Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3488


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Divine Court once asked the restricted area to postpone the battle for three days, but the restricted area refused mercilessly.

This news has been fueled by the restricted zone to the world.

This makes the world sigh.

I feel that although this approach is a bit shameful and a bit weak, but with the power of the Divine Court family, they did not choose to avoid the battle. They only asked for an extension, and it was only three days, which was enough.

Of course, this, in Wan Ling’s view, also represents Divine Court’s incompetence for this battle.

If there is really a certainty of victory in every battle, who would think of postponing?

It should be noted that this kind of battlefield, placed under the stars and in front of all souls, is an excellent way to get ahead and show the might and dignity of the forces.

If you are really sure of winning, how can you not have an anxious battle, wishing to play a hundred games a day.


In Divine Court, Lin Fan quietly looked at Little Brat ahead. In fact, the so-called training camp is not the same thing at all, but Lin Fan differentiated into many golden electric wires and sneaked into the Soul Sea of ​​Little Brat. in.

Each strand of golden electric wire has some power of the eye of rune. If it is activated, you can see the weak spot of the enemy in an instant, so that these Little Brat can be found in the dead A ray of life.

“I hope you remember that the deity bestows you this kind of power, not for you to use it at the beginning.” Lin Fan said, indifferently said: “I believe that Divine Court does not lose to others. Generally, it is to prevent the enemy from using any vicious means to murder you.”

Everyone below listened respectfully to Lin Fan’s words, and no one uttered any extra syllables.

“So…unless compelled by circumstances, unless there is no other choice, so don’t use this method.” Lin Fan sighed and said: “It’s best to use some strange method after the enemy appears. Kill it.”

Everyone below should be.

“Recall the method of activating the strand of electric wire lurking in your Soul Sea again and make sure that it is correct. Then step back.” Lin Fan glanced down and said: “I will give you an hour, this hour Inside, you can ask me anything.”


In the end, Lin Fan knew how stupid his last sentence was.

There are too many problems with these Little Brat, almost hundreds of why.

Someone asked him how he can be as strong as him, strong enough to sweep the stars.

Someone asked him if he could accept him as a discipline, he would definitely not humiliate his teacher.

Someone asked him if he could give him a Thousand-man Commander…

Of course, more is to ask him for various cultivation issues.


In short, in the end, if it were not for Li Guang murderous aura to come, scared all these Little Brat back, it is estimated that Lin Fan will be unable to get away for a while.

The floating island cannot be returned.

The group of people in the formation mark hall were all crowded on the floating island waiting for the partial picture of Qingyue. Lin Fan hehe smiled, just in time for a different sentiment.

He called Leyao and Chau Yue to accompany him outside.

Then, on a certain star that no one knows, their three people are in the moonlight, just like the sky as the bed and the ground…

A good mess.

It’s really exciting.

It’s just that the two women didn’t pay attention to Lin Fan for at least two or three days.

Lin Fan’s beautiful name is because the two girls have been infertile for a long time. Is it because of the bad feng shui on the floating island?

Or there is no fun in a familiar room.

So change the environment.

As a result, the two women’s embroidered legs almost didn’t kick him apart.

Leyao blushed.

Too embarrassing.

No cover in front and no block behind.

Why would I do such a thing in such a situation?

The same is true for chasing the moon, too shameful.


At dawn, the battlefield is showing.

“Fellow Daoist red light is blowing, is there anything good?”

Lian Ying greets Lin Fan habitually.

Lin Fan haha ​​smiled and said: “Today is a big victory again. Thinking of this, the deity can’t help but smile, but feel a little overwhelmed.”

Lianying expression turned cold.

Bi Luo coldly snorted and said: “It is victory or defeat, you have to kill one to know.”

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and laughed heartily: “This is indeed the truth.”

Bi Luo faintly said: “Besides, I see that the people behind you are covered with dark clouds and short-lived. I am afraid that it will be the first battle today. When they are all destroyed.”

“Why is your mouth so cheap?” Li Guang said.

This guy is the best at stunned people.

He squinted and said: “You can’t speak human language, you can speak in your own language. Don’t be so easy to hate, don’t be so easy to kill.”

“Kill?” Bi Luo smiled: “You?”

“Will you use my uncle to kill you? Isn’t that a sledgehammer to kill a chicken?” Xiao Nuo sneered: “If you really want to die, you can fight with me before the big competition.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

If Bi Luo dares to agree, he doesn’t mind facilitating this battle.

Xiao Nuo has kept up with his rhythm, and at this time he is also a peerless expert who has already passed away.

If this blue sky cannot tell good from bad, you really don’t mind removing a restricted area first.

Bi Luo roared angrily.

But in the end it turned out to be dead.

He suddenly sounded the fear of the two life and death crises.

Of course, I also thought of the madman who had entered the Treasure Pavilion of Nine Heavens from the mountain gate.

“Shut up if you don’t dare to fight!” Xiao Nuo expression congeals: “Wait until you dare to fight with me before you come out to speak.”

Lianying faintly said: “Little God, after all, this Biluo is the same generation as your father. You are so overbearing, it is inevitable that people think you have no tutor in Divine Court.”

Xiao Nuo’s eyes were cold, and he mocked: “When will the cultivator’s society be respected by the annual rings and relatives? Isn’t it respected by strength?”

Lianying’s eyes narrowed slightly, and said: “It seems that the young god is afraid that he has made great progress, otherwise his speech is so sharp…”

Lin Fan’s heart tightened slightly.

This series of images is indeed too sensitive.

Xiao Nuo was only in his early moments.

It even made him feel a bit.

This is bad.

Xiao Nuo broke the border. This is top-secret news, a great expert and hole cards concealed by Divine Court.

If it were revealed in this way, it would be a pity and it would lose a lot of effect.

“What are all the nonsense?” Lin Fan narrowed his eyes, tsk tsk smiled, and said: “Is it a battle for the Little Brat, or a battle at our level?”

Lianying’s eyes changed again.

At a certain moment, he really felt that Lin Nuo, the young god, should have broken the mirror, but now, he is not so sure.

The most important thing is that Lin Fan’s personality is like this.

If the little young god really breaks the mirror, then the impossible will be so cold.

It should be to fan the flames and promote a decisive battle at the highest level.

“Well… we are all calm, after all, we don’t want to fight.” Lian Ying said, and then said: “Knock the gong, start the war!”

The golden gong is back.

There were more and more onlookers, and the sky was finally filled with them, all to witness the beginning and end of this battle.

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