Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3484


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Of course this is Lin Wudi.

Lian Ying has a weird face, looked towards Lin Fan and said: “Fellow Daoist is too willing to pay for it, right?”

Lin Fan shrugged and said: “Since he is my son, since he is a member of Divine Court, he always has to take the responsibility of these two identities.”

Xuanyou smiled weirdly, and said: “You Divine Court is really rubbish, you even pulled out this little thing to make up the number.”

Then, he looked towards Lin Fan with weird eyes, and said: “Fellow Daoist is not afraid of this little thing being killed, his mother will not allow you to go to bed? After all…”


Suddenly, a heavy halberd fell from the sky, nailing it straight to Xuanyou’s head!

That’s Xiao Nuo. He came, his eyes were like eagles, and he stared at Xuanyou like this: “old bastard, if you have aspirations in your age, my brother pushes Body Tempering nothing difficult.”

Xuanyou roared, and he retreated in an instant, but the sharp and deep-cold halberd still cut off his flying hair.

“Linnuo! How dare you?” Xuanyou roared fiercely.

Xiao Nuo beckoned, Trident flew back to him and held it in his hand, then stretched out and pointed at Xuanyou’s eyebrows: “The deity said that if you have aspirations, you are not in your old age. Just like you, old bastard, kill you. Within ten strokes!”

“Little God, these words are arrogant.” Lian Ying’s face was ugly.

Xiao Nuo sneered: “Well, just treat me as arrogant.”

Then, he long halberd gently moved forward, with a bang, the void 10 li outside of the mysterious place oh la la collapsed, if the ten thousand li city wall collapsed in batches and rhythms , There was smoke and dust everywhere, and I don’t know how many galaxies were destroyed.

“old bastard, it’s best to pass through your brain less than the size of a peanut when speaking. When you dare to mention my mother, I will really kill you.” There was a crazy killing intent in Xiao Nuo’s eyes.

Lin Fan slightly smiled.

When Xuanyou just said this, he couldn’t wait to kill him!

But, although such words are ridiculed and insulted, they can still be regarded as laughter among the generations. If he is really aggressive, it will make people think that he is small.

At this time, Xiao Nuo shot, fiercely fell into this mysterious face, but there is no worries, on the contrary, everyone will only praise Xiao Nuo’s filial piety and purity.

“Xiao Nuo, get back.” Lin Fan lightly scolded, pretending to be angry, and said: “That is your Uncle Xuanyou who asked you, otherwise you really think he is not your opponent?”

Xiao Nuo hurriedly swiftly moved, and he has reached behind Lin Fan.

Xuanyou cold and severe staring at Xiao Nuo who is leaving, with crazy killing intent in his eyes. At the same time, his vest is wet with sweat!

The two halberds were too terrifying, and they even made him feel that death was approaching, and his life was not long.

Could it be… he broke through?

This thought grows in his heart like a magic vine, but it can’t hide it anyway.

“Okay, the battle continues.” Lian Ying glanced at Xuanyou, motioning him to let go of all grievances for the time being.

After all, according to their plan, the three pillars of Divine Court, but no one can survive.

“Fellow Daoist, I’m sure again, is this little thing really going to fight?” Biluo browses frowned, and said: “The battlefield has no eyes, and the sword is merciless.”

He was not kind.

Rather, I feel that if the Crown Prince-level figure in Divine Court is beheaded at the very beginning of the battle, Divine Court will be pitted against the same enemy, and I am afraid that it will explode far beyond Divine Court itself. That is an out of the question.

“old bastard, my name is Lin Wudi.”

Little Brat was holding the bottle in his mouth, and the milk was milky. He waved his little fleshy fist and was very angry: “You are really bad, I finally asked for this opportunity, but you are here to postpone , Do you want father to change his mind? You believing or not, I ask my big brother to beat you to death.”

Bi Luo expression turned cold.

But he is partial, and he is only talking like a child who is less than four years old. Can he get angry?

If you dare!

He will become the biggest joke in the world.

Xuanyou gave Lin Wudi a gloomy look, looked towards Lin Fan, and said: “What level of opponent does Fellow Daoist want to arrange for him?”

Lin Fan brows slightly wrinkle, said: “Body Tempering 5-Layer.”

“Father, I want to fight the murderer of Body Tempering 7-Layer.” Lin Wudi waved his fist and said domineeringly: “Father can sweep across the same border, and the big brother can also cross borders against the enemy. I want to do this too.”


Lin Fan rewarded him with a thud and told him to shut up.

“Okay, as Fellow Daoist wishes.” Xuan You smiled grimly.

He has forgotten how old he is.

Throughout this life, I have never seen a three or four-year-old child appear on the battlefield.

The so-called Heaven’s Chosen, the so-called Junjie, do not start at this age.

He turned his head and looked towards a forbidden area of ​​Body Tempering 5-Layer, gloomily said: “Kill him, in one move, I want to see blood splashing, and his unformed skeleton flies into the Divine Court army .”

This forbidden zone is the person of Nine Heavens, hearing this said with a malicious smile: “It’s such a small thing, if I can’t kill it with a punch, I will kill myself.”

“Well, now that a realm player has been selected, then enter the battle platform and wait for the order to start the war.”

Lianying speaks.

At this time, Lin Wudi is the focus of the whole world.

He is too soft and cute, and makes people want to peck fiercely on his baby’s fat little face.

But it makes people feel sad and want to cry.

He is too young, but at this time he is going to fight with the peerless Heaven’s Chosen in the restricted area.

This is cruel.

At a flower-like age, there should have been a beautiful childhood, but it was too early to witness the blood and dying.

This makes the world hate Lin Fan’s ruthlessness and regard him as a greedy man of power. ,

How could this be otherwise?

Sent out his own young son, just to arouse the anger and hatred of the people of Divine Court with his death, so as to fill in some win rates for this unequal battle.

I don’t know how many people think Lin Wudi will die, or how many people curse Lin Fan secretly.

“younger brother, are you confident?” Lin Nuo smiled, he was wiping off the supreme treasure liquid on the corners of Lin Wudi’s mouth, and angrily said: “You have to worry about your image, you can drink these in other containers. Things.”

Lin Wudi frowned and said, “But those things are too inconvenient.”

Lin Nuo sighed and said, “Well, tell your big brother, are you confident?”

Lin Wudi nodded, squinted at his opponent, and said: “Don’t look at him as a stupid big fellow, but if he punches out, he will definitely curl up. When the time comes, he will not be as tall as me.”

Xiao Nuo haha ​​smiled and said: “Go, big brother will take you to the battlefield.”

Xiao Nuo put Lin Wudi on his shoulders, sent directly into the battle platform, and then stood by the battle platform like this.

He has worries in his eyes, and more surging murderous intention.

Don’t talk about other things, if Invincible shows a little defeat, he will definitely kill this Ancient Battle Platform.

“Start!” Lian Ying said with a clang, and someone rang the golden gong.

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