Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3498


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Lin Fan frowned, then smiled bitterly. He glanced at Hua Mengxue and said, “Senior, please go out. We and brother need to discuss something.”

“Don’t go.” Hua Mengxue curled her eyebrows, and coldly snorted: “What shameful thing is it?”

Lin Fan said: “Where is there any shame? It’s just that Senior is here, and I am ashamed to speak.”

“You said that, I have personally experienced the ups and downs of the years, I have also seen the blue sea turned into mulberry fields.” Hua Mengxue sneered.

“Fine.” Lin Fan shrugged, looked towards Chen Xuandong, and took out a layer of yellowed ancient book.

This thing is not fake.

In front of Hua Mengxue, if she falsified, it would be counterproductive.

This ancient book has indeed gone through endless years, and it was also obtained by Lin Fan in the Hai Family’s Treasure Pavilion. If it hadn’t been for this ancient book, Lin Fan would not have fabricated this drama temporarily.

“Huandong, please find a woman with innocent wealth.” Lin Fan said, and opened the yellowed ancient book, said with a bitter smile: “I am afraid that Divine Court is really going to prepare for a game. It’s a grand occasion.”

“oh?” Chen Xuandong was taken aback, pretending to be curious, stretched out his head, and soon browsed frowned, and said: “You should know Brother Wuji’s heart, he doesn’t want this.”

“No way.” Lin Fan sighed, “That is the thunder. It is said that the three poisons in the world were swallowed by Heavenly Beast. It is extremely evil and malicious.”

Chen Xuandong said with a bitter smile: “Well, I have to do this to save his life. Even if he wakes up, I can’t talk about you or me, but is there a woman willing?”

“At this time, whether you want it or not?” Lin Fan’s eyes shot a cold light: “You have to tie it! I am at the highest level of Divine Court, my Lin Fan’s life and death brother, I want to match anyone in this world. Women are enough, is it possible to humiliate her?”


Lin Fan has been peeping at Hua Mengxue with Divine Soul, but it is too secret, Hua Mengxue is ignorant.

Lin Fan saw it, and Hua Mengxue’s eyes sparkled with snowflakes.

Obviously, this was looking at the ancient book in his hand. Then, his face flushed suddenly, and after hearing that Lin Fan was going to give Wuji some mandarin duck scores, there was cold light flashed in his eyes.

“It’s done!”

Lin Fan secretly said in one’s heart, just wait for this moment.

Of course, this ancient book is not really too shameless and shameless.

It just means that Yin-Yang Joined Together, but it’s not really about the last level of relationship. It only requires the man and woman to face each other naked and cross their hands to reach the Heaven and Earth bridge and share Yin-Yang Two Qi. In this way, it resolves the Yin Thunder Force that invades the Promise body within the body.

“The words are rough and not rough.” Chen Xuandong has a cold light flashing in his eyes: “At this time, I can’t say anything. Those things are no better than my brother’s life!”

Lin Fan nodded: “Lin Fan nodded: “Go away, go back quickly, I still need to refine this Hua Erdan, it is estimated that one hour at most.

“Okay! There are many women in Divine Court.” Chen Xuandong turned his head and started to walk outside.

“Hold on!”

Hua Mengxue spoke, her face flushed, she just stared at Lin Fan like this, hesitating and testing: “Does it have to be this way?”

Lin Fan sighed: “The ancient method is like this…”

With a wry smile, looked towards Hua Mengxue, frank and serious, Lin Fan said: “In fact, this kind of thunder is extremely difficult to dissolve. Without this ancient prescription, I would be helpless.”

Also, after saying this, Lin Fan’s eyes were slightly stern, scolded: “What are you doing here? Do you have to wait until Promise has no cure, no cure?”

“Hao Le.” Chen Xuandong was overjoyed, but his face was silent.

“Wait!” Hua Mengxue scolded again.

Lin Fan’s face became cold and severe, staring at Hua Mengxue a little unkindly, and said: “Senior, I know how much my brother has been entangled during this time, but he is indeed a man of temperament, dare to love and hate Of course, since Senior does not wait to see my brother so much, I will let him restrain him so as not to lose his sincerity, but at this time, you retreat. If the treatment of my brother is delayed because of you, you should know the consequences.”

A cold color flashed in Hua Mengxue’s eyes!

Is this a threat?

But soon, she was attracted by the sudden moan of Promise.

Actually, this is Lin Fan’s trick. Otherwise, how could the already half-dead Wuji make a sound?

“I’ll come.” Hua Mengxue said directly, her face was red.

“Senior confirm?” Lin Fan frowned.

Hua Mengxue’s face turned redder, and said angrily: “Can this kind of thing lie?”

“Very good!” Lin Fan said with a look of gratitude: “Actually, I was originally worried that if the woman is too weak, I am afraid that the Yin and Yang cannot be reconciled, and I am afraid that it will affect my brother, but Senior is willing, then very good .”

Hua Mengxue said angrily: “Maybe you are waiting for me to agree?”

Lin Fan frowned, and his face sank again: “This matter needs the woman wholeheartedly, and it requires the woman’s dedication. If the Senior feels reluctant, then let go. You should know that this is my brother. I can’t even take any risks. Impersonating.”

“Aren’t you going to prepare a medicine pill? Go ahead.” Hua Mengxue said, expelling Lin Fan, and at this time, her eyes were full of endless silhouettes.

It seems to be tangled, as if reminiscing, but in the end the picture is frozen in the scene where Promise is so stupid that she wants to cover the Calamity Tribulation for her.

Lin Fan walked out, Chen Xuandong walked out with him.

Extremely far away.

“Wou Ji is sure that it is okay?” Chen Xuandong said worriedly.

“Nonsense, if I can’t make sure that he is intact, how could I let him go?” Lin Fan scolded and said, “This time, I really have a big happy event in Divine Court. Of course, this is in Wuji not stupid. Without being stupid.”

Chen Xuandong laughed.

“You are very careful.” Lin Fan looked towards the distance, a little scared, and said: “That kind of character can’t have anything to do with stupid characters. If it’s a bad one, I doubt the whole Divine Court. Can be demolished by her.”


It didn’t take long for Lin Fan to return to house with a Huaerdan in his hand.

“Senior, in this ancient book, there are all kinds of things that need to be done by the woman, I hope you follow them strictly.”

Lin Fan has a decent face, without even looking at Hua Mengxue.

Hua Mengxue said: “Don’t worry.”

But soon, her face was flushed with blood!

Too shame.

It’s shameful.

There was a flash of anger in her eyes: “Didn’t you say…”

Lin Fan said: “Did you not see clearly? This is the last resort.”

The anger in Hua Mengxue’s eyes dissipated slightly.

That’s fine.


She was really not sure whether she had the guts to take a step.

“This pill is also handed over to you.” Lin Fan solemnly and seriously said: “This pill is hard-won, and Yao Yin is probably the only one above heaven under earth.”

“You are telling me that you want to save him. This is the only chance?” Hua Mengxue frowned.

Lin Fan nodded, said: “Senior, I am outside the house. If you have any hesitation in your heart, please tell me, but please hurry up, my brother…Lin Long will not be delayed for long.”

Lin Fan walked out.

He waited quietly outside the door.

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