Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3501


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Outside the big array.

Divine Court all the top executives are looking forward to it, and there are worries and fears in their hearts. Of course, there are all kinds of expectations.

This battle is too important. It involves millions of years of Divine Court’s future plans, and it consumes too terrifying. Even Divine Court’s Formation Mark Hall Heavenly Master Class Formation Marks Expert will cost hundreds of people. Respect!

It’s not that these master life essences are going to be exhausted, but they’re deducing this formation day and night, they consume too much energy, which greatly damages life, even if Lin Fan refines all kinds of treasure pills for them useless.

If it fails, it will be disappointing. You know, until now, many masters in the Formation Mark Hall just sighed, and they may let go at any time, just waiting to see the final result.

“Quick time.” Wu Qingcheng said suddenly.

She reminded everyone of the senior officials to wake up, and they all took out timers.

Lin Fan is walking in the white space at this time. He has a solemn expression, guarding himself with Purgatory, hanging above his head with the Treasure Gathering Pot, holding Zhutian in his hands, and the chaotic clock on his chest hanging endlessly Chaos Energy.

He armed himself to the teeth.

After thinking about it, Lin Fan felt that it was still unsafe, so he used the function of One Yuan Tian to integrate the three-life body into him within the body, and then he felt relieved and strode forward.

This world is not too vast. I am afraid it can hold hundreds of people at most, which makes Lin Fan frown.

Divine Court has a large number of soldiers, no less than tens of millions, just a rotation, I am afraid it will take a year, this is indeed a fly in the ointment.

But soon, Lin Fan scolded his own greed secretly. If this battle could really serve a great purpose, it would have been a blessing to the heavens. How could he ask for more?

Walking around this world, no abnormalities and clues were found. After rigorous and serious investigations for countless times, there was no hidden danger. Lin Fan sat down in the center.

“If you want to know the time flow difference between the inside and outside of the array, it’s just that it won’t work at all.” Lin Fan whispered, and then he estimated the time for himself to enter the large array, and said slightly: “At most one hour.”

Take out the timer and place it in the Treasure Gathering Pot to make sure that there is nothing that can affect the operation of the timer except for the world in this array, so I feel relieved.

“I will cultivation for three hours.” Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and glanced at Chaos Town God Clock: “When the time comes, wake me up.”

Lin Fan began cultivation and quickly entered a state of constancy. Of course, he did not forget to hang the Chaos Town God Clock, Treasure Gathering Pot and Purgatory Hell on his head and shoulders. The three heavy weapons each emit a different The brilliance, flowing like smoke and dust on his body.

Out of the line.

The Divine Court executives are still there, but their faces are heavy.

A full month has passed since Lin Fan entered the big array.

During this period, Lin Fan did not say a word, which made them worry.

Finally, the Demon Lord invited Lin Fan’s Soul Lamp, just outside this big formation.

Fortunately, there is nothing unusual about Lin Fan’s Soul Lamp, otherwise the Divine Court executives would go crazy early.

Two more months have passed.

At this time, even the Allure who was soothing everyone could not sit still.

It’s too long!

For three full months, no one could sit still without receiving a few words from Lin Fan or any news.

“I’ll go and see.” Lin Nuo said, frowns.

“I’ll go.” The Demon Lord glared at him, preparing to enter the battle.

At this moment, in the distorted space node, there is a golden red glow flickering, and in an instant, Lin Fan’s silhouette is exposed–

“I’ll go!” Lin Fan exclaimed strangely: “Where are the leaves falling?”

This is surprising.

When Lin Fan entered the formation, Xia Yi was strong, but when he came out of the formation, he saw fallen leaves fluttering.

“Brother Lin!” Chen Xuandong’s eyes of ecstasy flowed: “How long have you felt in it?”

Lin Fan frowned, remembering something, and hurriedly: “Four hours.”

“Four hours!”

Everyone felt fiercely shocked!

“As you know, we have been waiting for you for three months.” Leyao looked at Lin Fan in this way, and then, wisps of joy filled his eyes, fiercely waved his powder punch: “Husband! We are!”

“My Divine Court…has risen!” Chen Xuandong raised his hand to look at the sky, suddenly said with a malicious smile: “Give me the Divine Court 3000 years, can you push the past and the present?!”

Lin Fan slightly frowned: “This matter, I don’t think it will be extravagant.”

Leyao nodded: “Indeed, this thing is too big, this time is too heaven defying, if it is known by others… I am afraid that Divine Court will usher in endless Calamity Tribulation.”

“hmph! Wealth and silk can move people, even more how is this kind of force or ethnic group that can easily make rateless become the strongest and dominant force”?” Xiao Wu sneered, looking towards Lin Fan , Said: “Father, I think that for the time being, this big array can only be opened to the limited Legion of our Divine Court.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “This matter is very important, so Xuan Dong will bother.”

Chen Xuandong gave Lin Fan angrily: “Haole, Haole, my ancestor, I have become accustomed to these’little things’ when you have taken care of them.”

Lin Fan laughed: “Isn’t this more work for those who can do it?”

Great formation, this is the major event of Divine Court.

It means that Divine Court has really risen.

In the past, Divine Court was really inadequate.

But now, the background is not important anymore. It’s a joke. As long as everyone in the world is as strong as a dragon like a tiger, why do you need the so-called background?

Of course, this kind of hot news is only confined to the top of Divine Court, and only a few people know about the entire Divine Court.

The first wave to enter the heaven-removing formation is reincarnation.

There is no way.

Even if Lin Fan and Chen Xuandong and the others are not separated from each other, when Chen Xuandong makes specific arrangements and arrangements, he always considers Xiao Nuo’s identity.

The second wave is hell.

No one can say anything about this arrangement.

Hell and Samsara, the strongest Legion in Divine Court.

The strength of Divine Court is increasing sharply in seconds.

What made Lin Fan and other Divine Court executives worry about, for so many years, with Divine Court’s current status as the co-lord of the stars, they couldn’t find the two restricted areas that suddenly disappeared.

This makes Lin Fan feel like a throat.

The three families have great enmity, and there is no possibility of reconciliation.

Also, the two restricted areas do not know where they are at this time. The culprit of all this is Divine Court, the leader of the restricted areas where Divine Court dignified them forever, forcing them to flee like a stray dog.

Lin Fan is sure that these two races must be planning and waiting hard at this time, just waiting for an opportunity, will definitely return in a swirl of dust, and must want to destroy Divine Court.

“Check again.”

Lin Fan sighed, he looked towards Xiaowu, and said, “Don’t blame yourself for this matter. You can’t find those two. It’s not your fault. Isn’t it fruitless for your father to search? ?”

Xiao Wu was silent, and cup one fist in the other hand withdrew.

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