Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3507


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Lin Fan said nothing.

Until now, this realm now.

Lin Fan still stubbornly and firmly believes that cause and effect should be the most mysterious and unpredictable rule in this world.

The way of time, the way of emptiness, and the way of thunder are inferior to cause and effect in his opinion, including reincarnation, and it is only right that cause and effect are involved.

In the eyes of Lin Fan at least, all spirits in this world cannot escape the cause and effect. Of course, this is in the realm he knows, maybe the realm of the god, but it can really surpass Five Elements, no longer in the world, get rid of Cause and effect etc.

After a long while, he laughed and looked towards Hua Mengxue, saying: “I will work hard to develop new pills, hoping to resolve your predicament.”

Hua Mengxue smiled: “Since I chose to sleep in the vermilion coffin, I have accepted this result, so I don’t expect much, and the gods don’t need to bother.”

Lin Fan laughed, without speaking.

For so many years, Hua Mengxue has admitted her status as a sister-in-law, but he is not as good as other Divine Court high-level female family members who can call him elder brother. They are all called divine lord, and Wuji corrected it many times and just left it alone.

At this moment, Wudi was scratching his head and let Lin Fan brows frowned, and glanced at Lin Wudi: “If you have something to say, don’t reveal this Muyi, what is it like?”

Lin Wudi smiled awkwardly, got up, bowed down to Hua Mengxue, and said, “Dare to ask my aunt, what do you mean by working for the world?”

Hua Mengxue was slightly silent, and sighed: “If someone wants Life Extinction, someone must save the world. This is not a contradiction. It just happens… The restricted area or the present world are all the people who have been destroyed, so naturally Is to save the world.”

With a wry smile, Hua Mengxue said: “I always like to give myself aloof and remote, high-sounding reasons, and talk about serving the world, but in the end it is just for self-protection.”

Lin Fan’s mind tightened slightly.

He really experienced the scene of Life Extinction, looked towards Hua Mengxue, and said: “The so-called Life Extinction is a group of people, or…”

Hua Mengxuedai frowned, said with a bitter smile: “The god Lord also looks down upon me too much. I don’t even have the qualifications to enter that road. Where can I know who the ultimate opponent is?” /p>

Lin Fan sighed and said, “Then, in the past and now, has anyone successfully saved the world?”

Qingyue said: “Yes, it should be more than once, otherwise where are we later generations?”

She looked slightly solemn and said: “When my dream family was in its heyday, there were all kinds of the most top-secret orphans in the clan, which recorded certain secrets.”

Lin Fan came to be interested, changed the most comfortable sitting position, looked towards Qingyue, and said: “Daughter-in-law, please tell me carefully.”

Qingyue glared at him and said: “As far as I know, there are at least three times. One time is the reincarnation god salvation. He is very strong. Singlehanded eliminated the culprit of life extinction. Of course, the final result is , He goes with the culprit who wants Life Extinction.”

“Reincarnation God.” Lin Fan sighed, feeling more complicated.

Qingyue said: “The second time, it was my father. He should be stronger than the reincarnation god. He imprisoned the disaster of Life Extinction and allowed history to continue its normal development backward.”

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said, “So… the third time, is it the mother-in-law?”

Qingyue has the color of pride in her eyes and said: “Mother does not have that great ability and strength, but it makes Three Thousand World sleep so that it will eventually be awakened by you.”

Everyone stared at Qingyue enviously!

This life experience is really too terrifying.

The daughter of two gods.

Also, they have all saved the world.

“Well, if anyone in our era wants Life Extinction, I will be the fourth person.”

Lin Fan smiled: “You can’t let your father-in-law monopolizing the limelight.”

“You know you don’t know how to be ashamed.” Li Guang gave Lin Fan a fierce look, and then said: “You still have to tell us in detail about the various aspects of this road.”

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows slightly, he was scrupulous, but in the end he chose to conceal something about Thor.

After he finished speaking, a group of people frowned.

“Brother Lin, if so, how do I feel that this road is another blessed place in Divine Court?” Chen Xuandong asked, looking towards Lin Fan with a little surprise, and said, “You mean, even In it, you feel hardship and hardship, Magical Powers is suppressed?”

Lin Fan nodded.

Chen Xuandong said: “Do you feel that you are on that road. What level of strength do you have in this world?”

Lin Fan frowned: “Don’t overdominate.”

Chen Xuandong asked more and more quickly, saying: “Can you cultivation in it?”

Lin Fan shook his head: “I haven’t tried it, but I can feel the rules and order at will. I think it should be okay if it is a meditation cultivation.”

Chen Xuandong smiled and said: “If you are on that road… you cultivation to the strength of your world, then…”

Lin Fan is horrified.

After that, he clapped his hands suddenly, looked towards Xiao Nuo, and said: “You can enter 80 meters, there is no danger, you go and try, if you can really cultivation, then this ancient road to heaven may really become Another good place for me in Divine Court.”

Xiao Nuo got up as expected, and then entered Zhengtian Road.

It took a long time for him to go. After he came back, his eyes were heavy, and of course there was unstoppable joy, saying: “Father, the first 20 meters are the most suitable for the Divine Court brothers cultivation in the Holy Land. The inner perception rules are simpler and easier, and can be captured at will.”

“Okay, you arrange this, but you have to know the limit that each realm can reach.” Lin Fan smiled!

In Divine Court.

“Brother, you seem to be concealing something today, what is going on, can I tell you something.”

Leyao’s voice rang softly from behind.

Lin Fan pulled her into her arms, sniffed her fragrance deeply, said with a smile: “I can’t hide it from you.”

Leyao smiled.

Lin Fan began to hide what he was hiding.

Leyao’s face also became heavy. After a while, he looked straight at Lin Fan’s eyes and said: “I don’t believe that Thor is a wicked person.”

Lin Fan clicked nodded: “I don’t believe it either.”

“So… maybe it’s just a misunderstanding.” Leyao said, then lowered his voice, saying, “Of course, we can’t prevent it completely.”

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said, “I will definitely go to their realm, when the time comes to ask in person.”

“My little brother is always the strongest.” Leyao smiled and said softly: “Don’t think too much, don’t talk about other things, it’s just the existence of Sister Qingyue, which is the greatest gift from those two gods.”

Lin Fan clicked nodded: “I am always grateful to Thor, but there are some things. If I don’t ask, if I don’t trace the origin, I will as if having a fish bone stuck in one’s throat.”

“I just ask you not to be preconceived. This will affect your own gift judgment to the greatest extent.” Leyao smiled, and said: “It’s not that I asked you to submit to humiliation, my little brother, how can I give him up? Go to submit to humiliation.”

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