Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3493


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In the battle between forces, Peak power can account for at least 80% of the factors that determine victory or defeat.

But not 100%.

So, Lin Fan would rather let Lianying and Xuanyou leave today. If there is a fight, Divine Court is afraid that at least half of the people will die, and even several of his Old Brothers may suffer casualties.

How can Lin Fan allow such things to happen?

It’s just a momentary breath, why use your own life to fill it?

“I think the next time will be very peaceful.” Chen Xuandong said, but his eyes were extremely complicated, and said: “I just don’t know how long this peaceful time will last.”

Lin Fan was slightly silent, and said: “No matter how long he is, it will be good someday.”

laughed, Lin Fan said: “Don’t forget, I’m thriving in Divine Court. Every day is different.”

Chen Xuandong laughed: “This is indeed the case, even every minute and every second, our Divine Court is getting stronger.”

“The ridiculous two old idiots, maybe they are looking for some lore, to punish my Divine Court.” Xiaowu coldly said: “But they know that we don’t need any lore, nor Without the help of the so-called killing move, as long as there is enough time, my Divine Court can push everything in the world.”

Lin Fan glanced at Xiaowu and said, “If you push the world horizontally, it’s best not to say it from your mouth.”

Xiao Wu’s face is pale.

Lin Fan sighed and said, “You are my son-in-law and the highest level of our Divine Court. If you say this from your mouth, it is easy to make people think that Divine Court is going to dominate the starry sky. Some people think my Divine Court is too arrogant.”

Xiao Wu’s face is paler.

Lin Fan’s tone became more severe, coldly said: “Besides, is there really only this sky in front of you? Don’t forget who our ultimate enemy is, well, tentatively, no matter which one is outside, it’s just this Three Thousand World, how do you know if there is the same clan hidden in that silent starry sky, or in that corner that no one knows, as long as I am born, I will be able to wipe out Divine Court with a finger?”

“Father, don’t blame, Brother Xiaowu is also angry at Lienying’s overbearing of father, so he speaks without careful diction.”

Xiao Nuo came out to make a round.

Lin Fan faintly sighed, said: “This day is very big, far beyond what you and I expected. There is even a sky beyond chaos.”

“What?” Xiao Wu was frightened, and said: “Will Chaos be the ultimate world?”

Lin Fan brows frowned, then smiled bitterly, and said: “I don’t know where I have been, but I have heard the three words Tianwai more than once.”

“How many areas in this world that we don’t know?” Wuji showed longing in his eyes, and said: “If one day I can travel with the people in my heart to All Heavens Myriad Realms…”

“You are still traveling in the All Heavens Myriad Realms with your little cultivation base? I’m sure that in this Three Thousand World, if it weren’t for the power of Divine Court, you can kill at least hundreds of people.”

No one would have thought that such a ridicule suddenly came from the vermillion coffin.

Lin Fan’s eyes shone slightly.

He heard a hint of anger and hatred from Hua Mengxue’s words.

That’s enough!

It should be noted that Hua Mengxue, an Old Monster who has lived for endless years, should have a heart that has stopped water, but now, since it is like this, it can only prove that her heart is no longer peaceful, this is a good start Up.

Wuji smiled swiftly, and said in a meaningful way: “This kind of cultivator is not difficult, it’s nothing more than a bloodbath, a life in exchange, but the person in his heart is…”


In the vermilion coffin, Hua Mengxue is coldly snorted: “Dispel some of your ideas. This seat sells Lin Fan once and twice, but Impossible is selling for the third time. You have to know that you are now. In terms, I can crush you three hundred times with one finger.”

Wuji haha ​​smiled, he stopped talking, just quietly looked towards Lin Fan, and said very seriously and sincerely: “Brother Lin, you know, I’ve been abandoned for a long time.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“So…I need to make up for it.” Wuji stretched his waist and said with a smile: “Ma De, even these two Little Brats are far surpassing me. If I don’t work hard, I am afraid it will be Haoer and Ping Wang. The little things have to surpass me, so I will really be useless.”

Lin Fan laughed: “The wave behind pushes the wave forward.”

“Go away.” Wu Ji laughed: “I won’t be afraid of dying on the beach. I just tell you that starting today, I will also lead the army. I will go to all the most dangerous and suffering places. “

“Are you serious?” Lin Fan squinted.

Wuji nodded.

Lin Fan said: “Well, there is an important thing that needs a leader. I originally wanted to let Xiaowu go.”

“You said.” Wuji looked towards Lin Fan.

“To build that big formation, there is a lack of a vital Supreme Treasure.” Lin Fan’s eyes were slightly solemn, and said: “Without that thing, the formation will definitely not be made.”

Promise’s pupils shrink slightly.

Of course he knows what Lin Fan is referring to, and how important it is to Divine Court.

“The Desperate Caverns in the Land of Three Lights, among them, because of the Fruit Tree, 90% of nine inches to ten inches must be taken from bottom to top. Must strictly follow this standard, otherwise…” Lin Fan looked towards Promise, said: “Although the army of Divine Court is dispatched, even if it is reincarnation and hell, of course, besides my father and in-laws, you can dispatch the powerhouse at will.”

“Three hundred hells, three hundred reincarnations, and one hundred eagles.” Wuji spoke directly and said: “That’s Danger Land and Death Land. If there are too many people, it might not be good.”

“Yes.” Lin Fan agreed directly.

Wuji is always swift and decisive in everything, and he never drags his feet.

“Why did you let him go to that Danger Land?”

After Wuji walked far away, Hua Mengxue’s sullen voice came from inside the vermilion coffin, saying, “Even if the place has been obliterated by the years, most of its evil intentions, but for the people in the Sixth Realm of God, It’s still a place of death, how can you let him go to death.”

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said, “Senior, this is something inside my Divine Court.”

“But he is your brother.” Hua Mengxue’s voice became colder: “Can’t you send a strong to help him?”

Lin Fan sighed and said, “Senior also knows that my Divine Court is severely understaffed. Everyone has several jobs, and only Brother Wuji has been ignoring world affairs… This fact is not enough. Open other staff.”

After speaking, his eyes lit up: “Of course, if Senior is willing to go with him and protect all the way, then I am lucky for Divine Court.”

“I will take care of him to die.” Hua Mengxue coldly snorted: “I am in the Hui clan.”

The vermilion coffin broke through the space and headed towards the edge of the Divine Court galaxy, heading against the new residence of the Five Elements restricted area.

“Can it be done?” Chen Xuandong frowned tightly.

Li Guang sighed: “Where could it happen? This Hua Mengxue has been an old woman for tens of thousands of years, all kinds of perverted and smart, and, seeing the world through, the hero waiting in her eyes is like a carp crossing the river and just a passing scene .”

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