Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3500


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Of course, I didn’t forget to give Qingcheng a grateful look.

With this mindset, and able to come up with the perfect way to break the game in the shortest time, only Allure is the only girl among the few women.

Qingcheng smiled slightly, looked towards Hua Mengxue quite naturally, and said: “Brother and sister, don’t worry about these stinky men, our women say their own.”

Hua Mengxue’s face is extremely unnatural.

I always feel that yesterday there were still a group of people called seniors, but today they all call themselves younger siblings.


So embarrassing.

Hua Mengxue felt that her cheeks were about to burn red.

But the few women didn’t give her much embarrassing time. Just one sentence for you, one sentence for me, successfully dispelled Hua Mengxue’s embarrassment.

Next, it was natural to have a good time. Hua Mengxue, who has always been addicted to alcohol, was slightly drunk again today, and finally brought back to the bedroom by Wuji.

The wedding of the two of them was extremely fast, but definitely not simple.

The promise made by Lin Fan is, of course, meticulously executed. The hundred thousand Divine Court is beating the drums, all the ancient stars of life celebrate together, and all the owners of the restricted area are here.

This is a world-famous wedding.

All the creatures of Three Thousand World bluntly said that this wedding might not happen in this era.

The wedding banquet is scattered.

Lin Fan joined the construction of the big formation, day and night…

At the same time, Chen Xuandong has never relaxed his search of Lianying and Xuanyou.

It’s just useless.

Except Lin Fan, the executives of Divine Court came out and searched all the interstellars many times, but the results were not good.

The two restricted areas seem to have completely disappeared in this world, and there is no trace or clue.

Time flies quickly, and the years are like water.

25 years in a blink of an eye.

During the past 25 years, Divine Court has flourished, becoming not just in name only, but also in reality, the co-owner of the stars. One after another restricted area has joined Divine Court and has become an independent part of Divine Court.

During this period, Leyao was finally pregnant, but it was still early to give birth. It was just the first good news.

This news, of course, is the great joy of Divine Court.

Especially the two demon queens are extremely happy.

You know, Leyao has not been pregnant for so many years, which is a big pity for the entire Lin Family.

Especially some veterans of the Lin Family.

I always felt that Leyao is the wife.

Lin Family’s foundation at this time, of course, is to be inherited by the son.

Of course, this is simply bullshit to Lin Fan.

It’s just that Leyao is pregnant, which really made him happy for many days.

But chasing the moon is anxious.

She thought back and forth, wondering if it was the one time in the unknown starry sky that made Leyao conceived.


Lin Fan is very busy during this time.

Busy to build a big array.

Busy for cultivation.

Of course…

Still busy creating people.

I have to say that chasing the moon to be pregnant with a child is too proactive, letting go of all the reservations, and it really makes Lin Fan crazy for a long time…

It’s just that I haven’t been pregnant for a long time.

In the past five years.

Xiao Wu broke the mirror and finally became an Old Ancestor Level figure, officially broke the mirror and became the Sixth Realm of God, barely known as the peerless expert in this era.

After that, Xiaotian broke the mirror and became the five realms of the gods, unexpectedly there was a tendency to come first.

Of course, all of the top executives at Divine Court have been promoted.

Wu Jian is the temporarily highest cultivation base among the group of Old Brothers like Lin Fan, and is the five realms of God.

Li Guang was followed by Li Guang, this guy finally exhaled this time, pressing Wuji behind him, breaking the mirror and becoming the four realms of God.

After that, it is Wuji, he is only a short walk away from the four realms, and he may break the bottleneck of the three realms at any time.

Of course, the biggest improvement is the Divine Court pawn.

30 years, there is no war in the starry sky.

But the training ground that Lin Fan and others found for Divine Court played a big role. In the eyes of the world, the Divine Court army, which had not been fighting for 30 years, was actually fighting day and night.

Furthermore, that kind of battlefield is far more cruel and bloody than the battle with All Souls!

It’s a group of ghosts, or a group of alien beasts, or a creature you don’t even call a race.


This is the name of Leyao’s son.

Even Lin Fan has no time to name his child first.

This kind of name, needless to say, knows that it comes from the mouth of the devil.

Leyao always feels that Unbeaten Lin always sounds better than Wudi Lin. Of course, the most important thing is that she doesn’t dare to disobey the golden words of Demon Venerable.

Undefeated five years old this year.

But when he was four years old, Lin Nuo and Lin Tian brought him to the training ground of Divine Court. Of course, he was too young and impossible to wait for him to fight, but let him read the battlefield. The blood and cruelty made him adapt early.

The invincible Little Brat, if it were to be considered in the world, he would have been middle-aged.

Only, in the cultivator’s society.

He has just started. He is suave and has inherited all the advantages of Lin Fan and Azure Phoenix.

But Azure Phoenix is ​​well-educated, and he is not allowed to have any chance of messing around with flowers, and in Three Thousand World, he has a good reputation.

Of course, I don’t know how many restricted areas are actively or passively expressing, suggesting that they are willing to marry a girl, but Azure Phoenix has never been nodded.

For several women, something is too terrifying.

Especially Leyao, feels numb scalp.

His son is only five years old, and there is a penalty zone owner who is planning to send his direct daughter, who is the same age as the undefeated, to Divine Court early, with the nickname of accepting Divine Court’s teaching.

In fact, I want to play a trick of childhood sweethearts.

The thirty-fifth year.


The whole Three Thousand World seemed to buzz for a moment. At this moment, all creatures felt that time and space seemed chaotic.

The more the cultivation base profound is, the deeper this understanding will be.

“Which high-level breakthrough in Divine Court again? Is it God Lord?”

Someone sighed, his eyes were complicated: “Divine Court…the more unprovoked.”


Divine Court is filled with joy.

The battle is over!

Leyao is named the Heavenly Array.

At this time, all Divine Court executives gathered in front of the Heavenly Array.

“I’ll try it first.” Lin Fan smiled and looked towards the twisted node in front.

“Father, I am about to become the Seven Realms now.” Xiao Nuo smiled.

This kind of big formation is deceiving and dangerous. Although it seems to be successfully built, it needs supreme powerhouse to feel the truth.

“Go away, you become more unruly, I don’t want to interrupt when I talk.”

Lin Fan lightly scolded, then looked towards Leyao and said: “I took the Treasure Gathering Pot and Purgatory into the hell. It should be no problem. You can rest assured.”

Leyao nodded.

Lin Fan squeezed his unbeaten nose and said, “I will teach you a set of boxing skills when I come out.”

After speaking, Lin Fan stepped into the twisted node.

Everyone looked nervously and expectantly.

It’s really not easy to build this large formation. Even with the current background of Divine Court, it was almost emptied, and it cost at least hundreds of formation mark Hall Elder.

If there is anything wrong, it is really sad.

Moreover, this big formation is related to whether Divine Court can soar into the sky, and whether it can grow up to be able to fight the sky in the shortest time.

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