have become accustomed to fighting fires, and he is becoming more and more comfortable. Finding out the reasons and excuses made Hua Mengxue helpless.

Clearly knowing that Lin Fan is helping the annoying kid, but she can’t find any signs of shipping to Lin Fan.

“I wonder if the next battle can be done once and for all and get rid of God completely.”

Qingcheng spoke, eyes solemn.

“Set it forever?” Gongsun Zan cried strangely: “How is it possible?”

Then, he smiled bitterly, raised his hands, and said, “Well, I shouldn’t have said anything.”

A little annoyed, said: “After all, we are this generation, and we are too affected by Qing Ruochen. The damn idea of ​​invincibility is deeply rooted.”

Lin Fan slightly smiled, saying: “Gongsun Old Brother, no one is invincible.”

Gongsun Zan is slightly nodded.

Qingcheng looked towards everyone, saying: “Xiao Nuo and Xiao Wu have heard news that everything in the restricted area is under their control, and all those who dare to rebel have been killed.”

Lin Fan’s eyes shone slightly.

Qingcheng Road: “My original intention was to put aside this news directly, and let the heavenly army outside know that their lair has been taken away and they are no longer homeless.”

Lin Fan slightly frowned, said: “This is indeed a good way to affect their morale.”

“After the morale is affected, some methods are used to invigorate people.” Wu Qingcheng added, then smiled coldly, and said: “So… why don’t we treat God’s restricted area as a volt? Kill the field!”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrank sharply and said a little gloomily: “That will kill many people.”

Qingcheng sneered and ridiculed: “No matter how many other people die, it is no longer in my consideration. Since this war is my decision, then my responsibility is only how to exchange the greatest victory with the least cost.”

Lin Fan did not speak, nor did he speak.

Qingcheng is telling the truth.

The war in the future can only become more and more cruel.

If he still has some thoughts that shouldn’t be attached to his identity and status at this time, it can only be tiring and tiring to breed in Soul Sea.

Xuan Dong sighed and said, “Brother Lin, there are some things that I cannot help myself.”

Lin Fan nodded: “It’s okay, don’t need to comfort and enlighten me. I really should adapt to my identity as soon as possible, and the kindness that shouldn’t be there should really be abandoned.”

Qingcheng glanced at Lin Fan, did not continue this topic, but said: “Of course, if you want to treat God as an ambush circle, the prerequisite is that we must kill the Qing Ruochen gang to be terrified. , Until you hear the name of Divine Court, you will be trembling in fear.”

“This is difficult.”

Hua Mengxue frowned and said: “The restricted area naturally has the pride of the restricted area.”

“Pride is in the face of life and death. In many cases, it is not worth mentioning.” Qingcheng smiled contemptuously, and said: “We killed them for fear that it hurts. They will naturally want to back down, and when they have this idea Naturally, they only have to go back to God, or want to go back to heal their wounds, or go back to the East Mountain to start again, or go back and stay behind closed doors, but in short, the God’s restricted area is their only way out.”

Lin Fan has been silent for a long time. At this time, he finally spoke, sighed, and said: “Since we have to do it, then do it more thoroughly. I will take the lead in the absolute killing formation in the restricted area of ​​God.”

Qingcheng’s eyes lit up slightly and said: “Husband thought of going to a place with me. Although I have never been to the restricted area of ​​God, I have studied the map you gave me. There is only one exit, so we can completely catch A turtle in a jar, as long as the exit is blocked, they can only die in it.”

Lin Fan gave a wry smile, and said: “Those women, children, old and young, can still not kill if they don’t kill. Naturally, the group of people who have become the strongest with aptitude cannot be released, otherwise it will let the tiger returns to the mountains. But let those who are not qualified to be my opponents in Divine Court let go.”

Qingcheng did not answer this sentence. Instead, he looked towards Xuyang and said: “Auntie, can you dare to make this military order and kill Qingruochen with the fear?”

Xuyang dashing eyebrows lifted up and said: “I am the one who is in charge?”

Qingcheng shook his head slightly, and said: “I and Xuandong call the shots, and you are the assistant.”

Xu Yang bitterly, said: “My eldest brother has never told the truth. He promised me a long time ago that I will be in charge of the three armies of Divine Court, but now, although I am in charge of the three armies of Divine Court, But there are few opportunities for independence.”

Lin Fan glared at him and said: “Then the three of you will discuss together, Divine Court, since the father, whoever it is, needs to follow your orders, so that you are satisfied?”

Gongsun Zan sighed.

Perhaps it is this optimistic and confident attitude that makes this Divine Court, which was formed by a group of Little Brat, the qualifications and strength to compete with the restricted area.

Ask yourself.

If he had encountered this in the Valley of Unrequited Love, maybe he could only make mistakes in this way.

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