Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3497


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Breaking news comes out!

There was chaos in the restricted area and mutual attack. There were four restricted areas at the same time, and they attacked the Nine Heavens station and Xuanyou restricted area at the same time.

In the beginning, Lianying and Xuanyou were killed completely unprepared, and they almost let these four restricted areas enter the restricted area, almost causing terrible losses.

But in the end, these two are powerful, and with the best of their heritage, they can resist the combination of the next four restricted areas.

This trip corrects Lin Fan’s guess that these two restricted areas are indeed very strong, but they should not be as strong as they have shown, otherwise the four major restricted areas should not make these two embarrassing. .

“Maybe one step late…”

Lin Fan stood on the floating island with a little worry in his eyes.

Chen Xuandong was also nodded, saying: “The restricted area is chaotic, and my Divine Court must move. Those two are not idiots.”

Lin Fan sighed and said: “If you talk about restricted areas like the Nine Heavens station, there will be no perfect way out, I don’t believe it.”

Chen Xuandong said with a bitter smile: “There are still three caves in the cunning rabbits, even more how are these ancient restricted areas?”

“Only afterwards, I am afraid that I really need to be careful when doing things in Divine Court.” Lin Fan’s worries were even more serious, saying: “For the top of Divine Court, these two families should not move, but for Divine who is out Court brother…”

Xuan Dong’s eyes narrowed: “I will find a way to prevent that from happening.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “After finishing the restricted area, I should devote all my energy to the construction of that big formation, so Divine Court is handed over to you.”

“Don’t worry.” Chen Xuandong said, “If we can form a formation, then it will be a great fortune. It is the foundation of my Divine Court’s complete rise.”

Lin Fan disappeared.

Go to an area temporarily classified as a forbidden place and a dead place by Divine Court.

Very top secret, with the Killing Formation arranged by Lin Fan’s painstaking efforts, and the army of hell and reincarnation.

It’s very busy inside, but there are few youngsters. They are a group of hair grey-white old fogeys, all thinking hard.

“God Lord.”

The formation mark dignified Lord stood up, spoke respectfully to Lin Fan, and said: “Just wait for the return of Elder Wuji, this big formation should start to be built.”

“oh?” Lin Fan’s eyes lit up slightly: “Are you sure?”


formation mark dignified master stood up and said: “During the day and night of research, I rummaged through at least 10,000 yellowed ancient books, plus the guidance of the god, if you are not sure to build this corner formation. , Then my Formation Mark Hall really has no face to stay in Divine Court.”

Lin Fan said with a smile: “There is no one in Divine Court redundant. Don’t say this in the future.”


The Land of Three Lights, Desperate Cavern.

Wuji is dying.

There are several terrifying monsters in front of him. They don’t know the species, but they are extremely ferocious. Although they are only the cultivation base for the four realms of God, Steel Muscles Iron Bones, the sword intent of Promise, can only be used to make a debut. White marks.

“Ma De…it just so happened that I dispatched all those little things.”

Wuji is weak, but he is laughing and cursing, and he has blood in his mouth: “Ma De, otherwise, Xiao Nuo and Xiao Wu, the two boys, should not feel distressed.”

Wuji is fearless, and the hands holding the sword are trembling, and he can hardly hold the sword that has been with him for a lifetime, but when the five beasts of unknown species approach him, the pupil light is still sharp. ,

“A bunch of beasts!” Wuji roared, as if to give himself the last strength: “I am worthy in this life, but he failed Brother Lin’s trust, I am afraid that it will delay my Divine Court major event. This is the big one. Guilt.”

The evil beast roared, shaking the sky and shaking the earth, and it spewed thunder and lightning.

Seeing that Wuji would die under this blow, a vermillion rays of light stopped in front of him for an instant. After the vermilion rays of light were completely fixed, I realized that this was a huge vermilion coffin. .

And Hua Mengxue is sitting cheerfully on the coffin.

“Why are you here?” Ben’s near-death Wuji’s eyes lit up, and then laughed, as if back to light: “Could it be that you are worried about me?”

Hua Mengxue’s pretty face Yihan said angrily: “Worry about why you are not dead?”

“Be careful!” Wuji’s pupils suddenly shrank, and he jumped forward.

It turned out that these four evil beasts saw someone rushing through the battle and blocked their food, thus furious, and at the same time turned their heads to face the Promise Hua Mengxue born!

Without any consideration, Wuji culled like this, and hit his body sideways, actually trying to use this method to stop Hua Mengxue from such an attack that would kill him a hundred times.

Hua Mengxue’s eyes appeared strange, she hesitated for a second. ,

In such a long life essence, she has seen too many hypocrisy and too many crafty plots and machinations.

“pu pu pu pu!”

Four thunder blades were simultaneously embedded in Wuji’s body.

If it weren’t for a critical moment, the golden telescreen rippled slightly, shaking away the thunder blade that should have been nailed through his eyebrows.

This Wuji is dead, and Divine Soul will be destroyed directly.

“You idiot!”

Hua Mengxue was really shocked, shocked, and her eyes were full of incredible.

It turned out to be… someone really wants to die for her?

Wuji coughed up bleeding foam: “You can never die in front of a lady.”

He was bracing, and his eyes were lost many times, but he was forced to condense: “You go back, this thing is very strong, you can’t kill it.”

“Heavenly Beast…” Hua Mengxue actually knew the names of these four evil beasts, and her eyes were far away: “It just happens to be not the first generation Heavenly Beast, otherwise, I am afraid that Divine Court will be moved here and all will be destroyed here. .”

Hua Mengxue has big tricks. The vermilion coffin is obviously not commonplace. She is afraid that the creator of her is not in the restricted area of ​​Five Elements. She used big tricks to use this vermilion coffin to collect all four Heavenly Beasts. Among them, only then looked towards the already dead Wuji, with guilt in his eyes.

Snowflakes began to fall on her body, and the Wuji lying in a pool of blood was frozen: “You wait for me to fetch it because of the Fruit Tree.”

Hua Mengxue went to the depths of Danger Land. When she came out again, her face was white and her body was covered with scars, but they were all sealed by the ice ridges, only Yin Hong fainted on the ice ridges.

In Divine Court.

Xiaoxi was observing Wuji’s injury, and only said with a bitter smile after a long while: “I know how to treat this kind of injury, but I don’t have the ability.”

Hua Mengxuedai frowned.

“Senior, don’t panic, I don’t have that ability, but my father can.” Xiaoxi said, stopping Hua Mengxue who was about to go wild.

She sent a message to get Lin Fan to come quickly.

In fact, Lin Fan knows everything about the emergence of Wuji, otherwise it would not have a golden light curtain appear at the critical moment to save Wuji’s life.

“Brother, I was seriously injured and dying once, and I can hold a beautiful woman back. This should be a profit?”

Lin Fan scratched his head and walked out of the restricted area.

“I think the restricted area says you are benevolent and hypocritical, which is really vivid.” This was the first sentence Hua Mengxue said when she saw Lin Fan.

Lin Fan ignored him, but stared at the frozen Wuji with a solemn expression. After a while, his tone was severe and said: “Xiaoxi, you go out and let your uncle Xuandong come here quickly.”

Chen Xuandong is here.

“Xuan Dong, is that woman still there?” Lin Fan said that when Chen Xuandong came in.

Chen Xuandong’s eyes appear astonished.

But only in an instant, he opened his mouth and sighed: “I can’t ask for it. People can’t waste time for him.”

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