Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3504


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This can only prove that in different eras and in different years, all supreme powerhouses have walked the same road, which is the trail in front of them.

“You guard here.” Lin Fan said, slightly severe: “No matter what weird thing is found rushing out, it will be killed immediately.”

“Father, child will accompany you.”

Lin Wudi speaks, he is full of vigor and holds a colorful killing sword in his hand. This is his mother’s thing-Can Hong, which was bestowed on him by Azure Phoenix.

“Child would also go with father.”

Lin Undefeated also spoke. His weapon is a Tiange, which was made by Lin Fan generously giving away a lot of gold.

“Never mind your brother, your little thing is more stable.” Lin Fan stared at Lin Unbeaten.

His sons, the most troublesome and the most unstable, is that this is undefeated and too noisy. The entire powerhouse of Divine Court, except for him, the demon and the Umaster, are all fought by this kid. One time.

Lin Unbeaten’s eyes are slightly bitter.

Lin Fan glared at him: “Hurry up and go back.”

“Oh.” Lin was invincible, but he didn’t dare to contradict him.

I remember that when he broke the mirror three realms, he inadvertently bumped into Lin Fan, and then, he was united by his brothers to clean up, so he could not get out of bed for more than half a year, even the one who loved him the most Big sister Xiaoxi refused to give him Baodan.

“Don’t go to Invincible. For the father, I just explore the two hundred meters ahead. What is the danger It shouldn’t be.”

Lin Fan said, this is not a deceit, what he is talking about is the fact, this path is obviously weird, it runs through more than one or two epochs, as if every supreme powerhouse’s return journey is this.

This is too weird and requires extreme care and caution. Therefore, he used Divine Court to detect 100 meters to evaluate himself. There should be no big storm within two hundred meters.

Lin Fan started and entered that path.

The initial several dozen meters, there is no good description, just like ordinary mountain roads, spiraling and winding, but obviously too dead and depressing, and there are bone meal left by powerhouses of various ages after the passing of powerhouses, thick and thick. layer.

Fortunately, there seems to be no breeze here, otherwise, I am afraid that the wind will roll up thick bone meal.

But as he went deeper and farther, the fear and worry in Lin Fan’s heart became more and more sufficient.

It shouldn’t be. You know, at this time, he is invincible under the stars, and, throughout his life, he has never shown fear of any creature or strangeness.

When he came to this path, everything was involuntary. The fear suddenly rose from his subconscious, and then became more and more unstoppable.

100 meters.

This is already the culmination of Divine Court’s exploration. A piece of withered tree trunk was loaded here, leaving the emblem of Divine Court.

After arriving here, Lin Fan looked slightly solemn.

After arriving here, it seems that his True God is telling him, telling him not to move forward, one step forward will turn Heaven and Earth upside down, and he will never look back, like 100 metres and 101 metres. Just the distance of one meter is another piece of Heaven and Earth.

He thought for a moment, but decided to investigate.

If there is danger on this trail, then the gods don’t need it.

Taking a step forward, Lin Fan felt that time and space were intertwined and the universe changed. He seemed to have entered a certain piece of ancient history.

“hong long!”

The divine light exploded in front of his eyes. It was a strong fist mark. The divine might be dazzling. This must be a taboo method, surpassing Lin Fan’s cognition. Lin Fan is certain that if this fist appears in this world, Three Thousand World will definitely be empty, even if all the strongest people in Three Thousand World can’t resist this might of a single fist.

As soon as I entered, I met this kind of fist mark that is the world’s best!

This too terrifying, without any expectation at all, with a stern shout, Lin Fan shook out Purgatory Hell and Treasure Gathering Pot at the same time, and simultaneously shot the ‘life’ and ‘death’ rune forward.

Faced with this kind of peerless fist, Lin Fan didn’t want to wait for death. He didn’t have that habit!

As a result, the fist mark came in horizontally, whether it was birth, Death God pattern, or the invincible purgatory, etc., it was useless. The fist mark seemed to have suddenly passed through his sacrifice and killed. The means came straight to him.

“Inverse chaos!”

Lin Fan roared fiercely, playing nine inverse moves, making everything in front of him empty, as if different time and space and eras overlapped in front of him.

It’s still useless, that fist mark too terrifying, like a shuttle in a different time and space that is different from the entire ancient history, and it must be bombarded on him.

“What a magical skill this is, why is it so scary!”

Lin Fan yelled, his canthus is about to split!

Just stepping into 101 meters, he encountered such a disaster. Is he going to die here?

As a result, the fist mark still passed through his body without causing any trauma to him.

Lin Fan is in cold sweat!

And, in the end, he figured out what was going on.

This should be the strongest punch in a certain period of time and space inscribed by this node, because his intrusion started a scene that had existed in prehistoric times.

Understanding this point, Lin Fan is even more horrified!

The time when this fist seal was inscribed in this world has long been unverifiable, but as time goes by can’t obliterate the power of this fist seal. This too terrifying and hopeless.

Of course, he has some kind of clear comprehension.

The fist mark doesn’t seem to have much subtlety, but it will kill the enemy leader.

Chunlei is pregnant in a silent place.

It seems that there is no subtle place, but it involves many strong laws and great roads.

“Could this be the horror of even the realm?” Lin Fan frowned, suddenly, his pupils shrank!

Just because a god shadow appeared, with 108 god rings around his head.

This should be the deity that made him desperate and uneasy, and he was fighting.

And his opponent is the four-headed Heavenly Beast!

This is the real Heavenly Beast, not a descendant of Heavenly Beast.

For countless years, Lin Fan has known what Heavenly Beast is.

It is said that this Heavenly Beast was born in the heart of heaven. The first generation of Heavenly Beast can only be a War God if you walk out of the heart of heaven.

The four-headed Heavenly Beast is clearly the original Heavenly Beast, and at this time they besieged a Revered Divinity.

In the end, this god suppressed and killed the four Heavenly Beasts with his own ultimate weapon, but his body was also broken, sitting in a ruined place, laughing miserably, as if to say something, but Lin Fan could not listen. Understand, you can read and understand the sadness and anger in this god.

The god rested for a long time before he staggered and continued forward, taking a bloody footprint.

“Heavenly Beast is so terrifying.” Lin Fan was shocked, and almost destroyed God.

Go on.

Lin Fan walked forward about twenty meters and saw piles of great battles buried in the dust of history.

The two sides in the battle are both at the level of gods.

I have also seen a god throwing a fist to kill Heavenly Beast, punching a first-generation Heavenly Beast, fiercely fierce, and seeing gods being divided by Heavenly Beast, swallowing them alive, and staining the sky with divine blood.

“Sure enough, gods are also divided into strong and weak.”

Lin Fan whispered and continued to move forward. Lin Fan didn’t know how far he was in the trail at this time, but he was sure that it did not exceed the limit of two hundred meters.

“Is this the real starry sky?” Lin Fan muttered, shocked by the scene before him.

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