Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3494


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Wu Jian also sighed, said with a bitter smile: “In my opinion, Brother Wuji jumped from one deep pit to the next…”

Obviously, Wuji is not optimistic, and thinks it’s nothing.

Even in the mundane world, we always pay attention to the right person.

Not to mention in this cultivator’s society, which is many times more realistic and cruel than the world!

Men are strong and women are weak, yes!

It will be hailed as a good story.

But women are strong and men are weak…

Ever since ancient times, I haven’t heard it several times.

Lin Fan mysterious smiled, and said: “Some things…not you and I can guess.”

“Oh? Could it be…” Xuan Dong’s eyes lit up slightly.

Lin Fan haha ​​smiled and said: “The coffin was changed halfway. She thought she was doing it extremely secretly, but how could she hide it from me?”

This group of Old Brothers all screamed, laughed, and were happy from the heart.


Lian Ying and Xuan You, like Lin Fan, are not ready to cast aside all considerations for face.

They are not sure of victory.

Furthermore, the two secretly discussed and changed some rules again.

Of course, this is subject to conditions.

They are also afraid that the Divine Court side will be coming.

Instructions, the death of Bi Luo can still be vividly remembered.

But the two have returned until now, one night has passed, and it has not been determined whether Xiao Nuo really broke the mirror.

It’s just that when Xiao Nuo started his hand at Bi Luo, it seemed that the power of the ultimate weapon flashed away.

“You can’t use the same methods as the bone strengthening pills.”

Lian Ying’s face was cold and severe, and said sternly: “The real sky has no eyes. Then Lin Fan will practice aptitude heaven defying, and he will walk through the realm that others cannot reach at hundreds of thousands of years, but he even gave it to him. He has an invincible pill technique! How unfair is God!”

Lian Ying envy and hate!

Xuanyou cold and severe saying: “That kid is really blessed. This kind of person often has Great Destiny. If he can kill him, he may be able to take his Great Destiny over.”

Lianying’s eyes narrowed, and then suddenly she smiled: “This time, the blue sky is indeed a big problem for the overall situation, but…”

Xuan You smiled heartily and said: “Especially your family, after experiencing that catastrophe, half of Biluo’s family was hidden, and it is rich with family.”

The two of them talked eloquently, without the feeling of if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves. They are still complacent here and drained his bones from his dead allies.

“The tactic of jade broken must be used.”

Finally they came to the topic again.

Lianying evil fiercely’s mouth, said with a malicious smile: “The jade fragmentation tactics, even Lin Fan can’t say anything.”

Xuanyou’s eyes narrowed: “Indeed, this is a good method, cheating is completely permitted by the rules.”

Then, Xuanyou said: “Of course, you can’t use it all. Must be in the Divine Court important figure, otherwise Lin Fan will jump over the wall.”


The battle continues.

It’s just that the penalty area has lost more and less, and the ten games are at least eight games in the penalty area.

This allowed the world to further see the potential of Divine Court, and at the same time understand why so many Great Influences are extremely jealous of Divine Court.

It’s just because this force really only lacks time. If there is enough time, this force may indeed have hundreds of powerful powerhouses that are enough to spread across the planet. At that time, which force or Is it a restricted area, dare you not crawl under the feet of this Divine Court?

But what is strange is that after losing so many games in the penalty area, he still insists on fighting.

In Divine Court.

“They must have some moth.” Chen Xuandong’s eyes were cold and severe, and said: “In recent days, as the contestants have become higher and higher, the casualties of my Divine Court are slowly increasing.”

Lin Fan was silent for a while, then sighed, and said: “If you want to be completely lossless, this is completely impossible.”

Chen Xuandong said: “Of course I know the truth, but I found that the eyes of Lianying and Xuanyou are not right in the past few days.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “The expressions in his two eyes are always ferocious, spinning around Xiao Nuo, Xiao Wu and Xiao Tian.”

“Father, don’t worry, they don’t know my real realm until now.” Xiao Nuo sneered.

Xiao Wu coldly said: “No matter what they have, I will take it.”

Lin Fan frowned and said: “Did you forget what I told you to be careful, modest and low-key?”

Xiao Wu scratched his head.

After a long while, Lin Fan said: “The next time it will be your level, Xiao Nuo will play first.”

“Good father.” Xiao Nuo replied.

Of course, those present know what Lin Fan means.

Xiao Nuo first went to see what kind of shame is buried in the restricted area.

Also, for the moment, everyone’s perception of Xiao Nuo is still only in the five realms of Prosperity, so of course Lin Fan will stare at the cultivator on the side of the restricted area, impossible waiting for him to exceed the limit of the five realms.

So, no matter what weird methods are in the restricted area, Xiao Nuo should have enough power to protect himself.

The war is on.

It is still the vast starry sky, the same battlefields.

Xiao Nuo stood quietly on the battle platform, a huge pit in front of him was a thousand feet long, and until now, there are still gravel and mud falling from the sky.

Just imagine the horror and tragic of the first battle.

Xiao Nuo’s face is a bit pale, her eyes staring at the deep pit in front of him!

This is not to stay in battle, but is a powerhouse in the five realms of God, the moment it appeared on the battlefield, it was the result of self-destruction!

Seriously, if it wasn’t for him that he was no longer in Five Territories, this time would be really dangerous.

But even if he had already passed the prejudice, resisting a Self-destruction of a powerhouse in the five realms at such close range still made him turbulent, and he was indeed injured.

“Jade broken!”

Lin Fan stared at Lian Ying with stern eyes, said with a malicious smile: “You are really willing, whether you are in the Great Family or Great Influence in the Five Realms of God, it is like the Sea Calming Divine Needle. The existence of, but in your eyes, it is just cannon fodder.”

Suddenly, Lin Fan’s eyes were strange.

He saw a forbidden zone owner secretly gritting his teeth, with hatred and anger in his eyes.

“Hehe…It turned out to be the generosity of others.”

He understood, this Self-destruction is not the clansman with shadows and mysteries.

Xuan You shrugged and said: “Who knows where the young god has offended this hero? Maybe it is anxious, but someone who knows that he can’t kill the young god, this is the case. Definitely.”

Lin Fan sneered.

“Why nonsense? Go ahead.” Lian Ying said coldly, “According to the pre-war agreement, as long as the winner, you can continue to challenge the next person. If you want to be as strong as a young god, you should not be stage fright. Right?”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

Climbing in the heart of killing intent.

It turns out that the rules were changed before the game just to wait for this scene!

However, fortunately Xiao Nuo has been hiding well.

“My son, naturally will not retreat.” Lin Fan smiled and glanced at Lian Ying.

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