Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3513


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“Go, posterity, I promise you the status of eternal life, and you have the highest fruit status. This is the promise of God.”

The divine sense of Spiritual God becomes more and more majestic.

Lin Fan has woken up at this time, there is no chaos, no confusion.

He perceives that one after another weird gray air current is eroding from all around to him, trying to penetrate into his Soul Sea and dominate his will.

His Golden Soul Sea has erected layers of blazing light curtains, blocking them all out.

“God… can also be promised?” Lin Fan whispered, as if he was murmuring unconsciously, and as if he was asking under greed.

“Heh… it’s just a god, mass production is okay, you guys think of this realm too terrifying.”

In the divine sense of Spiritual God, there is a kind of contempt and disdain for even.

Simple words made Lin Fan’s heart beat with fear and death!

Can make gods in batches!

This is too terrifying. It seems that in this sentence, he has captured a lot of historical facts and learned a lot of big fans. He has some vague guesses about True God and false gods.

Of course, for the unknown existence that bewitched him at this time, he also had an accurate conclusion!

“Go, future generations, what are you still thinking about? Hold the heavy halberd in your hand to the Chaos Waterfall, cut him off the moment, I will be able to get out of trouble, then let you become a god, from now on overlooking Star Sea is invincible against the flow of time.”

The divine sense of the living creatures has risen again, and those gray air currents that have eroded Lin Fan Soul Sea are more, more violent, and more terrifying.

The most important thing is that Lin Fan has seen it more than once or twice, and felt this kind of gray air current——

Whenever the patrol hunter is killed, this air current will appear!

“Fuck you!”

Lin Fan cursed: “Old Thief Heaven, you dare to pretend to be the name of the god of medicine, do you deserve it?”

He couldn’t help it anymore, feeling that this was a defilement to the God of Medicine.

The most important thing is that he is grateful to the God of Medicine.

Whether it is Zhutian, or the “Secret Art of Medicine God” that made immortal feats in his growth, it is bestowed by the God of Medicine.

At this time, the sky that had been killed by the god of medicine was here to use the god of medicine to deceive him, and even wanted to invade his Soul Sea, and in his ignorance, he turned him into the most obedient Puppet.

So, Lin Fan was angry, with fierce murderous intention and murderous intent, and even wanted to continue to pretend to be stupid, pretend to be controlled, and try to find out if he can hear more fans.

But I really can’t help it at this time.

“For posterity, do you know what you are talking about? You are insulting a god. The galaxy you are in will collapse. Millions and millions of creatures will be destroyed because of your disrespect.”

“get lost!” Lin Fan shouted angrily and roared: “You are just the punishable heaven, how can you be worthy of the name of the god of medicine?”

hong long!

The entire starry sky is earthquake!

All the star fragments vibrated together, and then all emitted the most blazing rays of light, divine runes billion absolutely, turned into various terrifying True Spirits and resonated here—”Ah…the god of medicine! You damn you! Damn! You can’t kill this day, but you imprisoned this day for three thousand eras!”

Lin Fan suddenly seemed to be punched in the heart!

Although there has been speculation for a long time, I know who this is the name of the god of medicine.

But at this time, when this fact was really in front of him, Lin Fan couldn’t help but panic!


This is a title, accompanied by various myths.

Lin Fan has always thought that this word is just an excuse for ignorant people to make for their old and weak.

Even until today, when he came to this step, he still stubbornly believed that heaven should not exist to make sense.

But at this time, it really appeared!

What is he?

“hong long!”

The starry sky quaked again, and suddenly hundreds of star fragments burst open, turned into powder and dissipated, the vast and majestic coercion suddenly fell on Lin Fan’s shoulders, and it turned out that he was suddenly shorter. .

“I am God, even if you accidentally lose in the battle, it is not like you ants can insult.”

The sky opened his mouth with a cruel smile, and at this moment, with a squeak, a piece of star fragments suddenly appeared in the sky and took Lin Fan’s eyebrows.

Lin Fan have one’s hair stand on end.

Is he in Zhantian?

Too incredible.

He just wanted to come here to find out if one of the four swords was buried here; as a result, he met this terrifying major event that was so weird that no one would believe it.

“pu 呲!”

Lin Fan coughed up blood, and a deep pit appeared on Heavenly Halberd’s front. He exploded back 100,000 zhang and hit the edge of the starry sky fiercely. The whole body seemed to be split. Skeleton and others seemed to be in an instant. Broken into countless pieces.

However, Lin Fan is laughing heartily!

He resisted.

Although he was embarrassed, he was not dead.

“Damn…” The sky roared fiercely.

“You can’t, being suppressed by the God of Medicine, you can’t kill me.”

Lin Fan ridiculed, and he went into purgatory hell: “Do you know what this is? This is a treasure that the Samsara God sacrificed with your kind.”

“The emperor…is also dead?” Tian said like this, with silence: “Samsara is indeed very strong, and all gods are regarded as exalted.”

Lin Fan squinted.

“Okay, ants, you have only two choices today, break the balance, release me, reward you with the highest glory, can give you the position of god, or die here.”

Lin Fan mocked: “Let me be a false god?”

The sky seems slightly surprised: “You know a lot, let Tian see you.”

It seems that the sky suddenly shone on Lin Fan, and Lin Fan roared to block this visit.

“It’s useless, in this world, apart from those few, no one can escape this day’s visit.”

Very arrogant and playful.

This makes Lin Fan even more weird.

Even if the sky exists, shouldn’t it be aloof and remote, not Seven Emotions and Six Desires?

Why does this happen?

Too human.


Tian was suddenly shocked: “No, your origin is not in any known day, what’s the matter?”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink slightly.

“The god of thunder…the god of dreams…reincarnation…time and space…the god of medicine…have a great cause and effect with you.” Tian Horror: “I understood, maybe you are in the major event they conspired for hundreds of millions of years. The crucial link, hehe…very good, you send it to the door and kill you, I’m afraid it can make those people’s hundreds of thousands of plans empty.”

Lin Fan was on guard, but didn’t know how to prevent it.

This kind of struggle is so strange that you don’t even know where or what your enemy looks like.

: “Come on, roll to death.”

Tian sighed: “This day only punishes the gods, today… ashamed.”


At this moment, the fragments of stars and so on all glowed, and then turned into pieces of the most splendid armor, all flew up and gathered on Lin Fan sonorously.

“Kill the Thief Heaven.”

This is the voice of the God of Medicine.

in an instant, Lin Fan is not well.


Sure, isn’t it cracking a joke?

Let him, Zhu Tian?

“This armor has my strength, enough for you to support one hour of fighting him.” The voice of the God of Medicine rose again, as if the deity was beside Lin Fan.

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