Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3512


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Chen Xuandong frowned.

In fact, what he wanted to arrange was Lin Fan to go to the training ground, and Xiao Nuo to the Dead Sky Stream.

Just because Lin Fan sits in Divine Court is very important for the moment, especially after knowing the sinister intentions of the two restricted areas. You must always guard against the two restricted areas taking advantage of the void. Maybe there is some way to It is verified that Lin Fan did not take the Divine Court to kill.

But soon, Chen Xuandong smiled awkwardly.

He forgets that the realm of the father and son is the same at this time. There is no difference between Xiao Nuo sitting in Divine Court and Lin Fan sitting in Divine Court.

Dead Heaven Stream.

It’s not too far away from the main star of Divine Court. Of course, this is for realm people like Lin Fan.

With his cultivation base, he needs to travel two hours quickly, and he has long been far away from the galaxy of Three Thousand World.

“Is this the Dead Sky Stream?” Lin Fan frowned.

Ahead, a waterfall of chaos fell from nine heavens above. It was strange. The chaos should be heavy. Every strand should shatter the mountains and the earth. But at this time, when they fell from nine heavens, look It was very gentle, and it fell gently in the chaotic deep pool at the bottom. There was no sound. It was just that Chaos Energy spread out a little bit, but it retracted in a short period of time, as if by some This kind of formation mark shackles, limited to the margin of the chaotic deep pool, all the chaos that touches the margin must be rewinded in an instant.

“Is this being penetrated by someone?” Lin Fan looked up. The Chaos Waterfall came from nine days, but if you look carefully and carefully, it flows down from a hole about the size of a stadium, this hole. Very irregular.

Lin Fan used the means to push back the years, and wanted to look back in time, but he couldn’t. He could only push back up to thousands of years before he was bounced back by an invisible but extremely terrifying force.

Of course, when he was finally bounced back, Lin Fan struggled to shoot out a bunch of golden light. After a long time, he saw a great cauldron heaven defying up!

“Heavenspan tripod!”

Lin Fan’s eyes are brightened!

The one that broke through the boundary, broke through Nine Heavens, and cut off the ancient and modern is a giant cauldron, this cauldron is too familiar to him; he has held it in his hand for many years.

“Who did the Medicine God shoot against? The strongest blow was terrifying. Is this Death Stream where the Medicine God Zhu Tian is located?”

Lin Fan was suddenly shocked by his guess.

And, the more you think about it, the more likely this guess is to be true.

It’s just because it has been passed down since ancient times that this stream will be buried one day, and of course there will be gods.

This legend has been around for a long time, afraid of hundreds of epochs. Lin Fan has always believed that if there is no real basis, all rumors and so on cannot continue to circulate for tens of thousands of years.

Lin Fan’s mind was shaken, and the cultivation base became more and more profound, but he felt that there were more things he didn’t know.

Regardless of that life, there seems to be something similar to Death Stream.

For example, the burial pit in the world of heaven and human, such as the buried sky ridge in Chaos Realm, and the dead sky stream in Three Thousand World.

breathes deeply, Lin Fan is fully prepared, he leaped high, turned into a golden Divine Dragon, and plunged into the chaotic deep pool suddenly.

too terrifying, the gravity in this is enough to crush Old Ancestor-level creatures, Lin Fan felt that if he hadn’t walked on that short circuit, and the power of his body was far beyond the same realm, he was afraid that he would be deep in this depth. When the lake is 100 meters, it will be squeezed into powder.

This too terrifying, immediately, he shrunk the thousand zhang dragon body into a hundred zhang, and continued to go deeper for 1000 meters, ten zhang… In the end, Lin Fan’s deity transformed this godly and majestic golden Divine Dragon. It is about one chi.

pu’ sound, Lin Fan penetrated the chaotic deep pool, the ubiquitous weight suddenly disappeared, and the sudden relief made him vomit blood, and his face was pale for a long time.

But soon, Lin Fan exclaimed!

Under the chaotic pool, there is really a big world, but it is all broken. You can’t find any intact stars. They are all fragments, and on each fragment, there is a divine might permeating. God is shining, and, apart from this, there is another breath. I can’t tell how I feel, but it’s too uncomfortable and depressing. Just feeling the thread makes Lin Fan want to kneel down.

This is the difference in Life Level.

Just like the snow hare meeting the tiger, he couldn’t stop the fear that arose in his heart, and could only bow and kneel in front of the tiger. He could only wait to die with his bare hands and couldn’t raise any resistance.


Lin Fan is furious.

How can this happen?

The subconscious mind forced him to kneel, and his knees were slightly bent, and he was about to kneel.

The soul and body are roaring, and the thunder pool is roaring, strongly expelling the inner weakness and timidity. Lin Fan holds Zhu Tian and strides forward. At this time, billions of dollars are calculated, and the star fragments contaminated with divine might glow at the same time , Such as beautiful fireflies lit up in the dim time and space, it is very beautiful.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Fan frowned. He faintly felt a sense of intimacy, coming from the fragments of stars that were contaminated with divine might and divine will.

“Is it because of the cause and effect between me and Medicine God?” Lin Fan whispered.

On the Heavenspan tripod, he felt the breath of the God of Medicine, and he also saw the true face of the God of Medicine in One-Essence Holy Land. How could he forget it?

The divine might and divine will pervading the broken starry sky are suddenly left by the god of medicine.

Walking forward, there are residual stars squirming, and then the entire starry sky shook, creaking, causing time and space to burst, and the void to collapse, as if some kind of sleeping place for billions of years was about to wake up.

Lin Fan retreated 100,000 zhang in an instant, and hung Purgatory Hell above his head, squeezing Zhutian with both hands——

“Finally, there are newcomers. I waited so hard.”

A weak voice burrowed into Lin Fan’s Soul Sea at this time.

To be precise, this should be a divine sense fluctuation, which was caught by Lin Fan.

“Who are you?””

Lin Fan fried hair!

It should be noted that this place is weird, and the God of Medicine once fought here, leaving behind an immortal legend that destroys the sky.

Moreover, this place is dilapidated. Divine might and divine will are densely covered on every piece of star fragments. It should have been that no creatures could survive for a long time in this environment, but at this time, such divine sense fluctuations actually appeared.

“I am…the god of medicine.”

The divine sense is coming up again.


Lin Fan was stunned, and his heart fluctuated like an ocean suddenly rolling up Myriad Layers Wave.

“The latecomer, cut off the chaos, erase the divine will, let me out, and I will grant you eternal life.” The creature who claims to be a god of medicine speaks, with bewilderment, let Lin Fan fall into confusion and chaos, like a body involuntarily , To execute this order.

With a bang, Lin Fan unconsciously lifted Zhutian, trying to poke into the chaotic deep pool above his head. As a result, at this moment, the Lightning Martial Spirit gently swayed, and the golden ripples swept the Soul Sea. His movements Suddenly slowed down.

“I am too weak…I can’t break.”

Lin Fan spoke, still in a state of chaos.

“hehe…you can rest assured that as long as there is external blessing, this shackle and seal will be broken.” The creature said, and explained seriously, bluntly that this world was flooded by the power of two Supremes, and both sides reached a certain level. Kind of delicate balance.

In this case, even if an ant comes in, it can break this balance and get him out of trouble.

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