Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3509


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Lin Fan broke the mirror and finally stepped onto the realm.

That is the highest peak that can be reached in the current era, and the ceiling in the realm of monasticism.

Although Lin Fan’s battle strength has reached this level long ago, it always makes people feel that it is not the same thing, but it is different at this time.

The real seven realms sitting in Divine Court, this kind of deterrence is far more terrifying than Lin Fan’s real battle strength.

But soon Wan Ling shuddered.

Because one catastrophe just settled, one catastrophe started again!

Little young man crosses the robbery.

It is also the Seven Realms Tribulation!

Father and son, both of them broke the mirror on the same day and became the ancestors of the seven realms. This kind of thing is probably unprecedented. It is really a record that has never been approached and will never be approached again.


“Can you condense the Tao fruit?” Lin Fan looked towards Xiao Nuo.

Xiao Nuo was nodded, and his Tao fruit emerged from between his eyebrows, allowing Lin Fan to wait and see for a while.

This is a Resurrection Lily the size of a thumb. This is Xiao Nuo’s Tao fruit. Lin Fan can feel the horror rules contained in this Tao fruit that is not the size of a thumb. If released, it will definitely crush Heaven and Earth and Star River.

Lin Fan is slightly silent. After breaking through the seven realms, he feels that the road ahead is even more confused. How to continue walking?

This is a big problem.

Without Tao fruit, how can one become Tao Tao?

“Father, why don’t you refine your soul and body sacrifices into Dao Fruit?” Xiao Nuo suggested. He frowns and said: “The power of Father Divine Soul can crush all the experts in the starry sky, and since it is a broken road, then It’s better to try.”

“I thought about it this way, but it was too difficult.” Lin Fan waved his hand and said: “Don’t worry and be nervous for me. I will think about it and sum up a path that suits me.”

The starry sky is calmer.

There was no disturbance at all, strictly speaking, since Divine Court took charge of Three Thousand World, even all kinds of crimes have been reduced to a minimum.

Because Xiaowu and Xiaotian are not idle at all, and they do not rub the sand in their eyes. If they were caught and committed crimes, it would be very miserable, and they would strip hundreds of villains alive under the stars. Later, those Xiaoxiao were shocked.

And now, Lin Fan father and son have broken the mirror into seven ancestor-level creatures on the same day, which can shock the stars even more.

This makes countless people grateful for the power of Divine Court, the lower the level, of course, the more grateful to Divine Court.

Time passes steadily and smoothly.


“Brother Lin.”

On this day, Chen Xuandong found Lin Fan, who had a slip in his hand that was about to be eaten by insects.

Lin Fan opened his eyes slightly and looked towards Chen Xuandong.

Over the past 80 years, he has been sitting in the sky-sweeping formation, thinking hard about how to go ahead, and he hasn’t moved a little bit.

He just deduced tens of thousands of ways to move forward, and he finally cut them off by himself.

“Come and see what true or false is recorded on this booklet.” Chen Xuandong was very excited, even his eyes were slightly red.

Lin Fan frowned and looked at it: “This is…Immortal Beheading Four Swords?”

Chen Xuandong nodded fiercely: “It’s Immortal Beheading Four Swords, but I don’t know true or false.”

Lin Fan’s heart is overwhelmed.

Zhuxian, Juexian, Slaughter, Sin!

Isn’t this a legend that only exists on the blue water planet where he is?

Why does this legend still exist in this world?

Furthermore, it is heavily and detailedly recorded on this slippery slip. This slip has a long history. I’m afraid it should be counted with the epoch. It is composed of secondary gold, but it is not the same at this time. Rotten.

“I don’t know either.” Lin Fan answered honestly.

At this time, he was full of emotions.

This is legend coincides with each other. It is still said that someone was like him, once entered time and space, and left a certain legend in a certain unknowable time and space, which led to the difference between the two myths. There are two different systems, all appearing in unrelated worlds.

“Then can we ask Qingyue sister-in-law? Or is it Mengxue brother and sister?” Chen Xuandong smiled: “If this thing is true and it can be found by my Divine Court in the end, There will be great use in the battle of the world.”

Everyone reunited after 80 years.

It’s just that Hua Mengxue’s condition seems to be getting worse. In the past 80 years, only a few times have appeared in the coffin, and the rest of the time is asleep.

“Immortal Beheading Four Swords…”

Hua Mengxue whispered, she seemed to be thinking back, flipping through the memory fragments buried deep in the Soul Sea.

“Hao Xiang had heard that it came from the hand of the first god, and was eventually held by his four Head Disciple.” Hua Mengxue said, “Of course, this is just a rumor.”

“The First God!”

Lin Fan’s heart is tight!

This is almost the same as the legend on Earth.

On the planet of water blue, Immortal Beheading Four Swords comes from Hongjun Old Ancestor.

In this World, it comes from the first god.

Don’t think too much, just the three words First God already represent everything.

“The so-called first god, is it good or bad?” Lin Fan asked.

Hua Mengxue didn’t make a sound for a long while, and she said with a smile after a long time: “This is a legend. It’s hard to tell whether this character exists or not. Where can I know whether it’s good or bad? And, I think, that level of beings , I am afraid that there is no right or wrong heart for a long time, I am afraid I just want to follow my heart.”

Lin Fan is silent.

Follow your wishes.

He has been asking for it.

It may seem simple and easy to pursue, but in fact, it is too difficult.

“These four handles do exist.” Chaiyue has been holding the slips that Chen Xuandong did not know from that horn; she looked up on a long sword nailed to it, looking towards Lin Fan , Tremblingly said: “Husband, don’t you think this sword is very familiar?”

Lin Fan looked along Qingyue’s fingers, suddenly eyes shrank!

“It’s the sword in your hand!” Lin Fan exclaimed!


Exactly the same.

The Slaying Immortal Sword recorded on the slip is no different from Qingyue’s sword.

“No, if it is really Slaying Immortal Sword, shouldn’t it be if a Person blocks, then kill the Person if Buddhas block, kill the Buddhas? How come there is only this power.”

But soon, Lin Fan frowned.

Be aware that the saber in Qingyue’s hand is indeed very strong.

But it hasn’t been used for thousands of years, because that sword has gradually been unable to keep up with Divine Court and facing increasingly stronger enemies, so even if Qingyue is difficult to give up, it is still shelved in the end.

“You said…Is it possible that the father mother sealed the power of this sword?” Qingyue looked towards Lin Fan.

This probability is too big!

Just like when Lin Fan used her mother’s gold sacrifice to give it to Invincible at the earliest, she still chose to seal most of the power.

As the gods of Thor and Dream God, how could they not know this truth?

“Please come out and have a look.” Lin Fan said quickly.

The sword appeared, attracting everyone’s attention, it was so surreal, even the slightest arc of the sword body was exactly the same.

“Azure Phoenix, Can Hong.” Lin Fan squinted slightly. He took Can Hong, and after trying his best to move it, he slashed towards Qingyue’s sword.

“no! ”

Qingyue screamed.

Regardless of whether this sword is Slaughter of Immortals or not, it is precious to her. It is a treasure left to her by her mother, so she is not willing to suffer any damage.

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