Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3489


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Everyone knows.

This should be the last and most difficult disaster for Divine Court to stand under the starry sky, even far beyond the restricted area.

Because this is a poisonous scheme in the restricted area, it is to kill any hope of the rise of Divine Court from the root.

Of course, if Divine Court gets through this difficult situation, it will gain the most.

The ability to strangle the restricted area from the rise of Divine Court from the root, on the contrary, it will be killed by Divine Court to many restricted area faults!

This is the scariest thing.

For any race or force, Heaven’s Chosen is the most important.

The reason why some ethnic groups can be prosperous is that they have all the talents in each realm. With the decline of the previous generation, the next generation will naturally carry the banner.

The decline of some ethnic groups is due to the gap of talent!

So, if Divine Court can resist this difficulty, then under this starry sky, it can really be called invincible.

The battle begins!

This time, the battle across Four Great Boundaries is very wide.

Lin Fan’s face is slightly cold.

He also didn’t expect, this time the major restricted zone owners suddenly changed the rule of only fighting two realms at a time, but he was slightly completely unprepared.

Of course, the more so, the more proof that these forbidden zone owners have ghosts.

Otherwise, why change the rules?

But there is no fear.

The electric wire under his feet diffused away, sneaking into the Divine Soul of each realm contestant quietly, and in Divine Soul telling everyone how to use the power of the eye of rune.

Chen Xuandong looked towards Lin Fan with some worry.

Be aware that these differentiated golden wires are all Lin Fan’s purest Spirit Force, and, if there is a moment to be activated later, Lin Fan is also assisted by Lin Fan.

That’s terrifying, one person supports the battle of hundreds of people.

“It’s okay, I’m fine.” Lin Fan knew where the worry was in Xuan Dong’s eyes and smiled at him.

The battle begins!

It’s eye-catching!

Divine Court everyone was too terrifying, swept a piece, just before the fight, there are three or five people on the side of the restricted area, body dies and Dao disappears.

Lin Fan slightly smiled.

It’s very good, it gives him a long face, these little things should be cultivated well, at any cost.

But on the side of the restricted area, his face is extremely ugly and blue!

Lian Ying and Bi Luo looked at each other, and their eyes showed a cruel look at the same time.

This kind of meeting between eyes is very secret, but how can it be hidden from Lin Fan’s rune eyes?

My heart sank right now!

The thing he worries about is still about to appear. These penalty zone owners still can’t get the absolute advantage, and they don’t hesitate to use the next trick to intervene in this challenge.

“They are courting death!”

Xiao Wu noticed it, and he hummed heavily in his hands, wishing to kill the general immediately.

“Don’t move.” Xiaonuo scolded softly: “Don’t forget father’s methods, they are the ones who will eventually be bad luck.”

Xiao Wu grinned and said: “If these scumbags do things according to the rules, my Divine Court will have to lose a few games, but since they dare to mess around, then kill them all.”

Lin Fan is like a full body at this time, and he can vividly remember every scene of the battlefield.

He was afraid that the people in Divine Court would not be able to detect the changes of the enemy in time and would suffer, so he came out and stared.

Of course, Lin Fan will not be low enough to take the initiative, but will use the tricks to counteract it instantly on the side of the penalty area.

“God, we are no different from you as an enemy.”

Suddenly, the owner of the restricted zone smiled sorrowfully and sound transmission. He took advantage of a black baby in his hand, otherwise he would catch the sound transmission through the shadows.

This is the sound transmission of the Great Lake restricted area owner Han Shuang, sadly said: “The restricted area shall not be free, be held hostage, or threatened. If the three of us do not fight, they will take action against us.”

Lin Fan’s expression is not unusual.

Han Shuang continued: “But now, I have to show to the Lord that everything is involuntary, not the original intention of the three of us.”

Lin Fan finally speaks.

With his means and ability, of course, he is not afraid that someone can intercept his call.

Said: “The three you are referring to are those three.”

Han Shuang squeezed the black baby tightly, sound transmission said: “Great Lake, Suncheon, no moment.”

“Okay, I understand.” Lin Fan sound transmission.

Han Shuang sound transmission said: “Lianying, Biluo, and Xuanyou opened the furnace to refine the Bone Tempering Energy Pill. Every one of them in this battle was forced to swallow them. Catalyzes the medicinal power within the body, and kills Heaven’s Chosen in Divine Court with a sudden increase of at least ten times the lethality.”

“What? Bone Tempering Energy Pill? Can you agree to this?” Lin Fan was horrified!

Bone quenching to increase energy!

As the name suggests, squeeze any potential of your body within the body, in exchange for ten times the combat power of the deity within five seconds.

But since then, there is no talent to speak of, and everyone can only be stunned.

“No?” Han Shuang said sadly: “The world only knows the restricted area aloof and remote, but who knows, the restricted area is also a country where the weak are prey to the strong……”

Lin Fan said nothing.

Han Shuang said grimly: “God Lord, if possible, step down all the restricted areas, it is deformed, abnormal existence, all have disappeared, of course, I suggest that the Lord directly admit defeat at this time.” /p>

Lin Fan’s lips curled up with a sneer.

Of course, he was even more surprised that Han Shuang, the owner of the restricted area, would use deformity and perversion to describe the restricted area.

But want to admit failure?

Is it possible?

Lin Fan’s expression suddenly became cold and severe, and even the shadow smiled sullenly, preparing to secretly give orders to die, so that everyone on the battle platform urged within the body medicinal power. The moment before, he roared in Divine Soul. Said: “Start?!”

Divine Court is from top to bottom, no one will question Lin Fan’s orders for even half a second!

So when Lin Fan asked these contestants to activate the eyes of rune, everyone immediately inspired Lin Fan’s electric wire lurking in their Soul Sea!

In an instant, hundreds of dazzling golden lights bloomed on the Hundred Battles Stage.

These Divine Court contestants only feel that at this moment, Heaven and Earth are both clear.

The clarity here, of course, does not refer to vision.


Dao and texture.




When the eye of rune appeared in the eyes of these Divine Court contestants, it meant that this battle was over!

The sharp blade cuts the head.

The fist blasts the body!



Lian Ying’s scalp was numb, and he roared unbelievably. He suddenly got up, like a peerless Demon King suddenly awakened, and it turned out that the star Dou trembled, and roared: “Lin Fan! How dare you swindle! ! You Divine Court, be punishable!”

No one is so stupid to think that the hundreds of golden gazes are really a kind of peerless secret technique shared by everyone.

“tsk tsk…I’m just a deal with a man as he deals with you.” Lin Fan laughed jokingly, and then suddenly stood up, as if a Revered Divinity had suddenly descended, and clicked: “old bastard, have you forgotten that Lao Tzu has another identity?”

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