Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3506


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Lin Fan is thinking hard, but can’t think of a result, confused.

This is the imprint left by an unknown epoch. The entire ancient history of the relevant epoch has been buried in the dust of history. If it hadn’t been discovered by Divine Court accidentally, it might be dusty forever, thick historical dust. Next, the road to Zhengtian paved by bones was silent.

Also, the more Lin Fan thinks about the imprint left by the Time and Space God at this time, the more he has one’s hair stand on end.

I was very scared at the level of battle involved in this road to heaven.

If you don’t have Dao Realm, you are not eligible to move forward, you can only stay in front of the giant tablet.

This is terrifying.

Educating Tao, surpassing the seven realms, the soul body turned into a cocoon, buried in the past, and the fruit of Taoism that has existed in ancient times grows, and it is only worthy of the Tao Tao.

Lin Fan was thinking, in this era, among all the ancient stars and billions of absolutely living beings, can we find out the path of slaps?

But on this road to heaven, it’s still just cannon fodder.

This is too desperate. The ultimate battle strength in this world. After arriving here, even a small soldier is not as good as a soldier. This is frustrating. It feels like a lifelong struggle, even if the world is truly invincible. What kind of.

Lin Fan stayed silent for a long time and couldn’t stop the curiosity in his heart. Of course, there was a kind of dissatisfaction. He really didn’t believe that the specifications of this road to heaven would be so high.

Across the giant tablet and continue to move forward. After walking about a thousand steps without any slight contempt, Lin Fan is very dignified and cautious. Every step needs to be rune’s eyes to explore the surrounding areas to ensure that there are no hidden dangers. Take a solid step.

Suddenly, a huge starry sky gully appeared in front of Lin Fan’s eyes, like a big crack suddenly appeared in the ten thousand li plain. I don’t know how long it is, but it traverses the Star Sea, which is wider than a few Three Thousand Worlds. , Kuan doesn’t know how many millions and millions li, Lin Fan can’t see the side with the eyes of rune. There is a layer of gray haze that can block Lin Fan’s sight, making him cloud-covered and unable to see the side.

This is the first time rune’s eye has failed, making Lin Fan’s mind more solemn.

He walked down the gully of the starry sky. The endless nebula like water was sucked in from far away, and then flowed into this gully. There are many dead stars floating in the gully, which don’t know how many millions and millions of years are also slow. Slowly swallowed by this huge rift-like ravine.

Lin Fan is solemn and serious, nailing Zhu Tian to the ground, holding Zhu Tian with one hand, letting his body dive down, and working hard to use the eye of rune, but here, the eye of rune, which is not harmful, fails. Can only poke out a few miles.

Also, after reaching the edge of this ravine, a kind of coercive and embarrassing weird force of Lin Fan appeared directly, hovering around and around him, which gave Lin Fan a clear comprehension.

All cultivators who come here are afraid that they will be restricted and suppressed, and Magical Powers will be greatly reduced. Maybe this is the meaning of the imprint left by the time and space god.

Perhaps at least this realm needs to be here in order to soar, to ignore the huge power in it, and to move without restriction.

Otherwise, if you really measure this Star Sea with your footprints, you may not be able to walk through until you die, maybe you will not reach the battlefield you want to go to in your life.

The gully is secluded, Lin Fan leaned out most of his body and looked down. He was dark and staring, only the deepest red spot, like a bright ruby, was emitting a faint light.

The light is very cold, giving people a very uncomfortable feeling.

“What is that?” Lin Fan frowned. He knew that it was not that he saw the weak spot of red. It should be that the weak spot of red saw him. The depth of the ravine is completely unpredictable.

Lin Fan really wanted to climb down. He saw ten meters on his left. Someone had made steps to go down the gully.

The steps are mottled, and there is a thick layer of stone powder on the steps. This should be used by the predecessors to excavate along the cliff wall and go straight to the bottom of the ravine.

This is too ridiculous. According to the words of the Great God of Time and Space, it is inferred that those who come here are at the lowest level of cultivating Taoism, but they have to dig steps like a layman, otherwise they can’t go deep down.

Because it is easy to condense time and space outside, you can Close Horizon Divine Ability, and come here to be unrestrictedly weakened. If you forcefully enter the bottom of the ravine, you may be thrown to death.

That’s the big news that shocked the ancients. Dignified Yudao or Pregnancy Tao, directly fell to death on Zhengtian Road, will laugh 100,000 years.

“Should I go down?” Lin Fan thought deeply.

He glanced at the faint red light at the bottom of the gully again, and there was a cold air in his heart.

The air-conditioning was so sudden that I couldn’t tell why it came out, as if my soul felt something terrifying existence, which could threaten my life.

“Go back…”

Lin Fan finally made a decision. He turned his head back and screwed Zhu Tian into his hand again.

In the Forbidden Land of God.

Xiao Nuo and a group of Divine Court high-levels waited and formed the most suitable battle formation. The two strongest Legions, Samsara and Hell, each held soldiers, and their eyes were gloomy and focused on the trail.

The sound of footsteps started, Lin Fan appeared, making everyone tremble, and everyone was trembling in fear when they heard the footsteps.

“It’s me.” Until Lin Fan’s voice sounded, and after seeing the deity of Lin Fan and getting Lin Long’s nodded, everyone put down all their defenses.

“Xiao Nuo, I’m afraid you are going to stay here.” Lin Fan opened, looked towards Xiao Nuo, and said: “This road is evil and weird. No one can enter without my permission.”

Xiao Nuo frowned.

Lin Fan waved his hand and said: “Let’s find a place first, we’re talking about it.”

Xiao Nuo clicked nodded and looked towards Samsara Eye. Gloomily said: “This matter, no one is allowed to say one more word.”

Xiao Wu also spoke in this way, bluntly, that every bit about this matter should not be leaked out. This is a military order.

In the attic of God.

“Zhengtian Road.” Qingyue repeated, and sighed: “It seems that I have a vague impression that my mother fought this road more than once when I was about two years old.”

Lin Fan’s heart tightened.

Qingyue said with a bitter smile: “Of course, maybe I remembered it wrong, but I have a vague impression. Every time my mother disappears, it takes at least half a month. When I come back, I am bloody and I always cry.”

According to Qingyue, it can at least be inferred that this kind of road to heaven originated at least from the Era of Dream God.

“Zhengtian Road… more than one.” Hua Mengxue said, “It seems that before every Epoch era, there will be Zhengtian Road, and there will be a group of strongest people on Zhengtian Road. “

Her good-looking brows frowned tightly: “In our time, there seems to be a group of people walking that way. I seem to have been selected, but in the end I was eliminated. I don’t have the qualifications to serve the world. Spiritual power.”

Lin Fan looked towards Hua Mengxue, saying: “What realm was the younger brother and sister back then?”

Hua Mengxue said: “The top of the seven realms.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

Hua Mengxue said: “I don’t have this realm now, maybe I won’t be able to return to Peak in this life.”

Slightly silent, she continued: “Everything in this world pays attention to cause and effect and balance. If you want to survive, you must give up something.”

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