Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3495


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The killing intent in the eyes of everyone at Divine Court is extremely strong and scary!

Lianying and Xuanyou, in order to destroy his Divine Court, it really took great pains, really by fair means or foul, really do everything!

This method is too bad and too cruel!

Which is the powerhouse in the five realms of God, no matter what big clan or strength, they are all guests and will be treated like ancestors, but at this time, they have become cannon fodder!

Also, even Ying and Xuanyou must know that Heaven’s Chosen such as Xiao Nuo, the first and second cannon fodder, are definitely useless, at most they can only be hit hard, that is, even if they can finally Killing Xiao Nuo will cost at least three lives on the side of the penalty area!

But even so, I still have to continue!

Wolf’s ambition, wolf-hearted!

“jié jié… really deserves to be a little young god, it seems really tiger father will not beget a dog son!” Lian Ying smiled strangely, then looked towards Great Lake and looked towards Great Lake. Han Shuang, the owner of the restricted area: “Go, I think it’s time to show you the power of Great Lake.”

There was anger flashing in Han’s eyes, and his fists tucked in his sleeves squeezed tightly and squeaked.

“Why? Is Great Lake planning to avoid the war?” Xuanyou said, with cold and severe: “jié jié… You know, this is one of the few foreign wars in the restricted area. If you quit Great Lake, I’m afraid it’s not easy to explain to fellow Fellow Daoists.”


Han Shuang’s heart is full of anger, murderous intention surges!

Lian Ying’s eyes were slightly cold, her eyes like a knife were fixed on Han Shuang’s face.

Of course he knew that his decision would cause dissatisfaction in the restricted areas.

But how did he care?

As long as Divine Court is destroyed and the world is occupied, then the strength of his Nine Heavens station will definitely increase sharply, when the time comes…

Forbidden zone, what is it?

Han Shuang gave a miserable laugh, he looked towards an old man with gray beard and hair, and bowed deeply.

The old man walked out with a sigh and went directly to the battle arena.

This old man is not far from death, but there should be a few years to live. At this time, he was on the battlefield, his face was dead and gloomy, his hands cup one fist in the other hand to Xiao Nuo, sound transmission said : “I didn’t intend to be an enemy, but I had to come.”

Xiao Nuo browses frowned, but before he has time to say anything, this old man swells up!

Too decisive and crisp!

There is no prelude at all, just Self-destruction for admission!

“hong long!”

When this old man was an expert in the five realms of God, Self-destruction, all the battlefields were shaken, and many big stars in the four fields were shaken away from the original meteor trajectory, if it were not for Lin Fan to fight Stomping lightly, dragging those big stars back to their original trajectory again, there may be a big mess, I am afraid that there will be dozens of hundreds of ancient stars withered.

When Self-destruction appeared, even Ying and Xuanyou craned their necks, and the vast Spirit Force hiding the sky and covering the earth flooded into the battlefield!

They are eager and looking forward to seeing a good ending.

It’s best if the little god of Divine Court is in a different place directly, or if the bones become ashes.

But soon, their eyes darkened!

It’s just because Xiao Nuo still looks like that. When the Resurrection Lily flap covering Xiao Nuo’s deity was peeled off, Xiao Nuo appeared, but his face was slightly pale.

“Go again!”

Xuanyou roared, and said grimly: “The last battle of the five realms! I don’t want to lose!”

The owner of the restricted area in the Shuntian restricted area gave a sorrowful laugh. He stood up and bowed down to a background. The background sighed and said: “The restricted areas are tumbling against each other, this is a big evil omen…”

“Old Guy, what are you making noise here?” Lianying stared at the details of the Shuntian restricted area.

Hehe smiled: “You don’t have to threaten the old man, it’s just a dying person.”

This background is very free and easy and open-minded. He mentioned that his life and death seem to have nothing to do with his deity. He stared at the naturalness seriously and said: “If you feel that the status of the restricted area can not bring the benefits of the ethnic group, it is It’s cumbersome, so why stick to the name of the restricted area? It’s better to retreat…”

Naturally narrow the eyes slightly.

“Old Guy, you really have a lot of words.” Xuanyou’s eyes were cold and severe, and he said grimly: “How can the restricted area be required by your family, or retreat if you want to?”

Background did not speak, and floated into the battlefield.

He is also decisive and tyrannical. After entering the battlefield, he directly embarked on the final journey of Self-destruction.

It’s just that, before he burst into crumbs, he laughed heartily, as if he was mad, and clicked on his fingers: “I saw your future, and I was nailed to black by a trident. On the cliffs, corpses were killed for 3000 years.”

Lian Ying’s face suddenly turned gloomy.

The background points to Xuanyou again: “You are even more miserable. You were eaten by at least a hundred hellhounds and bitten to death.”


Just after two sentences, the old man exploded, flesh and blood splattered, rules turned to dust, his soul left Nine Nether, and he died just like that.

“I see how you don’t die!”

Lian Ying instantly forgot the ‘curse’ the old man had to him and looked towards the battlefield with a grinning smile!

Three consecutive Self-destruction on the battlefield in the five realms of the gods, he did not believe that this little god had six or seven heads, or that he was a demon fox with nine lives, really had nine lives!

Xuanyou is the same, staring at Lin Fan jokingly and cold and severely, waiting for the aftermath of Self-destruction to dissipate, and he will say the words “Sorrow and Change”.

As a result, with the sound of footsteps, Xiao Nuo walked out with a heavy halberd. He walked out of the battlefield freely and came to Lin Fan’s side, with sharp eyes sweeping towards Lianying and Xuanyou, said with a malicious smile: “I want If this seat is dead, it is better for you to go out and try it yourself. Why be generous to others? Why use the lives of other races to fill in.”

“Damn it!” Lian Ying roared grimly.

“Well, today this battle is rapid, and it will continue tomorrow.”

Lin Fan stretched, staring at Lian Ying jokingly, and said: “You should know that you want to kill the deity, unless you can order the three or even higher seven realms to Self-destruction, but… There are really three powerhouses in the seven realms and above that can be instructed by you at will. If you want to, you will not think of such cruel tricks.”

The Divine Court army retreated in an orderly manner. Lin Fan glanced back at the restricted areas, faintly said: “They are both restricted areas. The strength of the two families can always contend, and the two are not enough at the worst three. It is better than being a mermaid. If this goes on, where there is strength of character, and where there is forbidden dignity.”

Lian Ying and Xuan You’s faces suddenly fell cold!

But Lin Fan certainly wouldn’t pay attention.

In Divine Court.

“Father…I think we can help those restricted areas.” Xiao Nuo frowns, sighed, and said: “They can’t help themselves.”

Lin Fan glanced at Xiao Nuo and said, “How do you want to help? Will the army go to the restricted area?”

Xiao Nuo startled.

Lin Fan said: “If a few of them dare to oppose and ask my Divine Court for help, our finished apprenticeship is famous. On the contrary, if a few of them don’t dare, then what reason do I have for Divine Court to help?”


Chen Xuandong said: “This matter, your father is right. You have to know that, fundamentally speaking, the restricted area and my Divine Court are opposites. I want my Divine Court to help, at least that Several companies have clearly stated that they have entered the world, and are like the reverse Five Elements, directly attributable to my Divine Court.”

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