Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3490


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“Speaking badly! Die!”

Lianying is extremely angry!

He worked hard to plan.

Almost emptied the possessions in the clan and worked hard to refine hundreds of Bone Tempering Energy Pills. As a result, it was useless.

Before it broke out, he was directly undermined by Divine Court’s planning and arrangement, as well as the bloodiest and decisive way.

“Then come to fight!”

Lin Fan’s expression is awkward, Zhu Tian banged and sacrificed, hanging in the air, but the pointed finger towards the eyebrows, the cold and severe halberd was like a poisonous snake. , Si si rang.

“God, you are really not authentic in doing this.”

Xuanyou sad and compassionate, said with a bitter smile: “The day before yesterday, the little god came to the restricted area to discuss, and it was a bit weird to postpone it for three days. Didn’t expect, you still used this kind of final work. The most shameless way.”

“Next work? shameless?”

Lin Fan gave a weird smile: “Who is it, and who is shameless?”


Bi Luo got up abruptly, he swept all around with majesty, said with a malicious smile: “Everyone sees everything just now, this Divine Court Lord Lin Fan, shameless, is a villain! Regardless of identity, even Putting such a brutal hand on our contestants caused hundreds of evildoers to die in an instant. This is a great loss under this starry sky!”

“Yes! The gods are not worthy of virtue, so get out of the gods!”

“hmph! From the bottom of my eyes, this Divine Court does not need to exist anymore. The upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked. Even the gods are like this. It is conceivable that this Divine Court is just a mob after all!” /p>

There are restricted areas that are dissatisfied with Xuanyou, etc., and naturally there are restricted areas that are still obedient.

At this time, these forbidden zone owners are making noise here, and they are here to agitate all souls.

All Souls are ignorant, they don’t know the root cause.

Only the Divine Court side suddenly broke out the same strangeness, and then all the contestants on the side of the penalty area died in an instant.

Then the facts are in sight.

They did not dare to point fingers to Divine Court like the restricted area, but they did not ashamed of what Divine Court did.

“Is the Divine Court you said is not necessary to exist?”

Xiao Wu spoke, and the moment he didn’t stop speaking, he rushed to the restricted area.

“Good guts!”

Xuanyou is angry, and her canthus is about to split.

He really didn’t expect that the people of Divine Court would be so arrogant and arrogant.

They gather in the restricted area, Divine Court is weak.

They dared to break into the place where the owners of the restricted area gathered together to kill people.

With a bang, he pointed forward with one hand, and flew out a purple giant sword clanging from behind him, slashing towards nothingness.

“old bastard, this young master, the brother of God, can you move?”

Xiao Nuo spoke. He didn’t rush away. With his hands lightly tapping in the void, a blood-colored petal fell toward the purple giant sword.

With a clang, it was a petal of nothingness, but when it hit the purple giant sword, it turned out to be a lot of fireworks, and the giant sword was knocked crooked.

“Just like this kind of stuff, do you dare to talk about my Divine Court?”

Xiaowu’s silhouette returned to the Divine Court camp, with a human head in his hand!

This is the owner of the penalty zone that Kyogen Divine Court does not have to survive.

He wasn’t dead, but Xiao Wu had his head cut off.

“Being a dog, you must have the consciousness of being killed.” Xiaowu was cold.

“Let him go.” Bi Luo’s eyes were gloomy, and he stared at Xiao Wu like this: “You know, some people can’t move.”

Xiao Wu sneered, bent a little, and gently placed the head of the restricted area owner on his forehead in the sky, which was firmly fixed by him, and then slowly raised his foot, just as clear and slowly as little By little, the head of the forbidden zone owner was crushed directly with the soles of the feet.


Bi Luo was shouted, and everything with both hands fiercely turned out to be moving time and space!

Move Xiaowu directly to him and kill him.

“old bastard, you are courting death.”

Xiao Nuo shot, the same two petals were chopped off, one blood red, if the blood red came back, Bi Luo’s stunt was blocked.

“It’s you again.” Bi Luo grinned, her expression too distorted and ferocious: “You have lost your face for the third time.”

“So?” Xiao Nuo sneered.

“Come to fight.”

Bi Luo speaks, the killing intent in his eyes is too strong!

He was really frightened by Xiao Nuo’s imposing manner.

This is a shame.

It’s also a catastrophe.

If he can’t break through the invincible shadow that Xiao Nuo’s imposing manner left in his heart, he will stop here in this life.

The best way to break through this shadow…

It’s to kill Xiao Nuo.

“Bi Luo.” Lian Ying browses frowned.

Bi Luo looked towards Lian Ying, was silent for a moment, and said: “I have not had a fight for millions of years. I feel that my fighting spirit is not there. I feel that my fighting intent is not strong. You should know what I mean.”


Lianying’s brows furrowed tighter, and he looked towards Xiao Nuo in this way.

Is it a breakthrough?

Lin Fan is also slightly frowned.

But then sighed.

His original intention was to let Xiao Nuo hide his clumsiness, so that all the swords and crises in the dark were aimed at him.

Of course Xiao Nuo understands what he means.

So, Xiao Nuo, who has always been low-key and calm, is so impudent and arrogant today, click on the owner of the restricted zone.

After all, it’s just to share his father.

Not blocked.

Otherwise, Xiao Nuo’s filial piety was really wasted.

The war started, but it didn’t last long.

Bi Luo was killed and swallowed by a huge Resurrection Lily!

This Resurrection Lily, like a master craftsman carved with red agate, is crystal clear and dazzling under the starry sky, he slowly rotates.

Too beautiful, especially the glimmer of stars shed and refract extremely beautiful light.

However, in Resurrection Lily, the scream of Bi Luo destroys this beauty.

It makes your scalp numb!

How terrible torture and cruel illusion is it to make the owner of the restricted zone shout out the gods and ghosts?

“Can you… let him go?” Lian Ying narrowed her eyes and said, “You should know that I cannot afford this loss in the restricted area.”

Lin Fan stared at Lian Ying playfully.

Lian Ying said: “Let him go, I promise not to pursue your involvement in the challenge, and I admit that in today’s battle, your Divine Court won in a big victory, and I lost all of the penalty areas.” Lin Fan was furious: “old bastard , Until now you still speak like this, you really think that you are doing something secret, and the deity can’t find it out? Have you forgotten that besides my cultivation base, I have an unmatched pill technique! Don’t say it’s in this Three Thousand World, even in Chaos Realm, I also have the name of World’s First.”

Miniature eyes with shadows.

Then sighed: “Is it so difficult to admit what I did?”

Then, his eyes swept to the Quartet with a bit of mockery to watch the battle: “Look, this is your overlord in this world, this is his responsibility, character…not worth mentioning.”

Lin Fan’s eyes are even colder!

The main reason is that these idiots actually believed in Lianying’s family statement.

“Lianying, if I can’t make you faceless today, I will write Lin Fan’s name.”

Lin Fan points to Lianying, eyes are killing intent crazy.

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