Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3503


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Of course, this is just an illusion.

With the strength of Lin Fan’s body, where might it be felt?

It’s just that this product will sell well if it is cheaper, especially, after seeing every joy, the small expectation in the eyes of Chai Yue, and the faint guilt, he feels more satisfied.

The deeper the guilt in the eyes of Chasing Moon, the more new things can be unlocked.

Lin Fan was so excited. Divine Court was on the right track. Chen Xuandong arranged it to be only organized. The four sons under his knees were all a giant amongst men, so he didn’t need to worry at all. During this time, he seemed to have forgotten about cultivation. During the day, I talked with many Old Brothers about the past, or just drank a few glasses, and went out with Chase at night to be happy. This day really beats Divine Immortal.

Ten years have passed.

Lin Invincible and Bright, the couple of Divine Immortal couples, stunned the starry sky, created a prestigious reputation, that kind of prestige turned out to have a faint tendency to surpass Lin Wudi.

Of course, this is mainly because Lin Wudi is too old to be undefeated and is extremely low-key. He is unwilling to go out to steal the limelight from his brother.

The night is dark.

Lin Fan and the moon chasing the moon and returning home, chasing the moon with a heavy face, it is obvious that they have cried, while Lin Fan has a rogue face.

“I want to have a son, too.” Chaiyue’s eyes were dim, she looked at Lin Fan: “I also want my son to share the pressure of the sky.”

Lin Fan rubbed her hair lightly without saying much.

A long distance away, you can see the dimly lit Divine Court, which is extremely beautiful, especially those floating islands floating in midair, which are lit up like stars hanging ten feet from the ground.

“Brother Lin.”

As soon as he entered Divine Court, Chen Xuandong spoke with a little urgency and tension.

This made Lin Fan’s heart tighten.

You know, Chen Xuandong has been enough for a thousand years, he is not so nervous, and he has not spoken to himself in such a tone.

Could it be…

Lin Fan has a slight flash of killing intent in his eyes. Could it be that there are clues to the two restricted areas?

Holding the waist chasing the moon, Lin Fan reached the floating island in one step.

He just realized that maybe things are more terrifying than he thought.

Because, in this chamber, all the Divine Court seniors are present, all with solemn faces.

“What happened?” Lin Fan asked.

Qingcheng raised his head slightly, with an unknown expression in his eyes, with joy and sorrow, and said Shen Shen: “Husband, we may understand why God is called the forbidden zone closest to the sky.”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink slightly!

He has heard this sentence more than once or twice, and at that time he thought it was the forbidden area of ​​God to flaunt his own toughness.

But now, Qingcheng speaks like this, like a tripod, that sentence is not God’s boasting.

“A road is in the heavens, unintentionally dug through.” Chen Xuandong began to tell.

In God, except for a few Divine Court soldiers sitting in town, they are all the old people of Divine Court who are close to their life essence. Of course, there are also some life-prolonging treasures like the Forbidden Zone of God, and they cannot continue to live, so Lin Fan suppressed the creatures who became the foundation by means.

These old Divine Court elders, whose life essence is near, have already seen through the world and don’t care about their own life or death. Instead, they yearn for a rural life. Of course, there are some who are still on the cultivation path even if their life essence is near. Endeavor.

The road in Chen Xuandong’s mouth was penetrated because two Old Guys who had been in the mountains for more than ten years fought against each other, and the fist marks of the fighting came together unintentionally. Then blasted towards the unknown area, and the road was blasted out.

It’s just a road. The old Divine Court inside has already explored 100 meters, but it’s only 100 meters, and he can’t walk anymore.

Besides, judging from the various fragments brought out by these old people during the 100-meter journey, the history of this Ancient Road is scary.

“Are there any unknowns or disasters that led to that road?”

This is the issue that Lin Fan is most concerned about. The Divine Court Old Brother who has made great contributions and great contributions to Divine Court in God, if something goes wrong–

“No.” Qingcheng said, “I let Xiao Wu and Xiao Nuo lead the two Legions of Hell and Reincarnation to guard the intersection.”

“That’s good.”

Lin Fan was slightly silent, and said: “Have you ever read those ancient books of God?”

Chen Xuandong sighed: “Of course, it’s just about this road. There are not many records of the Gods who are secretive. It seems to be accompanied by a great horror. Every mention can be made through that written before time. The writing understands the tremors and frights of the writer at the time.”

Lin Fan faintly muttered to oneself, saying: “I will go and see.”

“I’ll go too.” Wuji got up.

He is not what he used to be.

With the company and guidance of Hua Mengxue, and put down some of the barriers in his heart, and also has the heaven defying effect of the heaven defying array, his rapid progress, at this time has already come from behind, and once again jumped to the third place among the brothers Strong, is already a great expert in the five realms of God.

God’s restricted area.

Everyone was stuck in front of the dark hole.

Xiao Wu and Xiao Nuo are arguing.

It should be an argument about who went in.

When they saw Lin Fan coming, both of them stared fiercely at each other fiercely.

“If you didn’t hinder you, I would have gone in long ago. It’s all right now, and it’s father’s turn to take the risk again.” Xiaowu was very dissatisfied.

“You shut up.” Xiao Nuo scolded, and then hurried forward.

“What abnormality can be found?” Lin Fan asked.

Xiao Nuo shook his head and said: “There is no danger, but after a while, something will be spit out from the trail.”

“oh?” Lin Fan was surprised.

Little Martial Dao: “Father, please see.”

Lin Fan looked, Xiao Wu took out dozens of dusty objects from the talisman ring.

This made Lin Fan frowned. He pulled an irregular fragment with his hand, and suddenly said in horror: “This is Xuan Huang Mother Gold!”

“What?” Xiaotian was horrified, and said: “Isn’t that the mother gold survives forever, even the World Extinguishes mother gold can be harmless?”

This is consensus.

That’s why everyone in Divine Court was so frightened.

“That’s the general situation.” Xiaonuo explained, “When the mother gold is used to make a sacrifice, it is the power that coexists with Heaven and Earth.”

“Exactly.” Lin Fan nodded, said: “This should be a fragment of an ultimate device.”

“What kind of battle is necessary to destroy the ultimate weapon.” Invincible’s eyes are solemn, he is very majestic, and he likes to wear the white battle armour. At this time frowns said: “The ultimate weapon is destroyed, only to prove The god who sacrificed him also died.”

Lin Fan became more and more frightened.

Because, from these dozens of dusty objects, he found breaths from at least four or five different eras.

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