Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3482


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Lin Wudi’s face is a bit bitter.

He wanted to say that I have worked very hard, very hard.

On this kind of supreme boxing technique involving Profound Truth of Reincarnation, looking around the universe Star Sea, looking around the past, present and the future, few people can quickly understand like him, and it is even more impossible that a few people like him are only in contact with three After two days, it can be used in a similar way.

But he didn’t dare to practice boxing more desperately. Azure Phoenix certainly has a distressed look, but she would not interfere with Lin Fan’s cultivation.

“Li Jitian, do you think it’s funny?” Lin Fan’s eyes suddenly swept aside. It was the son of Li Guang and Luo Goddess.

This kid is extremely handsome. It should be said that he is the most handsome kid in the second generation of Divine Court. He has inherited the eyes and bridge of the nose of Luo Goddess, but this kid never worry, even if he was father Li Guang As a ten thousand captain in the eagle regiment, I don’t know how much trouble he has caused.

The most important thing is that this kid only wanted to do meritorious service and kill the enemy, but never considered a lifelong major event. This made Li Guang and Luo Goddess sad. Moreover, this kid was too capable of doing something bad, so Li Guang’s big mouth is a complete inheritance.

I don’t know how many times he has been united by the second generation of Divine Court because of his mouth. Even Xiao Nuo couldn’t help but waited with his old fist.

Lin Fan fiercely: “Come on, you come up on the stage, one minute laugh to Lao Tzu three hundred times, not so many times, Lao Tzu beats you to death.”

Li Xi Heavenly Eye: “Uncle, I’m a few thousand years old anyway, can you stop calling me by little things?”

“Why? You are dissatisfied with calling you a small thing?” Lin Fan glared at Li Jitian: “Ma De, as long as we Old Guy are still alive, even if you are hundreds of years old, you are all in front of us. Little things.”

Li Jitian asked the heavens speechlessly. He knew that he must have become a joke again.

On this stage, facing the Heaven’s Chosen in Divine Court below, he laughed three hundred times stupidly, and it was faceless.

It is estimated that I will become a joke among brothers in the past few hundred years, and it is estimated that every time I get together, I have to be laughed at for a long time.

Lin Fan has a lot of methods and methods. First he punished his son, and then pointed the finger at the second masters of Divine Court. Fiercely cleaned it up. This is the easiest and easiest way to frighten outstanding people in various realms. , Otherwise it is difficult to convince the public.

“You are all the most outstanding Heaven’s Chosen in my Divine Court realm, so I don’t want to see you lose, let alone see you die.”

Lin Fan’s expression became solemn, and said: “Since my Divine Court came to this Three Thousand World, there have been many enemies. From the initial power and ethnic group to the forbidden area, until now, there is no owner of the forbidden area. It does not represent the development of the strength of my Divine Court. Of course, the most important thing is that my Divine Court has never been defeated. No matter who is opposite, we have pushed it all the way. So this time, I also hope that you will continue to win.”

Below, everyone is looking at Lin Fan!

That look is too hot and reverent!

This is their God Lord, who never gives up, led the Divine Court to conquer all walks of life, and has never been defeated.

This time, they will certainly not lose.

Otherwise, they don’t deserve to be called a Divine Court person.

“There are at most twenty days! You only have twenty days. After twenty days, you will have the cruelest test. Don’t underestimate your opponent. My Divine Court is indeed strong, but the enemy is eternal. The remaining restricted area is not weaker than Divine Court. If you die in a big battle due to underestimation, don’t think I will avenge you, because that would be shameful.” Lin Fan solemnly warned, “The lion fights the rabbit. With all my strength, if you win your care and look down upon defeat, I will erase your names from Divine Court, but if you do your best and lose in a battle, I will bury you in the cemetery of Divine Court. And write the name on Zhongyitang, and one day we will call the army to avenge you.”

Li Jitian, who had been obeying Lin Fan’s orders and giggling, suddenly tensed his whole body and roared: “My Divine Court! Invincible!”

Everyone below, including the Little Brat of Lin Wudi, all have solemn faces, and they also roared: “My Divine Court! Invincible!”

Severe expression flashed in Chen Hao’s eyes, roaring: “This battle will win!”

He roared, naturally, followers gathered.

Lin Fan’s heart is warm!

These lovely Little Brat, although there are various problems, there is no ambiguity in the major event.

Whether it is Xiao Nuo, Xiao Tian, ​​Xiao Wu, or Li Ji Tian, ​​etc., they all know where they are, and they all know what to do in this position, and they didn’t rush to let them Old Guy was upset.

This is great.

Actually, this may be the root cause of Divine Court’s invincibility.


Time is passing slowly.

On the side of the restricted zone, the representatives of each realm were also selected, all showing off talents, with a demeanor, and you can see that they are amazing people at first glance.

At this time, they are all waiting for Lianying’s words–

“I heard that Divine Court was doing a lot of fighting for this battle. Even the milk baby under the age of four was used by Lin Fan to stimulate the military with his young son.”

Lian Ying said with ridicule and mockery, “Is this funny?”


The people below roared, and it was really funny.

At least in the eyes of people in the restricted zone, Lin Fan’s actions are not only ridiculous, but also ruthless. In the end, they will definitely have any effect.

“The deity also finds it ridiculous.” Lian Ying smiled indifferently: “In my opinion, his behavior is really a poor performance… he used the power of a family to contend our entire restricted area. Thinking about it, I think he is arrogant. Ah.”

Everyone in the restricted area was nodded as it should be by rights, and then all ridiculed.

With the power of a family, contend against the entire restricted area.

This sentence is really not an exaggeration, but is actually happening, which is exactly what Divine Court is doing.

“Well, I wanted to say some words of encouragement to you, but I don’t think it is necessary anymore.” Lianying smiled slightly and said: “You are all Heaven’s Chosen Child in my restricted zone, crushing the mediocrity in this world. Is it with no difficulty?”

The eyes of all the people in the restricted area below are radiant.

You must know that this Lianying is one of the highest status and status of the forbidden zone owner. It is indeed proud to be praised by him.

“You only need to remember that after you win your battle, the deity and Biluo will naturally have great rewards, which will naturally benefit you for life.” Lian Ying said with a faint smile, “You should know , The deity Lianying, never be stingy with meritorious officials.”

Bi Luo came slowly, said with a smile: “Okay, time is almost up.”

Xuanyou slightly nodded: “The time is indeed almost up, so let’s start.”





The dull drums of war suddenly sounded from the restricted area, and then spread to all walks of life in the starry sky.

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