Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3499


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He is absolutely sure that Hua Mengxue will not walk out, and it is even more impossible to let him replace.

Although I don’t know what happened in the Destiny Cave, Lin Fan can probably guess something from it, the so-called hero saving the beauty, it’s definitely impossible to exist between Hua Mengxue and Wuji. of.

But with Wuji’s pure personality, it’s normal to do something stupid in the eyes of Hua Mengxue.

Furthermore, the life essence of Hua Mengxue is long. I am afraid that only these stupid things can move her.

Because I have seen too many flattering and fawning, I have seen too much slippery tone.

Sure enough, flakes of snow began to fall from those nine days.

Under the scorching sun, it looks very strange, the color of ice blue reflected on the Protecting Sect Great Formation of Divine Court, it looks so beautiful.

Lin Fan smiled.

Their brothers, the last person who did not have a family, also solved the lifelong major event. This made his guilt and self-blame suddenly disappeared a lot, and his Dao heart became more transparent.

It wasn’t until the evening that the imperial palace covered by ice crystals slowly melted away, the Promise walked out, the red light was full of faces, and even the cultivation base was faintly improved.

Hua Mengxue followed him, her expression unnatural, and her walking was not so smooth.

When she saw Lin Fan and the others, she jumped directly into the vermilion coffin and went away instantly.

Lin Fan scratched his head and said, “I really can’t adapt to this change of identity.”

“Go away.” Wuji laughed and cursed, he hehe smirked: “I am a real man from today.”

This sentence is obvious.

“Have you talked about it?” Chen Xuandong smiled and looked towards Wuji.

“What are you talking about?” Wuji was a little ignorant.

“Ma De.” Li Guang scolded: “Are you a fool? What is her identity? Could it be that you and the others followed you so obscurely? Or, do you miss us brothers so much? Continue to call her Senior?”

“That’s right…” Wuji frowned: “I’ll talk about it.”

Lin Fan said with a smile: “At least for a few hours, don’t bother her. I can guarantee that she is like a barrel of explosives. No matter who talks to her, she will think she is laughing. It will really be flattened.”

Wu Jian shivered shivered, looked towards Wuji with a little pity, and said: “Old Brother, I’m serious, you are very pitiful.”

Chen Xuandong also nodded, saying: “If you are not cultivating well, then your husband will be sluggish, you may be bombed to death at any time.”

“Go away… Xueer wouldn’t be like this.” Wuji said, with a petting smile.

“Ma De, I got goose bumps.”

Li Guang rubbed his arms weirdly with a look of disgust.

“Hehe…” Wuji sneered: “You feel numb now? Mad, who is screaming cute and cute at the bottom of our brother’s ear?”

Li Guang’s face is slightly red.

Wuji continued to ridicule: “Ma De, you that woman is almost out of the category of human beings. If you don’t say anything else, it makes people feel that they can only be seen from a distance, and they feel noble and not offensive.”

“You know a ball.” Li Guang scolded: “That’s fun.”

“Oh… fun?”

Lin Fan and so on suddenly laughed heartily, making Li Guang’s big mouth, to have no shame blush.

They were laughing, because today, Wuji finally found the other half.

And, the other half, they are very satisfied.

After laughing for a long time, Wuji looked at Lin Fan and waited: “No one is allowed to follow me next.”

Lin Fan’s face changed slightly.

They know where Wuji is going.

In the Divine Court cemetery, at the far north, there is a tomb with only a fragment of a star…

Wou-ki’s trip is one night.

At dawn, he found Lin Fan with the smell of wine.

“I want to get married.” This was his first sentence. He stared at Lin Fan: “I’m different from you. This life must be just this wedding.”

Lin Fan was slightly silent, and said: “Can all the ancient stars of life celebrate together? Is it enough for all the owners of the restricted area? Is it enough for the army of a million Divine Court?”

Wuji grinned and patted Lin Fan on the shoulder: “Ma De, just waiting for you.”

Lin Fan curled his lips: “But the premise of everything is that you must be able to move her.”

“I went.” Wuji glanced at Lin Fan, looking very chic and confident.

But no matter what Lin Fan thinks, he feels that this product is a bit depressed, Yi Shuihan, and it feels like a strong man is gone.

Sure enough, one hour at most.

Wuji is back, full of bags.

This is not nothing serious.

bloody nose and swollen face.

This is what Wuji looks like now.

Needless to say, it naturally drew laughter from Lin Fan and the others.

But he was not angry, and went back after drinking a few large glasses of sullen wine.

As a result, I came back with a lame leg this time.

Go again for the third time.

One hand hangs softly on his shoulder.

“It’s so fierce.” Li Guang shivered shivered: “This is so sad.”

When Wuji went for the fourth time, a group of brothers slapped their tongues.

Lin Fan twitched his lips, threw a firewood into the bonfire to make the flames more vigorous, and said: “Follow him, he can’t die anyway.”

A few brothers each minding their own business drinking.

Until the tenth time, Promise’s high-spirited and vigorous come.

Followed by a mouthful of vermilion coffin.

It just fell to the back, and it seemed that it might rush back at any time.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, he got up, and bowed ninety degrees: “Thanks Senior for pitying my brother, and pitying him for his half-life and loneliness, choosing to be with him.”

Chen Xuandong and the others were taken aback for a moment, but they all got up soon, including the female families of several people, all bowed to the vermilion coffin.

It was just a move that resolved all the embarrassment and scruples of Hua Mengxue.

It’s because she is so different from Wuji in identity, status, and age.

How can there be no rumors and rumors about the combination between the two?

“Senior, of course, this is the last time I call you.” Lin Fan grinned and said, “Since Senior and my brother are a couple, they are naturally a family. If we are commensurate with Senior, it would Too raw.”

At this moment, Qingyue smiled and said: “Brother and sister, I am not afraid of being suffocated in the coffin? Come out quickly, our sisters are chatting.”

If she changed her name to another woman, perhaps Hua Mengxue would feel that this was a satire and humiliation to her.

But Qingyue is no longer listed here.

As the only daughter of two gods.

They also came from a restricted area.

In status and status, Qingyue is only higher than her and not a bit lower than her.

The vermilion coffin was covered, and Hua Mengxue floated out shyly. What she saw was Qingyue’s sincere smile, and Qingyue walked over directly, pulling her hands up and bringing Zhunvzhong.

“It’s done.” Lin Fan put out a long breath in his heart.

It was only 1st Step to promise Wuji to get married.

In fact, it is also the least important step.

Since they have had the last relationship with Wuji, marriage is inevitable, it’s just a matter of time.

The difficulty is how to get along with people like them after getting married.

Lin Fan gave Qingyue an appreciative look, everything was silent.

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