Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3505


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Too vast and vast.

Like Lin Fan’s view of the entire Three Thousand World at the highest floating island in Divine Court.

The starry sky in front of me is at least equivalent to hundreds of Three Thousand World.

There are always too many incomprehensible and unbelievable things in this world.

Just like the dilapidated, withered starry sky in front of me.

He should have a few rounds of the big sun and the bright moon, but they are all broken at this time. The big sun that should have been hanging like a road glows orange at this time, making people feel cold when looking at it, and the bright moon is crystallized , Should have been roasted by some kind of extremely blazing flame, crystallized instantly, and could no longer emit the slightest light.

Of course, there are millions of big stars, all dead, without any vitality.

Lin Fan randomly selected an ancient star as a foothold and leaped forward, but was suddenly almost shot in the starry sky by a surge of Supreme power!

This is too abrupt, what’s the matter?

This huge force seems to originate from the starry sky here, but it also seems to come from outside the world.

This made Lin Fan frown. He carefully sensed and made sure that when he stood still, there was no abnormality, no gravity, and no huge force aimed at him, but as long as his footsteps rose slightly, that huge force would Will appear, to shoot him directly in the starry sky.

But you know, how strong is his physical strength?

It is definitely not a false statement to carry the sun and the moon on the shoulder, but at this time, it turned out to be like a child before this huge force.

Lin Fan squinted his eyes, cautiously stepped forward and took a step forward. This time was good, and nothing happened.

“Should no one be allowed to vacate, only to walk on two legs?”

Lin Fan frowned, and then looked towards this vast starry sky. If so, how many millions and millions of years would it take to walk through this starry sky?


But Lin Fan feels that even if you come to a powerhouse with hundreds of thousand lifespans, you may not be able to go out and you will die on the way.

Lin Fan continued to walk forward, very solemn and serious, without any underestimation. Soon, he froze in place. In front of him, there was a road paved with endless bones. At least a hundred riders could move forward at the same time, floating in This endless void extends to the unknowable space.

It is far and deep, as if there is no end forever, no end, and when Lin Fan stepped onto this road, the unnatural heart was solemn, as if all the souls that came here need respect and need Worship the fallen bones and thank them for their great deeds for future generations.

The avenue is silent, lonely and withered. Except for the bones on the avenue that have not been completely weathered by history and have not been eaten by the years, there is no other existence. You can only hear the sound of your own footsteps, which looks strange. Also terrifying, people can’t help feeling chill and fear.

Inadvertently, Lin Fan’s toes seemed to mention a piece of gold and iron in this endless skeleton, causing it to make a dull sound…

This is a piece of mother gold with a scattered Divine Soul Seal mark on it, which is about to be obliterated by time. After Lin Fan caught it, his face was pale–

It was the roar of a powerhouse far beyond his current realm.

Seems to be unwilling.

It seems to be angry–

“Thunder God! Er wait to deceive us! This is not a road to heaven!”

Lin Fan coughed up blood, as if holding a soldering iron, and threw the mother gold into the distance, not knowing how many bones were crushed.

At this time, Lin Fan was frightened. It can be said that the souls are all gone!

In the realm of this powerhouse, he is not sure. This is just a mark. I don’t know how many millions and millions of years are left in this dead Star Sea. I can’t accurately assess the strength of this person.

But from just a roar from prehistoric imprints, it shocked his deity to vomit blood. You can probably guess that this person is at the lowest level of pregnancy.

The most important thing is, this brand is too scary!

Point to point out a god who is very important in his life-Thor!

Since appearing in this world, he has been inseparable from this ancient god, even more how now he is the son-in-law of Thor.

But what did he hear?

There was a prehistoric powerhouse who was angry and pointed out that Thor was deceiving, as if he had misled a group of Xeons to die on this fake Zhengtian Road.

Of course, it is not the first time Lin Fan has heard of the three words Zhengtianlu.

“Thor…what is your position and what existence is it?”

Lin Fan’s eyes are extremely complicated.

In ancient history, the evaluation of Thor is extremely positive, like one of the representatives and leaders of the so-called false gods.

Why, this powerhouse is so angry, even before dying, it will not hesitate to split the mother gold and leave such a mark. This is obviously to warn the latecomers.

If Thor is really a wicked person, how should he deal with himself, a latecomer who has been labelled as a Thor faction?

Lin Fan was silent. He continued to move forward. There were more and more bones, and the coercion that these bones spilled became more and more terrifying. Looking carefully, these bones are afraid that no one was lower than the God before his death. Seven Realms!

That is!

If you want to embark on the road of Zhengtian that doesn’t know the truth or not, the seven realms are qualified.

Then too terrifying. This level of conquest is too terrifying and scary. You must know that the seven realms are only eligible for admission. So obviously, on this road to heaven, you can overlook the Star River from the outside world. Seven realms, the strong fruity flavor he longs for at the moment is just cannon fodder!

Lin Fan thinks about complexity.

In his mind, he doesn’t believe that the elegant and incomparable Thor is a wicked man, but the brand of the powerhouse clearly reminds him that all of this is true.

He stood on this road for a long time and was silent for a long time.

After a moment, he moved forward.

Of course, it has been decided in the heart that when one day he grows up to be able to talk to Thor on an equal footing, must personally ask about the whole story and the roots.

Walking forward about 100 meters, Lin Fan finally saw the scenery other than the bones. It was a huge stone tablet with at least two ten zhang highs.

The stone tablet is mottled and engraved with the traces of the years.

Lin Fan walked forward step by step and looked at the giant tablet. There were a few ancient characters that don’t know the age, but Lin Fan didn’t know any of them.

However, when Lin Fan stared with his eyes, the stone tablet suddenly burst into a ray of dark light, which turned into a brand and rushed into Lin Fan’s mind.

This is a small old fogey with a smile. He floats quietly in Lin Fan’s Soul Sea, so that the golden waves dare not rise and fall, and time and space freeze and become visible The rune, coiled in front of and behind the old fogey, seems to be acting like a baby, and also like to please.

“Time and Space!”

Lin Fan has a solemn expression.

Allows the Time and Space Rule to manifest itself, and, like a dog, to please and act like a coquettish, eternal age, I am afraid that it is the only one.

“The former is Zhengtian Road, and I will retire before Yu Daoist.”

The Great God of Time and Space speaks, and then the silhouette dissipates in Lin Fan Soul Sea, turning into a ghost of light, and then rushing into the huge stone tablet.

Lin Fan is confused.

The Great God of Time and Space proved that this place was indeed Zhengtian Road, but why did the Xeon say that?

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