Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3491


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Lin Fan originally didn’t want to turn his face with the restricted area so quickly.

I don’t think it’s a good time yet. I should wait for Divine Court to quietly develop for a hundred years.

But now he thinks that his idea is a bit redundant?

Don’t say that Xiao Nuo has grown up at this time, and killing Bi Luo alone is the proof.

Even before, if he is fierce and willing to pay some price, it is not difficult to eliminate these three restricted areas!

With the addition of a three-life body, his deity is enough to kill at least five or six forbidden zone masters like Lian Ying.

There is also Lin Long, killing one or two alone is nothing difficult.

even more how Now Xiaonuo has grown up?

So, his eyes are so gloomy that he even typed Divine Court’s unique secret words–

This codeword has only one meaning-war!

Chen Xuandong’s pupils shrank sharply, he naturally understood Lin Fan’s meaning and disappeared without a trace.

No one knows that Divine Court is ready to wipe out the restricted area today.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes are pinned to Lin Fan.

Including Linkage.

Lianying’s eyes narrowed.

He was thinking, is there really this kind of heaven defying method that can extract the medicine pill that has been swallowed again?

After a moment, he jokingly smiled.

Perhaps under this starry sky, in the long river of history, there really are such characters, and perhaps there is really this kind of heaven defying technique.

But, it’s just this trifling Lin Fan-is he worthy?

So, he smiled, laughing ridiculously and coldly: “I really want to see how the Lord of God makes my face sweep the floor.”

Lin Fan’s eyes were cold and severe, and said: “You will see it.”

Lianying laughed louder: “Well, I’m afraid that in the end the god is just inviting humiliation to oneself.”

Lin Fan jié jié smiled. He stretched out his hand and grabbed it forward slightly. When his arm was retracted, a remains of the restricted area was already in his hand and he placed it horizontally on the ground.

Lin Fan faintly said: “You must be thinking that there might be a pill technique that can swallow a cultivator into a medicine pill and refine it into a pill again. Maybe under this starry sky, in the vast river of history, there really is that kind of pill technique. Big things can do all this, but I, Lin Fan, can’t do it. I don’t deserve it, am I?”

Lianying complexion slightly changed!

Lin Fan hehe smiled and said: “In fact, the inheritance of ancient times may never be cut off, but it is buried in some places that are easily out of reach. How can you be sure that I don’t have this ability? After all…you are used to being arrogant. You always think that the restricted area is blessed, enjoy the honor, and be favored by Heaven and Earth. It seems that all the good things in the world can only be related to the restricted area.”

Lian Ying has an ugly face.

Sadly said with a smile: “What do you say about this? Don’t you want to refine it? Please hurry up, I am waiting for you to slap your face.”

Also, he looked towards Wanling again, said with a malicious smile: “Everyone, please keep your eyes open, we have to watch how this god master conjures, how to frame up, how to erase himself to have no shame Acts.”

Lin Fan stared at Lian Ying jokingly, and said, “I haven’t started yet, are you thinking about retreat?”

The killing intent flashed in Lian Ying’s eyes.

Lin Fan mocked: “Since you are going to slap you in the face, how can it not be absolute and thorough?”

His eyes swept around, and then looked towards Tianya, the owner of the forbidden area in the Wuju restricted area, hehe smiled, and said: “I have heard about the vast power of the Wuju forbidden area. Use it?”

The face of Tianya suddenly changed!

immediately, just looked towards Lianying.

Lian Ying has an ugly face, scolded: “Since he likes the feeling of being imprisoned and suppressed, how can he not be satisfied?”

Out of the world, said with a bitter smile: “God Lord, no ruler can ask for time and space, but forbidden rules. If you are really surrounded by this, even the talisman ring will not be opened.”

Lin Fan shrugged and said, “If there is no such divine might without a ruler, how can I borrow it for a use?”

“Okay.” Tianya said, cup one fist in the other hand said: “That’s offended!”

Just as Tianya was about to start, Lin Fan patted his forehead and said, “Forget, we people of this realm have our own void. This non-existent void can’t be prevented by this ruler. ?”

The End of the World is nodded.

Lin Fan laughed, glanced at Lianying jokingly, and nodded between his brows with his index finger, said with a smile: “Look at me, this is how I slapped you in the face.”

Lin Fan took off his outer robe, threw the talisman ring on both hands to Xiao Nuo, and hung his war weapon in the air, almost naked and walked into the space covered by the ruler.

Lian Ying panicked and panicked!

Lin Fan’s mannerism really frightened him.

Various bad premonitions appeared.

He really wants to be exposed in public to expose his hypocrisy.

Is he really going to be slapped in the face by Lin Fan fiercely to prove that his actions are shameless?

If this is the case, he, the owner of the restricted zone, really wants to laugh and generously, even if he is a beggar in the world of Three Thousand World, when he is mentioned, I am afraid that he will have to spit lightly?

It’s started!

Within the brilliance of the rimless ruler, in the small area that the rimless ruler can only lie down, Lin Fan used the purest means of pill concocting to capture him. Remains in the restricted area are used as treasure pills to refine!


Transparency throughout.

Every step, every link, he must explain one after another.

Explain the principle of doing this.

At every step and every link, Divine Soul was opened up to signal that he was upright and upright, and to prevent anyone from suspecting that he was a means of stealing and framing him.


The remains of the forbidden area glowed, dots of black light lit up in every corner of the remains, and then slowly gathered towards the heart, until a black hair and bright medicine pill slowly formed.

“no! This is not true!”

Lian Ying roared and roared: “Lin Fan! Don’t use blindness here, thinking you can deceive the innumerable living beings in the starry sky? You know, those who can watch the battle in the starry sky are all experts and cultivators. , You can’t deceive anyone with your despicable planting!”

He is hysterical.

There is a kind of madness that is torn away his ugliest side.




“Next work!”

Lian Ying spoke. Among the bystanders who have been deceived for a long time, there is an outspoken cultivator who directly cursed!

“Ma De, is this the owner of the restricted area?” a big man asked, his strength is good, and Peak is in the four realms of God, and angrily said: “It was your family who wanted to murder the people in Divine Court, but after being countered, You have a face to slap!”

Lin Fan laughed, looked towards Lianying, and said: “The person who made the noise today, I, Lin Fan, will protect them. I dare to move them in the restricted area. I will kill ten people in the restricted area, and I will kill them. Restricted area.”

Lian Ying has a hideous expression and roars: “The End of the World! You can tell the defect of the ruler! Lin Fan must have taken advantage of the defect of the ruler, and ingested the Bone Tempering Energy Pill from outside!”

Tianya’s eyes were a bit cold, and he said: “Your honor, I will agree to whatever you say, but this kind of insult to the originator is hard to be forgiven.”

To say that there is a defect in the ruler.

Equivalent to is saying that the originator of his unlimited penalty zone is not good.

This is deceiving masters extinguishing ancestors!

Lin Fan looked strangely in his eyes and said: “The lord of the Lian Ying restricted area… this black hair is not a bone-hardening energy-enhancing pill, but it is just like a clumsy denial, this is not a clumsy denial resulting in self- exposure?”

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