Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3483


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This is the drum of the restricted zone!

This is a clarion call.

In an unknown number of ages and epochs, whenever this drum sound is beaten, it represents the withering of the Overlord level forces in this world. There will be endless creatures lying down and crying in the sky, and the most scarlet blood will roll down. The rain is coming.

Today, this drum of war was beaten again!

I don’t know how many tyrants and powers are trembling, and I don’t know how many things that have lived long enough are trembling, as if those bloody years have appeared again, and they have been dragged back to the dark age when the Heaven and Earth galaxy was drowned in blood!

“wu wu…”

Just when the world was panicking, a dull and stern horn blew, and it swayed away from the main star of Divine Court.

The sound of the horn!

This horn, invisibly expelled the panic and other negative emotions that the forbidden zone war drum brought to Three Thousand World!

Divine Court is in the army!

As for the battlefield, I chose it early, right on the edge of the Divine Court galaxy.

But what’s clever about this battle is that it happens to be at the very center of the universe.

This is obviously a deliberate attempt by the restricted area. The purpose is to step on the Divine Court crowd in front of the world and break Divine Court’s undefeated rumors shaped by blood and bone.

The Divine Court army is dispatched, one after another.

Team after team!

It’s all horrible, baleful aura is all over the sky, the standard armor is gray, and any light shining on it will seem to be swallowed!

Although Wan Ling has seen the army of Divine Court more than once or twice, every time he sees it, he can’t stop the fear in his heart.

This is truly an invincible Legion, with a military spirit.

“Fellow Daoist, not seen for more than a month, the style is better than before.”

Lian Ying laughed, he also dared to come from the restricted area, behind him are people in the black restricted area.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, and the same said with a smile: “The same is true for Fellow Daoist. I haven’t seen you for more than a month, and it’s even more brilliant.”

“Fellow Daoist, dare to ask if everything is ready?” Bi Luo came, and looked towards Lin Fan with a smile: “The Little Brat behind me, but impatients are waiting to fight the Heaven’s Chosen in Divine Court. .”

Lin Fan shrugged and said, “These Little Brats behind me are the same.”

“Well, since they are all ready, don’t waste time. Every realm needs a battle. It takes a long time. It’s better to start now.” Lian Ying said suddenly and spoke sonorously.

“No need to talk about it.” Hyun Nether Aura and anger, wishing to grab Lin Fan for a fight at this time.

Lian Ying hehe smiled: “Why are the two hurt by this?”

Xuanyou was coldly snorted, Lin Fan did not speak.

“Okay, we can start now. Let’s ask the contestants on both sides to meet each other first.” Lianying faintly said: “I see, maybe it’s goodbye.”

His eyes looked jokingly and mockingly behind Lin Fan.

Lin Fan’s eyes are slightly cold.

“Hey…Fellow Daoist Lin is really confident, and each realm only sends one person. Does this think that every battle will be won?” Bi Luo said with a weird look in his eyes, jokingly.

“haha…where is there any certainty of victory? Shouldn’t it be Divine Court Heaven’s Chosen is rare, and no one else can be selected?” Xuanyou laughed strangely, and said: “This is no General in Shu Zhong Liao Hua To be a pioneer? Yes, the adjective of the deity is too reasonable and too vivid.”

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and did not speak. The Divine Court Heaven’s Chosen group behind him did not speak either, but the expressions were cold for a few minutes in an instant.

When the restricted area met with the Heaven’s Chosen group in Divine Court, there were all kinds of intimidation and threats on the side of the restricted area, and the lunar and cruel laughter was even more uproar, very arrogant and arrogant.

On the Divine Court side, everyone was silent, but the eyes became colder, and the killing intent suddenly soared to the extreme.

“Okay, I’ve seen it, so let’s start a battle.” Lian Ying stretched out, he looked towards Lin Fan, and said: “From Body Tempering 1st-Layer to Drawing Essence 9th- Layer it.”

Lin Fan said with a smile: “Okay, I am not clear about the rules, how do you say it?”

Lin Fan agreed, Chen Xuandong immediately looked back towards the rear, Sen coldly said: “The Little Brats in this realm come out.”

Suddenly, all the Divine Court Heaven’s Chosen in the first wave of battle came out.

But everyone in the world is staring at the front of this group of people walking out of Heaven’s Chosen, the little Brat who still has a baby bottle in his mouth!

This Little Brat, like a fairy pearl, is pitiful at first glance.

I don’t know how many women who are overwhelmed by maternal love under this starry sky, they all want to quickly embrace this Little Brat in their arms.

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