Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3492


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Lin Fan’s eyes were too weird, and his words were too strange, which made the onlookers burst into laughter and made Lianying blush.

“Lin Fan! Do you dare to deceive me!” Even the shadow roared, and at the same time the intestines were regretful!

After all, this Lin Fan still doesn’t have the ability to extract medicine pill from the body of the deceased.

I really regret it. If I’m calm and calm, I can really nail Lin Fan on the pillar of shame, but now, it’s too late to say anything.

“Lin Fan…I can’t wait to…kill you.”

Lian Ying’s expression is grim, and he said this in a very deep voice.

I was not in hysterics, I was not hoarse.

But the more so, the more proof his inner murderous intention at this time.

“So… you come to kill.” Lin Fan smiled, he flicked the black medicine pill that looked like a bone-hardening energy pill, and then pointed at the body that was about to turn into a light spot. With a light grasp, a medicine pill appeared in his hand again.

Lin Fan smiled and asked: “This medicine pill, should you be familiar with it? You can come and check whether it is the one you forced this person to swallow.”

When I heard that this medicine pill turned out to be Lian Ying forcing others to swallow it, the world’s senses to him became worse.

In front of their eyes, it seems that all Heaven’s Chosen wailing, threatened by relatives or the survival of the ethnic group, swallowing the Poison Pill that cut off their future, they seem to understand the unwillingness of these Heaven’s Chosen And sorrow and anger, can better understand the sorrow and desolation of these Heaven’s Chosen.

Originally Heaven’s Chosen, and the coercion I, but withered prematurely.

In this kind of battlefield, what if you get lucky?

After all, everyone can only be stunned.

Xuanyou complexion ashen and cold.

In this matter, he was also considered the mastermind, so he felt the same for Lianying’s current emotions.

Moreover, he was very lucky.

It just so happened that I hadn’t been an early bird at that moment, otherwise it was him who was nailed to the pole of shame at this time.

“Why should the God Lord overbearing?” He said, staring at Lin Fan cold and severely.

“Duh…forcing?” Lin Fan glanced at Xuanyou in surprise, then his eyes suddenly became gloomy, staring at Xuanyou as if looking at an idiot, and said: “Are you brainless? Who overbearing first? ?”

“hmph!” coldly snorted: “Who can be wrong in life? What is obsessed can’t be considered for a while.”

In this sentence, not only Lin Fan’s eyes are weird, even if it’s even shadow, the murderous intention in his eyes is a flash!

This choppy, pluck yourself clean!

But the bone-hardening energy-increasing pill was not made by him alone, it was the result of two people working together.

But now, the face of the restricted area has been lost.

Bi Luo died first, and he was in the spit of all souls.

If you are pulling this mysterious into the water, then the restricted area will really have no face to stay.

Lin Fan shrugged, sneered, and said, “So…what is the battle today?”

Lian Ying has an ugly face: “Divine Court wins, so you can be satisfied.”

Lin Fan’s eyes suddenly cold, said with a malicious smile: “old bastard, don’t say it is like a charity from your forbidden zone, this big victory is my Divine Court deserves.”

“Speaking, don’t talk full, things, don’t do everything.” Xuan You said indifferently, “The length of a moment is nothing to win or lose.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed: “Since you speak like this, you don’t have to wait for the future. Everything will be over today.”

Xuanyou’s eyes are full of ugliness and killing intent, cold and severe saying: “Are you going to start a big battle?”

Lin Fan ridiculed: “Do you think it is possible for us to get back to good? Or, do you think you can live together under this starry sky? Since there is a battle sooner or later, why not do it now? After a game, the winner is king and the loser is Kou.”

“Are you inviting to fight?” Lian Ying’s pupils shrank slightly.

He really didn’t expect that Lin Fan would be so strong today.

It’s so direct and arrogant. At this time, right here, the great decisive battle between the restricted area and Divine Court is opened.

The most important thing is, who gave Lin Fan his confidence and confidence?

“You have a problem with your ears?” Li Guang smiled, with a hideous killing intent: “Dare you, come or not, as long as you have a word, the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses will step on the restricted area.”

Onlookers thrilled!

Everyone feels cold in the back.

They want to witness, they want to witness the Heaven’s Chosen between the restricted area and the Divine Court. In the end, they are stronger and weaker.

As a result, things changed so fast!

Are they going to witness the only and only battle between the forbidden zone and the world since these hundreds of epochs?

Lianying dumbfounded.

Xuanyou is also dumbfounded.

They all stared at Lin Fan and the many murderous aura Divine Court people in an incredible way.

Thinking about it all.

Where does the confidence of Divine Court come from?

“Please, my owner of the restricted zone, let’s have a fight…Have a good fight, and the blood is boiling.”

Li Guang spoke, and hehe laughed: “You know, the development of my Divine Court is far beyond your restricted area. In the next ten years, I am afraid that your restricted area will not have the courage to fight with my Divine Court.”

“haha…give you a chance, since the heart of Divine Court is not dead, then come on, my brothers in Divine Court sharpen their knives and wait a long time!”

Wuji killing intent Ling Ran, he was very close to the vermilion coffin.

Xuanyou was silent.

Lian Ying was also silent.

Deduced in my mind, if it is the result after World War I broke out at this time.

In the end, the result of the battle is that Divine Court will be destroyed, but on the eve of Divine Court’s destruction, the two of them will definitely be dragged into the water. It cannot be said that they will be completely destroyed, but they will definitely become the end of the restricted area.

As long as these two races are reduced to the end of the restricted zone, they actually represent the fall of these two races.

“How can you say whether to fight or not to fight?”

Lian Ying narrowed her eyes and sneered: “Don’t take yourself too seriously.”

Lin Fan glanced at him and mocked: “So… you are resisting the fight?”

Lianying hehe smiled: “The penalty zone challenge is not over, let him go on, the next thing, I will talk about it later.”

The reaction from the restricted area was stunned and unbelievable.

Is this still a restricted area?

Choose to retreat under the pressure of current strength!

This is also a precedent in history.

You know, there has always been only a restricted area to force a battle, and this world retreats.


Lianying loudly shouted, he left first, followed by Xuanyou, followed by a group of looking thoughtful owners of the restricted zone. Of course, there were several other houses with white faces.

They seem to have followed the wrong person.

Lin Fan waited for a group of Divine Court seniors, staring at the restricted area so coldly and leaving.

“It’s a pity.” Chen Xuandong sighed and said: “If they agree to a battle, the army sent out by me will definitely be able to take down the nests of these restricted areas within today.”

Lin Fan sighed and said, “It’s useless to take down their nest. After all, I’m not prepared.”

Xiao Nuo said: “If a war breaks out at this time, we will win, but a tragic victory, the high-level combat power may not be damaged, but other realm…unpredictable.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “So, I wait for them to retire calmly.”

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