Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3508


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Lin Fan sat quietly, with the quietest smile on the corners of his mouth. He squinted his eyes and listened to Leyao’s soft voice; peace of mind and calmness, gradually fell asleep.

This is too rare. When he arrived at this realm, countless years of sleeplessness did not affect him. At this moment, he fell asleep so deeply, and even a dream did not appear. It was so beautiful.

Leyao painfully smoothed the hair on Lin Fan’s forehead, lowered his head and kissed lightly, and motioned to Qingcheng who was walking behind him to be quieter.

Lin Fan slept for a long time and has not woken up for half a month.

All Divine Court executives can perceive that Lin Fan who is sleeping seems to be a metamorphosis that they cannot understand.

The entire floating island was under martial law, Xiaowu and Xiaotian guarded them personally.

A few months later, it’s another spring.

The spring is warm, and the sun is lazily.

Lin Fan, who had been asleep for several months, his closed eyes seemed to tremble slightly, and then opened them, he felt the Divine Court situation, then got up, took a step forward, and he was out of the sky.

“It’s time to come.”

Lin Fan looked up at the sky.

It’s time to break the mirror, the opportunity has arrived.

In this sleep, he fell into a very strange state. He could perceive everything around him, but he couldn’t wake up. It seemed that something forced him to maintain this state. Of course, the most important thing is that in this state In a weird state, he can better clear comprehension of his own way.

It is very important to be able to understand the difficulties and difficulties of the broken road he walked, and foresee in advance what he will encounter when he continues walking on this broken road. This is very important. You can avoid traps and avoid certain untouchables in advance. Blind spot.

At this time, he wakes up, knowing that the time has come, he can go to the bottleneck of the six realms.

Actually, for so many years, honed in the heaven-recovering array, if he wants to break the mirror, he has long been a peerless expert in the seven realms, but he thinks that if he is busy breaking the mirror, he will Lay hidden.

Therefore, he did not hesitate to spend thousands of years again, refining all the roads he has walked over and over again, ensuring that each realm he has traveled before has no defects, which wasted time and allowed himself to settle Come down.


Lin Fan is sure that every step of his road construction has been extremely solid. No matter how many floors there are to climb, they can all be built on the solid foundation he laid.

“hong long!”

A bunch of orange red Divine Thunder suddenly came from the sky, shook Three Thousand World, and the stars shook.

All souls are so beautiful!

This orange-red Divine Thunder too terrifying is as strong as an ancient star of life, like a torrent suddenly struck, and the world is terrified. If this kind of thunderbolt of Life Extinction hits in the world, everything will be over, except for the ultimate Outside the tribes or forces guarded by the weapon, everything must be empty.

But soon, they discovered that the Divine Thunder of Life Extinction had crashed down. Halfway through, they were hit by a golden silhouette!

Compared with this vast orange-red Divine Thunder like an ancient star of life, this golden silhouette is as small as dust, but somehow, when you see this silhouette, all souls are at peace, in an instant, This kind of trust, as long as this golden silhouette stands under this sky, no one can hurt anyone in this starry sky.

“get lost! ”

The golden silhouette screamed, and faced the orange Divine Thunder with one hand. It was like some kind of Divine Seal, like some kind of taboo.

It’s breathtaking, even if the golden silhouette is already far away in the starry sky beyond million li, but that silhouette seems to be imprinted in the hearts of all souls, and the Divine Seal seems to appear in everyone’s Soul Sea at the same time, too profound mystery and difficult to understand.

ka-cha, the orange Divine Thunder that had been smashed was struck in front of the Divine Seal, and then rolled back violently, hitting the nine heavens and piercing the sky.

A huge hole suddenly appeared on the pitch-black star screen, and colorful lights descended through the hole, just shrouding Lin Fan.

And looking through this hole, it is the vast world on the other side.

The mountains and rivers are magnificent, pavilions and pavilions, divine rainbow hanging in the sky, Immortal Qi surges like chaos, like a mysterious land.

Divine Court is a sensation!

Of course they know who this golden silhouette is.

Chen Xuandong urgently ordered that millions of Divine Court Da Junjun blocked the four wild starry sky, all with murderous intention.

No one would dare to cause trouble in this kind of catastrophe.

But not afraid of ten thousand, just in case.

You must know that the two restricted areas are still missing. You can’t guarantee whether these two restricted areas will suddenly by fair means or foul. I take this opportunity to give Lin Fan a bit of a heartbreak, and he will not hesitate to pay for it. Also drag Lin Fan on the road.

Lin Fan was fighting and fighting various Heavenly Tribulations. In the end, he directly held Zhutian and hung the chaos town god clock directly into his hands, and entered the divine soil behind the hole, causing the divine soil to splash blood.

He was violent, and in the Divine Land, it turned out to be the supreme powerhouse of each era. In the end, Lin Fan wiped out the Divine Land and fell out of the hole covered in blood.

It’s just that, although he has survived the catastrophe, he is like a precarious catastrophe, without auspicious descending, and no rain to moisturize his broken body.

The most important thing is that his soul body does not have any tendency to evolve into Tao fruit.

This is the big question.

It should be noted that the scariest thing in the seven realms is that this realm surpasses other realms simply because the Dao Fruit has first appeared!

The most important thing is that the subsequent path of nurturing and path of pregnancy are all formed around the first appeared path of the seven realms, and the mirror is broken.

But now…

Lin Fan seems to be on a dead end.

He stood under the stars, muttered: “I have deduced all kinds of hardships and hardships that may arise after walking this road, but this kind of thing will happen without expectation.”

Lin Fan is sighing, this broken circuit is indeed extremely powerful, each realm can be called invincible.

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