Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3487


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Qingyue is thinking hard about it!

When she was still in Meng’s house, she was still young and could not remember many things. Only this big formation made her the most impressive.

In the few years before the late Mengjia turned into a restricted area, more than one or two people from the clan, such as the old man and Heaven’s Chosen, plunged into the big formation to secluded cultivation. Of course, she had a special identity, and of course she also went in. .

However, Heaven and Earth has changed in the later period.

Even the mighty dream family finally declined, and even this kind of time-stealing array is useless, unable to resist the erosion of time.

“Husband, this big formation is too complicated, I feel it just needs to be described in detail, I am afraid it will take a whole day, even more how you still need me to depict the partial and overall picture of this big formation.” Qing Yue sighed and said: “This is a lot of work. I think the three days you said should not be enough.”

Lin Fan frowned and said: “Delay the fight for another three days. This decision would have pushed my Divine Court to the forefront. If we continue to push it down…”

Qingyue said with a bitter smile: “Then I can only do my best.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “I will let the Heavenly Master-level characters gather on the floating island. Whenever you have a partial map, we will hurry up and discuss it. This can save time to the greatest extent.”

Divine Court is really full of talents.

The formation mark hall is mainly based on the original spiritual pattern Holy Land, supplemented by recruiting talents from all over the world.

Furthermore, Lin Fan has never favored each other in Divine Court.

Strictly speaking, the Formation Mark Hall has not done anything to Divine Court for at least a thousand years.

But Lin Fan has never been stingy about the resources that should belong to them, and gave them according to the rules.

So for so many years, the formation mark hall has been holding a sigh of relief, waiting for their opportunity to come, so that they can show their fists, so that they can normally face their formation mark hall frigid irony and scorching satire other brother halls Take a look at the style of his Formation Mark Hall!

Now, the opportunity is here!

Formation mark dignified The Lord’s words, if the task assigned by the Lord Lin Fan cannot be completed this time, their Formation Mark Hall collectively wipes their necks and asks for it.

The first partial image came out, only 1% of the full array.

But when this partial map came out, the entire Formation Mark Hall, hundreds of Formation Mark Heavenly Master-level characters, all had scalp numbness and cold spinal cord!

Including Lin Fan. When I didn’t use the eyes of rune, I just looked at it roughly, and I felt dizzy and too complicated. Too terrifying involved various Heaven and Earth principles, the so-called Five Elements The mutual generation and so on, it is simply the smallest trail in this, but this partial picture, Lin Fan glanced at it and felt the cause and effect.

He walked up to the room with nodded big, and looked at the pensive Qingyue with a bitter expression: “Daughter-in-law, how many partial pictures of this kind are there?”

Qingyue was interrupted by her thoughts after finishing her mind, annoyed in her eyes, and angrily said: “There are at least hundreds of such partial pictures.”

Lin Fan’s eyes widened: “Well, excuse me, lady, take your time, don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry at all.”

He walked out and looked at a group of old bastard with gray hair and beards, scratching their heads wherever they were, jumping up and down in a hurry.

“Don’t be anxious, this thing won’t be anxious. I will give you three months. As long as I can understand this partial map within three months, I will be satisfied.” Lin Fan said.

“We are useless, ashamed of the high hopes of the Lord.”

Old Guy with the formation mark looks guilty.

Lin Fan waved his hand and said: “It doesn’t matter, I think too much as it should be by rights.”

He took the partial picture and looked at it carefully with the eyes of rune. In an instant, tens of thousands of deductions appeared in his Soul Sea, even with the tyranny of his Divine Soul, he felt nodded. It hurts unbearably.

“Go get the pen and ink.” Lin Fan’s eyes wrinkled slightly. Soon, pen, ink, paper, inkstone, etc. spread out in front of him. He picked up the pen to depict the most correct and reasonable deduction method that he thought was the most correct and reasonable, and gradually Describe the specific local model of the large array.

“For the formation mark, I didn’t dabble too much. You are experts, let’s see if my way is correct.” Lin Fan gently backed away and let a group of formation mark experts come over.


“That’s how it is!”

“I understood!”

“We were all attracted by the most Profound Truth of the cause and effect, and we walked away from the top, thinking that we cannot build this formation without understanding the cause and effect!”

“Yes! We did trap our thinking in a dead end!”

“hahaha…I know what’s going on.” An Old Guy yelled: “This partial picture looks like a whole, but in fact it is constructed by three thousand small formations, and three thousand small formations gather. The power of natural cause and effect comes out!”

Lin Fan took a long sigh, so it seems…

Is he dumbfounded?

“God, thank you for your ideas, we know how to do it.”

formation mark dignified the main hair grey-white, bending over and bowing at this time: “God is the ruler of all things, so you don’t have to waste time here, and go busy first. If there are any unsolvable problems in the lower-class people, they will naturally come. Ask for advice.”

Lin Fan slightly nodded, said with a bitter smile: “I thought that this team could be built in three to five days, but now it looks like…”

formation mark dignified The lord’s face was bitter, and he said: “God lord, we only dare to say striving to the utmost, we only dare to say that we do our best, but this big formation will take three or five days…unless the gods come.”

Lin Fan smiled wryly.

“I estimate…If it can be successfully built within ten years, it will be a blessing for the sky.”

The hall master smiled bitterly.

“Ten years.” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

Ten years are long, but for a cultivator, it’s just a flash.

“I’m waiting for your good news.” Lin Fan sighed, his footsteps lineage, and he was in the chamber.


Xiao Nuo’s face is a bit ugly.

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said: “Why, they impatient want to continue fighting?”

Nodded of Chen Xuandong complexion is gloomy: “The three major restricted areas do not agree to postponement.”

“Father, when we went to the Nine Heavens station, I saw them training, I’m afraid…” Xiao Nuo narrowed her eyes, and there was worry in her eyes.

“Training?” Lin Fan’s eyes were cold and severe: “Just do they know how?”

“If we have any means, I’m afraid it will give them the best reason to start the war.” Chen Xuandong said his worries.

Lin Fan said with a malicious smile: “Of course I will give our Little Brat of Divine Court a life-saving hole card, but since it is a hole card, of course it will not be easily used. Naturally, the method is not used.”

Speaking of this, Lin Fan stopped slightly, and the murderous aura said awe-inspiringly: “But if they come up with a means first, but are killed by us in the end, they will use this as a reason to fight, then fight. Who is afraid of whom!”

Xiao Nuo said: “I will call the next batch of candidates.”

Lin Fan nodded, looked towards Chen Xuandong again, and said: “Xuan Dong Lao you are sending a message. The battle will continue tomorrow.”

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