Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3486


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Azure Phoenix almost grabbed the soft flesh on Lin Fan’s waist and ribs.

She was full of tears, looking at the terrifying scar on Invincible’s chest and ribs, her heart seemed to be Ling Chi.

“Auntie, younger brother, it’s okay, it’s just a skin injury, it’s not in the way.”

Xiao Xi comforted, but also blushed, staring at Xiao Wu in a daze, and suddenly Bing Sen said: “I want you to kill all on the battlefield, not leaving one.”

Xiaoxi has always been gentle, growing up so big, rarely participates in battles, and occasionally sees blood.

But now, she can’t wait to go into battle in person to kill three to five hundred forbidden areas.

“Okay.” Xiaowu quickly nodded.

Actually, for so many years, he has never refused any request from Xiaoxi.

For example, when the two of them sat on the eaves to admire the moon, Xiaoxi was drunk and said: “The moon in the sky is so beautiful, I really want to hang it on the beams of the house.”


Xiao Wu really searched the Star Sea and took several decades. He really caught a moon for Xiaoxi and made it the size of a lamp, and used Formation to imprison it in his room. Inside, every evening, the silver brilliance is scattered, which can be regarded as a spectacle of Divine Court.

“And you.” Xiaoxi looked towards Xiaonuo: “You actually bear the heart of your younger brother’s suffering?”

Xiao Nuo didn’t speak, but a little killing intent condensed in his eyes. After a while, he walked out in silence.

On this day, the Nine Heavens station was suddenly patronized by a robber. It turned out to be the Treasure Pavilion in the restricted area directly from the exit. After killing hundreds of people, he awakened in the Nine Heavens station. When the encirclement was formed, they moved away and moved at least half of the treasures in the Treasure Pavilion on the Nine Heavens platform.

This caused a big wave!

Who is so bold?

Of course, anyone who is not stupid knows that, in the present day, the only person who dares to do this against the restricted area is Divine Court!

This thing must have been done by Divine Court.

Lianying was of course furious. He threatened that as long as he found out who did it, regardless of the person’s identity, status, etc., it was useless. It could not be used as a trump card to protect his life. He would be killed directly by him. useless.

It’s just that he can’t find out even if he checks it.

And, Lian Ying really didn’t know that it was Xiao Nuo?

In this realm, how could he not be able to infer certain truths after he has lived for endless years?

The restricted area.

“It seems that the youngest son of Divine Court is not dead…” Bi Luo said, with regret in his eyes, and said abruptly, “That dog thing is really a waste, it was a waste of the deity to teach the dead soul a knife!”

“It’s really a waste.” Xuanyou said coldly, “But in fact, it is also related to our underestimating the youngest Lin Fan.”

They discussed spiritedly, only Lian Ying kept silent with a gloomy expression.

After a long while, he slowly raised his head, looked towards Xuanyou and Biluo, and said: “Divine Court is dead, the potential is too terrifying.”

Xuanyou squinted her eyes, nodded, and said: “If you are waiting for Lin Wudi, Lin Xuanxuan, Lin Baitian, the second generation of Divine Court to grow up…There really is no place for us in this world. Up.”

“Damn! God is really eyeless, so many peerless fine jade, they were born in Divine Court.” Biluo said on the lunar calendar, but with a hint of envy, cursing: “Damn it, really let the deity I’m so envious.”

Xuanyou sighed: “Such a brilliant person, as long as a race has one person, it is enough to revitalize the race for millions of years and push the caste to the highest point, but Divine Court has more than one or two people, but… a bunch! “

“What about a bunch?:” Lianying grinned: “How evil is it, how is Heaven’s Chosen, it doesn’t count when it grows up, it’s just ants.”

“Yes!” Xuan You’s eyes narrowed: “Divine Court is a giant dragon still growing……”

Bilao continued with a grinning grin: “Then before he is full of wings…crush him to death. This time the challenge is a great opportunity!”

Lianying’s expression is too hideous and terrifying, and said: “This challenge, we need to change the rules…Of course, it’s just an internal change.”


In Divine Court.

In addition to grinning in big moves, Lin Wudi recovered his liveliness and cuteness again, and he hung the bottle in his mouth again.

At this moment, his eyes are shining, staring at the mountain-like treasure that fell in front of him.

“Brother, these all are yours.” Xiao Nuo is very generous. All the treasures he snatched from the Nine Heavens station are treated as gifts to Invincible.

“Xiao Nuo.” Azure Phoenix is ​​here, frowns: “You will spoil him like this.”

Wu Di’s face is slightly bitter, pitiful, he really likes these things.

Azure Phoenix looked invincible, and suddenly felt soft, but still very limited, said: “This bunch of things, you can only choose one, choose which one you like the most, and the other ones will be brought back by your brother. .”

Invincible’s eyes are slightly bright.

Azure Phoenix said: “You are also really ignorant. Your big brother has countless Generals. If you have these treasures as a reward, how much will it play?”

Xiao Nuo smiled awkwardly.

He just felt guilty in his heart and wanted to make up for his invincibility.

Finally, Invincible chose a battle sword, but the forearm was long, but with a light wave, it cut a rockery in the courtyard flat and sharp.

On the floating island.

Lin Fan looked cold and said, “I won a great victory at Divine Court in the last battle, but I also suffered casualties. This is something I don’t want to see.”

Chen Xuandong said with a bitter smile: “How can there be no casualties in this level of engagement? You know, those Little Brat opponents are people in the penalty zone.”

“What about the restricted area?” Lin Fan sneered and said: “Go to the restricted area and announce that the truce will be three days, and the fighting will continue after three days.”

Chen Xuandong frowned: “What does Brother Lin want to do?”

Lin Fan said coldly: “Special training!”

“spoil things through excessive enthusiasm…the gain is not worth the loss.” Wu Jian sighed.

“It’s not spoil things through excessive enthusiasm, I’m going to try something.” Lin Fan said, “Of course, I need to discuss this matter with Qingyue first. If it is confirmed that it can be done, then Divine Court will come to me Said it is a great thing.”

Chen Xuandong said with a bitter smile: “Well, Xiao Nuo will accompany me to the restricted area.”

Xiao Nuo got up and headed towards the restricted area with Chen Xuandong.

Lin Fan found Qingyue directly.

The reason for looking for Qingyue is of course because Qingyue had mentioned some kind of big formation in his ear.

“That kind of big formation is too complicated and difficult.” Qingyue smiled bitterly, and said: “I think we can’t build it in a short time.”

“Got to try.” Lin Fan said.

Qingyue nodded, said: “Of course I have to try. If I can do it, in a very short period of time, I can increase the strength of Divine Court by several levels.”

“Yes, 3000 years in the formation, ten years outside the formation, this is a steal.” Lin Fan sighed.

“I can only think through memory.” Qingyue said, looking towards Lin Fan, and said: “Some parts are incomplete and there may be omissions.”

Lin Fan frowned, and said: “Call all Divine Court masters to study together, should they be able to complete it?”

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