Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3514


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one hour!

This time seems to be abundant.

At least Lin Fan has never fought and fought with people for one hour, and has always been a lore in a dozen tricks.

Actually, this is not the case, you know, this is a battle against the sky.

The most important thing is that Lin Fan still doesn’t know what the so-called sky is, what exists, and how to fight?

“Rune’s eye can capture his true body.” Medicine God reminded, and said: “This is just a preview of the future, can you, dare to go to a battle.”

“The God of Medicine! I know you are here, come out to fight.”

The sky roared, and he noticed the existence of God of Medicine.

The God of Medicine appeared, sitting on the great cauldron, his body in a chaotic shape, making people unclear, clearly right in front of him, but as if he was far away from endless time and space.

“You and I fought together three times. Didn’t you lose that time?” The God of Medicine said this fact plainly, and ridiculed: “Even if the Dao Fruit is not stable in my first life, and the God is not fixed, it can be done. Suppress you, let alone now that I have been added to the Eighth World Daoguo.”

“Try it!”

A blast of air rushed out.

It’s really just a stream of air, changing different shapes, sometimes distorted like a devil and sometimes holy.

This disappointed Lin Fan.

Is this the sky?

I always feel that the imaginary sky shouldn’t be like this, as if the Supreme beings that have existed since ancient times, like the endless mountain that stands tall.

“You activated Divine Eyes, of course you can see the truth under his disguise.”

The silhouette of the God of Medicine glanced at Lin Fan. Lin Fan suddenly woke up. He closed rune’s eyes and looked at it with naked eye and Heavenly Eye.

It really changed a lot.

Too tall and holy, with Buddha-like mercy, and War God-like majesty. It seems that all the most beautiful words in the world can be applied to him, but at first glance, the majesty makes people want Worship down.

But if you ask Lin Fan to tell his true image, it is impossible to describe it in words. It is impossible to tell whether it is a man or a woman.

“It is these things that disrupt the era, deprive all beings of their immortality, and draw a circle for all beings. They can only survive and forge ahead within the circle he allows. As long as there are outstanding people with that strength, they will step out of the boundaries they set. Will be condemned.”

The god of medicine speaks, it is very cold and severe and gloomy, and two horrible beams of light turn into sword light and stand up to the sky itself.

Time and space are silent, the road becomes ashes, everything is returned to chaos, even Lin Fan is ruining with this broken star, there are many cracks on his body, and he is about to collapse.

But in an instant, when the medicine god’s big hand flicked down, everything that was broken was healed, and the time and space that had passed away came back again.

Lin Fan was ruined in an instant but reborn in an instant, as if the pain and collapse just now were dreams, but he knew that all of this had happened, because there were three or five drops of red blood under his feet. Open up a space.

Is this the horror of the gods?

Master good luck.

Flicking the palm can shape the universe.

“You are weaker, but I am stronger. How do you fight with me.” The god of medicine sneered, and the rugged pupil light pierced the mist of the rules that conceal his face, and smashed it like a knife in the sky.

“If it wasn’t for you…”

“If you hadn’t been imprisoned by me, you would grow up, wouldn’t you?” Yao Shen didn’t wait for the day to finish, and jokingly went on: “What are you? Can you compete with us for growth?”

The sky is silent.

“Go, go to a battle.” The God of Medicine looked towards Lin Fan and said: “We are all watching, which step you have grown up to, this is very important, it is very big, and the number of implicated counts is millions and millions of years. Layout.”

Lin Fan smiled wryly.

Is this to catch the ducks on the shelves?

Everything today really subverted all his cognition.

The heavens really exist.

The God of Medicine is still alive.

True God and false god may be the difference between godsend and penance.

Today’s party has gained a lot and learned a lot of top secrets.

But at this time, the God of Medicine asked him to fight the sky!

“tsk tsk… Are you dissatisfied with this flag, do you want to send him on the road in another way, so as to change people?” Tian ridiculed, and, under the peep of Lin Fan rune’s eyes, he is not sacred , At this time, with pupil light squinting at the god of medicine, the eyes are full of doubt and fear.

The power of fear of the god of medicine.


Of course it was the Medicine God who made him fight.

“Anyone who underestimates him will pay the price of blood, even if it is the sky.” Medicine God smiled.

“Oh? Is it so important?” Tian smiled, and looked towards Lin Fan: “Come on, and see what disagrees with ordinary people about your lucky ant.”


Lin Fan couldn’t refute these two words.

At least judging from his cognition at this time, Tian aloof and remote, calling him an ant, seems right.

But soon, he was horrified, and stared at the gray airflow with fear.

He knew that he was recruited just now and suffered a small loss. He was almost planted a seed of failure in the heart that day, and he almost collapsed his Dao Heart and Dao Will, that invincible will Crash.

“Aren’t you a god? Don’t you call me an ant? Why do you still use this kind of trick!”

Lin Fan was angry, holding the halberd and pointing forward, with joking and trance, and sighed: “This halberd is named Zhutian…I didn’t intend to name it, but it coincides with the situation at this time.”

It started.


The body of heaven suddenly slapped Lin Fan’s head with a palm, too fast, as if he was with the light. In the past, Lin Fan’s proud speed was not enough to compare with the speed of the body of heaven at this time. Such as Haoyue and Firefly.

But abruptly, Lin Fan actually moved to the side. His battle awareness is the dominant one, but in fact, if it weren’t for the gorgeous armor on his body, he couldn’t avoid it, even if he would be killed in any part of his body. Can’t dodge.

“You have no fear in your heart, don’t think that this is the so-called sky, treat him as a local chicken and dog, or just treat him as a maggot.”

The God of Medicine spoke very solemnly, saying: “If you see him aloof and remote, he will only get stronger and stronger in the battle with you.”

Lin Fan is horrified, and clear comprehension at the same time.

He started to use the visualization method from a long time ago in the heart. Soon, Lin Fan showed a smile in his eyes, and finally let out a hey laugh.

Twisting his neck and stretching, Lin Fan relaxes.

Also, know how to use the power that the God of Medicine left him.

Lin Fan’s mind all sinks into the gorgeous armor——


In this brief moment, Lin Fan’s fusion was completed, and hundreds of millions of divine glow erupted, which alarmed Nine Nether. The dead starry sky was all illuminated, making this star of millions and millions of years dead again rays of light gorgeous.

At this moment, Lin Fan really felt that by raising his hand, he could punish the sky. It was a self-confidence that was enough to swallow the world, as if the entire world could not bear the power of raising his hand.

This is an invincible force that can sweep through the ages. It’s really too powerful. If it’s a force comparison.

For the Lin Fan deity, there can only be one at most.

But the power at this time is at least ten thousand.

“Heh… it turns out that you just gave him divine force.” The body of the sky mocked, he hooked Lin Fan: “Come on, ants.”

Also, he shot, the speed is still unimaginable, but this time, Lin Fan raised his hand to block his suppress and kill punch to the head, the two fist marks collided together, sending out a flaming Light, like the end of the world, all the starry sky was turned into gray, but it was healed again under the finger of the medicine god.


Lin Fan screamed, he wants to take the initiative to attack, mastering the rhythm of this battle.

But no, this battle is not fair.

Lin Fan has a vast divine might and can squander it at will, but there is no corresponding god to support it.

It’s very difficult, Lin Fan nearly survived many times.

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