Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3502


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Over the years, Xiao Wu has been leading the army all the year round, seeming to patrol Three Thousand World, but the real purpose is to search for the places hidden in the two restricted areas.

But it was useless at all.

Lin Fan doesn’t know how Chen Xuandong arranged this, but based on Lin Fan’s knowledge of Chen Xuandong, I am afraid that the entire Three Thousand World has long been woven into an invisible net of Luotian, and I am afraid that it is the entire Three Thousand World. , Has been built by Xuan Dong into a superb Killing Formation.

As long as there are clues in the two restricted areas, Chen Xuandong will definitely be caught and follow the vines to cut weeds and eliminate the roots.

But for so many years, it is still useless.

Lin Fan has discussed countless times with Allure, and unanimously concluded that the two restricted areas are definitely not in this world, otherwise it would not be so unclear.

“You are waiting for the opportunity, waiting for the time, waiting for you to become strong enough, waiting for you to have full confidence in a fight against Divine Court, right?” Lin Fan’s words were cold and severe and sonorous, and even more so Sen Leng murderous intention: “With you, my Divine Court is on this star, and I won’t move! I’m waiting for you at any time.”

He seemed to be talking to Lianying and Xuanyou who didn’t know where he was in Mingming.

Lin Fan is really waiting, otherwise it will be like a throat.

Divine Court’s high-level strength has grown, and there is indeed no fear of sudden attacks, but Divine Court’s other brothers can’t. The restricted area is always the restricted area. If a sudden shot is taken, it will really make a certain part of Divine Court, or a certain star There were horrible casualties.

The most important thing is, Lin Fan feels that if the two reappearances, it will definitely not be that simple. There must be a horrible weapon or the most deadly move.

For a thousand years, the restricted area has not been seen, and the Three Thousand World Divine Court is honored.

Under the suppression of the Divine Court, there was no chaos in the world, the cultivator’s society was peaceful, and within a thousand years, there was no major warfare. This allowed the overall strength of Three Thousand World to soar, and many monstruous talent genius emerged.

The most conspicuous is the woman of the same age as the undefeated in the reverse Five Elements restricted area. It is too dazzling, as bright as the Big Dipper star under the night, making people unable to ignore its brilliance, even if there is undefeated all the way. Failure, from Body Tempering all the way to the current Domination Realm will not work.

This woman is so beautiful that it moved Lin Fan, and even aroused the heart of cherishing talents. She would not hesitate to step out of the heavenly formation to accept this bright woman as a final disciple.

As a result, he was almost scolded to death by Leyao.

Just because, in the hearts of several women, this stunning contemporary woman is already their daughter-in-law, so Lin Fan should ignore such nostalgia and urge him to go to cultivation.

Of course, this is just the rest of the women, only the bitter chasing the moon, eager eyes, for a thousand years, Lin Fan almost always cultivation in the heavenly formation, occasionally exits, and they are all sleeping with a few women. .

So, Chaiyue has no children so far, which makes her worry.

“Don’t worry, Husband feels that I can’t cultivation and retreat in this way. It requires a combination of work and rest. I should be able to break through it within a month at most. When the time comes, I will definitely work hard.” Lin Fan grinned, very cheap, and there was fire in his belly.

Chasing the moon is too active, he likes it so much.

Lin Fan once again entered the Heaven-removing Array and practiced hard for thousands of years. He was not eager to break through the realm, but with the help of Heaven defying of the Heaven-removing Array, tempering his Martial Skill over and over again, tempering each realm before.

From Body Tempering to the present, each realm has been repeatedly tempered thousands of times by Lin Fan, and Lin Fan has made up for almost all the shortcomings in the realm.

The only thing that made Lin Fan worries about is the scene of enchantment before he broke the mirror. He felt that he was really deeply rooted.

If it weren’t for the tempering and repeated tempering of his realm, Lin Fan might mistakenly believe that all demons have been destroyed by him, but reality is not the case.

There are dark spots imprinted on the deepest part of his Golden Soul Sea, like roots and sprouts, seeming to grow on his soul flesh; even if he bombards him with golden thunderbolt tens of thousands of times, this spot will not move. shift.

And, too weird.

Whenever he touches this spot, he will feel the same, the pain is no less than Ling Chi’s whole body, no less than cutting Soul Sea and Spiritual Consciousness.

This is a big hidden danger.

He remembered the words that seemed to be at that time, as in a dream, and as if someone sighed in the sky–

Desire to become a demon.

What is a demon?

Ever since ancient times, there is no eternal demon, only eternal gods.

It’s just the worries in his heart, Lin Fan didn’t tell anyone.

In the millennium, the biggest gain should be to deduct the inverse chaos into thirteen forms, and then knead it into nine strokes. Although it seems that the number of strokes has decreased, the formidable power has indeed increased dramatically. .

In the Heavenly Squad, it was transformed into several sections by Leyao’s voice.

The most important thing is of course the Martial Practice Stage.

This is a place dedicated to the Divine Court brothers to learn and fight.

If it’s just cultivation progress, it’s useless. You need the mood and combat power to match it, and you have to control your own power to the point.

Of course, the Martial Practice Stage is of course not only for individuals to learn from each other, then the cart is upside down. Of course, Leyao and the women will not make this kind of mistake. The most important thing is-Legion.

As time goes by, more and more Legions have passed the Divine Court test, and more and more families.

Especially those restricted areas that first joined Divine Court. At this time, I am afraid that they have already been assimilated by Divine Court, and the offspring will marry each other. You have me and I have you, regardless of each other.

Therefore, more and more people are waiting for the opportunity to enter the Tianzhuan formation.

There are also more and more Legions, and various ways of fighting for a Martial Practice Stage, of course, do not involve life and death.

Lin Fan is too lazy to manage, only fighting will make progress.

He really wants to fight…

In these thousands of years, he has searched the starry sky and is invincible, and there is a feeling of lonely at the top that has long troubled him.

Fortunately, there is a Lin Long who can accompany him to fight against each other, otherwise he will really become the so-called behind closed doors.

1 month later, Lin Fan stepped out of the heaven-recovering formation.

It is just a matter of chance and nothing else to break through the pre-world calamity and become the repair of the seven realms.

Also, Lin Fan is certain that although he still hasn’t become a real ancestor-level creature, he can see the two worlds, and he is afraid that few people are his opponents.

In Chaos Realm, the only remaining ancestor-level creature, I am afraid that only the sea knight can fight him.

Bright and undefeated love!

All the days are with congratulations.

This is not because of the power of Divine Court, but the union between the most outstanding man and woman of our time is a real match made in heaven.

Reverse Five Elements and Divine Court must kiss each other, so that the rest of the restricted area will be envious.

You know, for so many years, because of Hua Mengxue’s marriage to Divine Court, the reverse Five Elements has developed rapidly. The development trend has shocked the world.

Lin Fan was overjoyed when he heard the news, but he was quickly found by Chasing Moon. It has been a week since Lin Fan came out of the Domineering Array. Spend on the known planet.

Even with Lin Fan’s toughness, there is an illusion of inadequacy.

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