Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3485


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At the moment when the golden gong rang, all battles started with the exception of the battle platform where Lin Wudi was located. There was no temptation. The penalty area and the Divine Court were a lore, and the opponent should be wiped out in the shortest time. .

Lin Wudi still holds the baby bottle and walks towards Heaven’s Chosen on the Nine Heavens platform with his short legs.

“jié jié…… Xiaodouding dare to come here if he doesn’t hide in the house for milk.”

Heaven’s Chosen grinned and said: “Little thing, do you know that, father, this is sending you to death.”

Lin Wudi tilted his head slightly to see the whole body of this guy. He hung the baby bottle on the placket of his clothes at random, then turned sideways, and stretched out his little beeping hand-hooking.

“courting death!” Heaven’s Chosen roared.

Too embarrassing.

It was enough shame to be selected to fight Lin Wudi.

But at this time, he was even invited by this little beanie in this way!

“Although it is a shame to kill you, it is also a shame not to kill you!”

Heaven’s Chosen roared, he was killing.

Lin Fan and the high-level Divine Court’s eyes all stared down.

Lin Wudi is very enchanting.

But too small.

For fear that Lin Wudi really made a mistake.

As a result, they think too much.

I saw Lin Wudi slumped in his steps, and after a delicate roar, he blasted forward with a punch.

And roared: “Look at whether the big brother’s punch is powerful or not-two lives!”

He really comprehended Xiao Nuo to teach him the 1st-Layer Profound Truth in one day, and he played the True Form of two lives!

Two rotary-cut roulettes suddenly appeared in front of Lin Wudi’s fist marks, and cut towards Heaven’s Chosen.

pu pu!

Just two dull noises appeared, and the Heaven’s Chosen was cut in half immediately, and blood was splashed.


Lin Wudi was like a battlefield veteran at this time. At the moment Heaven’s Chosen was cut in half, he moved True Dragon nine steps, and stepped to the head of Heaven’s Chosen in one step. He lifted his feet and stomped down. , This Heaven’s Chosen is dead!

It’s all silent!

Even Lin Fan was taken aback by his young son.

Too calm and calm, and too bloody, not at all like a person of this age.

Lin Fan’s heart suddenly tightened!

Ma De!

Is this youngest son of that powerful reincarnation?

But soon–


Lin Wudi yelled, jumped three feet high, and ran to the corner to vomit, as if he was about to vomit out the overnight meal.

Also, after vomiting, I looked towards Lin Nuo pitifully and said: “Big brother, take me out soon, too terrifying.”

Lin Nuo smiled and said: “Brother, I’m used to vomiting.”

“I’m quit!” Lin Wudi thought about it, then turned his head and looked towards Lianying, and said: “Old Guy, do you still have anyone to die?”

Lianying’s face on the lunar calendar, said with a malicious smile: “Fellow Daoist is really a blessing, one and three Heaven’s Chosen. It seems that the achievements of the youngest son of Divine Court are not worse than the little gods and the little gods. .”

Lin Fan shrugged and said, “It’s just reluctant, just reluctant.”

Lianying jié jié smiled: “The so-called Heaven’s Chosen, the so-called evildoer, the premise is to survive.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed; said with a smile: “Since it can be called Heaven’s Chosen, it is natural to be blessed by the sky, and it is natural to live forever.”

“Really?” Lian Ying looked towards Lin Fan in surprise, and said: “After we repaired this step, Fellow Daoist still believes in heaven?”

Lin Fan spread his hands and said nothing.

Lian Ying’s face suddenly sank: “Body Tempering five realms, I’m going to one person!”

Bi Luo bluntly said: “If you lose, all will be punished.”

“Severe punishments do not lend!” Xuan You was even more gloomy.

He was embarrassed by Xiao Nuo, wishing to die in the next instant of invincibility on the battlefield.

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said nothing.

Another Heaven’s Chosen rushed up.

Lin Wudi is too small and short in front of him.

“He was careless.” This Heaven’s Chosen stared solemnly at Lin Wudi.

Lin Wudi squinted at him.

This made Lin Fan frown.

It was actually ugly when he squinted, and then he glared at Li Guang fiercely.

This action is absolutely learned from this guy.

“But I won’t.” The Heaven’s Chosen said in a low tone, “I understand the truth that the lion fights the rabbit with all its strength.”

Lin Wudi hung the baby bottle on the placket again, and patted it to make sure that he would not fall into a pool of blood because of the fight, and then he was relieved: “Is it necessary to fight three games to represent this Body Tempering 5 Is Divine Court a complete victory?”

Heaven’s Chosen’s face suddenly became cold and severe.

Is this… despising him?

said with a malicious smile: “This is indeed the truth, but you are impossible to have a chance for the next battle. I will kill you and kill you in exchange for the supreme gift.”


This time is Lin Wudi taking the lead!

This is Lin Fan’s youngest son and he is very much loved in Divine Court.

Divine Court’s strongest combatants, each of them has learned their unique skills by being played spoiled by Little Brat.

For example, at this time, Lin Wudi’s pace is Yuzhu’s freedom.

It’s just Body Tempering Realm, but when he uses this technique, it turns out to be a phantom that weighs hundreds of millions of dollars, as if he can cross the Star Sea with his footsteps.

Heaven’s Chosen is completely impossible as an opponent. Even Lin Wudi doesn’t know the exact position. How does he fight?


This Heaven’s Chosen is dead.

Just when he mistakenly thought that Lin Wudi’s deity was in front, and made the strongest attack forward, Lin Wudi suddenly appeared behind him with a fist and beat him to Soul Destruction.

Shocked the audience again.

Lin Wudi’s face was pale, and he could see that his throat was rolling constantly, as if he was about to vomit, but in the end he bluntly endured it.

“Who will die the third!”

Lin Wudi deserves to be Lin Fan’s parent and child, even this kind of invitation is almost exactly the same.

Heaven’s Chosen walked onto the platform again.

But Lin Fan doesn’t need to be there anymore.

Knowing that my son is really another little evildoer.

Once, he was afraid that Little Brat bite off more than one can chew, that many kinds of Martial Skills, etc. were all passed on to him, really afraid that he would go astray.

But now, he knows he’s worried too much.

This Little Brat is always smarter than he believed.

Knowing the difference in specialization, he is satisfied.

After that, he looked towards Azure Phoenix and smiled: “Our son, it seems really amazing.”

Azure Phoenix fiercely glared at Lin Fan, as if to say any more–

I am looking for you to settle the account at night.

Lin Fan’s face suddenly suffered.

The third battle, of course, won.

But Lin Wudi bleeds, and a knife is seen on his breast ribs. The bone is deep and the blood is flowing, but he also seized the enemy’s long sword and smashed the enemy forcefully.

Just after it was determined that the third person was dead, Xiao Nuo broke into the battlefield in an instant, directly picked up Lin Wudi, and rushed directly to the main star of Divine Court.

Azure Phoenix is ​​even more weeping beauty, crying horribly.

Lin Fan also looked anxious, and after instructing Chen Xuandong to take full responsibility for all matters here, he also hurriedly returned to Divine Court.

In the evening.

The fighting ceased today.

Divine Court won a big victory. All platforms only lost Body Tempering 7th-Layer once and Drawing Essence 9th-Layer once.

All the rest!

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