Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3496


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This is not Chen Xuandong and Lin Fan’s small belly chicken intestines. They are unwilling to help the restricted areas such as Great Lake and Suncheon.

These restricted areas have repeatedly expressed their kindness to Lin Fan for not being an enemy, and Lin Fan certainly knows it well.

Only at this time, Divine Court transcendent position, firmly in the starry sky co-master, every move affects the starry sky millions and millions of creatures.

So there are more and more worries, pay attention to a to have just cause.

Furthermore, the restricted area is always the opposite of the world. At this time, these restricted areas are suffering and are forced by Lianying and Xuanyou. Of course, they will want to make friends with Divine Court and release goodwill.

But what if Lianying and Xuanyou belonged to the restricted area and were destroyed by Divine Court?

Will these companies continue to be reluctant to use Divine Court as an enemy?

This is unpredictable.

Xiao Nuo sighed and said: “I understand.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “Let’s take a look, sit and watch the developments. At this time, what should be anxious is on the side of the restricted area. Divine Court can really be said to sit back and relax.”

Chen Xuandong said with a smile: “In fact, if I were the owner of a restricted area like Great Lake, I would choose to rise up.”

Lin Fan was slightly nodded, saying: “Fighting, at worst, annihilating the race, but it’s better than being stabbed to death with a soft knife one blade after another, making it more comfortable.”

Xuan Dong sighed, and said: “Who said no? If this continues, several restricted areas will become more and more restrained by Lianying and Xuanyou, and become more passive.”

“That’s for sure, the more supreme powerhouses are dead, the more you can get rid of the mercy of the two people, the shadow and the mysterious.” Lin Fan said with a smile: “What I don’t understand is why they were squeezed Several restricted areas do not unite.”

Lin Fan said with a dark face, “Even the shadow and the mysterious, are the kind of people who are extremely proud. If these two races are really strong enough, they can’t fake their hands. You know, I can do it more than once. Fiercely slapped them in the face. If they had that kind of strength, they would kill me with the strength of the clan, they would have done it a long time ago.”

Chen Xuandong narrowed his eyes and said, “You mean, these two are afraid of being strong in appearance but weak in reality?”

“Do not rule out this possibility.” Lin Fan nodded: “You know, the last time I was a spotlight, Divine Court was also ready to fight.”

Chen Xuandong was silent for a moment and said: “Can we take a risk?”

“You mean…” Lin Fan’s eyes moved.

Of course he knows what Chen Xuandong is talking about, it’s nothing more than taking the risk to storm the restricted area.

Chen Xuandong nodded, the words were cold and he said: “Our Divine Court is like a nail in the restricted area, but the restricted area is not a nail in our Divine Court? If it can be removed in one fell swoop!”

Lin Fan was silent for a long time. Several times he almost couldn’t stop the impulse in his heart, but after a long while, he was still faintly sighed: “Forget it, when I can really push the penalty area in Divine Court, I will say that it can be less Death and injury are always good.”

Chen Xuandong smiled bitterly and said: “The higher the status, the higher the cultivation base, and the more scruples are.”

Lin Fan sighed: “If I only involve my deity, I won’t think too much. At that time, I didn’t just enter the fifth realm and could kill the ancestor-level creatures, but the battle of the forbidden zone involved a lot. You can’t let the brother who should have died sacrifice because of the momentary action of you and me.”

“Does this count as an involuntary one?” Chen Xuandong asked with a smile.

Lin Fan shrugged and said, “It’s his responsibility, you can’t live for yourself alone.”


In the restricted area.

Han Shuang, Shun Ziran, Tian Ya and other major restricted areas have a dull face.

Great compassion in the family, the whole family is plain.

This makes them feel guilty and self-blaming, so several owners of the restricted zone gather to drink bitter wine.

“Go on like this, I’m afraid that the owner of the restricted zone will be dismissed by the old veteran of the clan.” With a sorrowful smile, he said: “Actually, I really look forward to that day, expecting that I am not the owner of the restricted zone, but just One of the elders or elders.”

“Why don’t I hope so?” Han Shuang was also screaming. He suddenly swallowed a glass of spicy wine, grinning suddenly, then fiercely broke the glass, and said angrily: “Lianying and Xuanyou bully intolerably !”

“Brother Han Shuang, be quiet!” Tianya hurriedly scolded, said with a bitter smile: “The situation is better than people.”

“Small? Is it because I have not enough time to submit to humiliation?” Han Shuang grinned and said, “Have you ever thought that if you continue like this, we can only become weaker and weaker until we become Those two can easily handle the insect.”

Tianya’s eyes narrowed.

Simply said abruptly: “A lot of times, I’ve been thinking that it’s better to kill a vigorously, so even if you die, you will always be strong, happy, better than this kind of aggrieved and bored.”

“Have you thought about that too?” Han Shuang’s eyes narrowed, looking towards the natural.

Shun Natural complexion slightly changed.

Han Shuangdao: “I think so too.”

Shun Natural’s face moved slightly.

Han Shuang went on to say coldly: “We are united, even if the two are still not far behind, they are definitely not far behind, so let’s just fight!”

“Really?” Tianya’s eyes narrowed.

Han Shuang laughed: “As long as there are two or three people supporting me, Great Lake will be the first bird, and I can believe that Divine Court will not sit idly by as long as we have chaos in the restricted area.”

“Reasonable!” said naturally, “Lianying and Xuanyou want to destroy Divine Court, but Divine Court has never been like this?”

They talked more and more quietly and more and more dangerously, and in the end they discussed the sound transmission until they guarded this place with the ultimate weapon.

Three days later.

Divine Court came from the vast battlefield as promised.

Today’s battle will be Linshen Sixth Realm.

Everyone in the world is curious about who Divine Court will send out at the level of the six gods.

After all, in Divine Court, it seems that only God Lord Lin Fan has reached this realm.

According to the rules negotiated with Divine Court in the penalty area, in this penalty area challenge, everyone can participate in a battle within a realm.

Then, if God Lord Lin Fan participates in the battle and enters the Six God Realms.

Being in the seven realms of God means that Divine Court has given up completely.

This is a joke and a shame for a strong force.

Represents the lack of strength at the peak level.

Of course, everyone is looking forward to how Divine Court will arrange it eventually.

From the beginning of the day when the grey dawn is exposed until the dusk is near…

No restricted area appears!

The restricted area has escaped the battle!

This news, like several thunders, suddenly rang Three Thousand World.

But Lin Fan knows that it must not be that simple, and Return to the dynasty in time.

In Divine Court.

“Xuan Dong, you go to arrange it. I want to know what happened in the shortest time.” Lin Fan said, eyes narrowed, and said, “Is it the scene that you and I expect to appear? It is the most important.”

Chen Xuandong nodded.

Not long after, accurate news came. To be precise, it was not Divine Court’s intelligence network that actually caught the news. The news came from Han Shuang——

Han Shuang’s cronies are full of blood, come to Divine Court, hold Han Shuang’s soul letter.

After reading the soul letter, Lin Fan hehe smiled and said: “The opportunity is here.”

He glanced at Xiaowu: “Don’t you, this little thing, has always been an urgent battle? Go, here’s a chance.”

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