Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3515


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“Ant, you can’t do it, what about the divine force that is bestowed on you? You can only squander like a reckless man, knowing how to do it.”

This kind of voice is too playful, with contempt from the deepest part of my heart.

“Enough to kill you.”

Lin Fan’s answer is simple and powerful.

He has a solemn expression. He is thinking about the gains and losses of the last battle. Indeed, as the body of heaven said, even if the God of Medicine has given him endless divine force, he does not know how to use it. That is another level of power, beyond To the extreme of humanity.

“This is the coldest joke I have ever heard. A little dust also misses the sky and the sea? A Stinking Insect also wants to kill the sky.” The body of the sky shook his head with a mocking smile.

One step forward, Lin Fan takes a shot, although the star armor on his body has been broken, but what about it?

Lin Fan has fought with the enemy in this life, but has he ever stepped back?

The battle continues!

This time, Lin Fan achieved a little victory.

The most important originated from close combat, which allowed Lin Fan to move back to the disadvantage to the greatest extent.

The God of Medicine watched carefully and earnestly from the side. Of course, which pair of eyes were full of Lin Fan’s silhouette, as for the various aloof and remote heaven bodies in front of Lin Fan; he didn’t take another look.

The God of Medicine exclaims from time to time, and makes a sound of regret from time to time.

Those exclamations are marveling at Lin Fan’s grasp of the timing, regret, of course, regret, Lin Fan has corresponding combat experience, but the real realm is too low, even if the fighter is captured, it is useless and cannot be an effective lore. The body of heaven.

In fact, if the same fighter is mastered by him, it is enough to reverse all the disadvantages within one move; even a straight day out is not impossible.

“I feel almost done.”

Another divine shadow appeared. This is a refined man with a slight smile.

The God of Medicine is slightly frowned.

“He is still far away, at least we need to hold him back for ten thousand years.” Thor said, calmly.

“Ten thousand years…” The god of medicine sighed like a sigh, and said: “Those who have passed away are about to come back, and those who are reincarnated are about to awaken…Do we really have ten thousand years left? Fighting countless epochs… I Tired.”

Thunder God is silent slightly.

Yao Shendao: “He did grow up fast enough, thinking about you and me only this year, and even compared to the dangers he encountered. Our living environment is really peaceful, but still not enough.”

“That road…” Thor smiled bitterly and said: “Too bitter.”

“But only by doing that can he grow up at the fastest speed. We can’t wait too long.”

Compared to Thor, Yaoshen is more decisive, and his eyes are full of very ruthless light.

“Well, it’s up to you, but if you really do that, you will be miserable in the future. At least this Little Brat will fight you many times.” Thor shrugged and said: “Of course, he still My son-in-law, so I will not interfere in this matter, you can arrange it yourself.”

“Let you take a big advantage.” Medicine God sighed.

Thor laughed and said: “Who makes you guy no girl?”

The god of medicine is coldly snorted.

Thor smiled again: “I’m leaving, this battle… there is no need to go down. Being able to get to this step is enough to shake the past and the present. I am afraid that the old bastard who crawled out of within reincarnation will be shocked. “


Suddenly; the sky body roars.

The two gray-brown arms he changed were clamped by Lin Fan with one hand, but the other hand swelled the divine force and blasted forward. It turned out to be a gray airflow, that golden light. The burst of fist marks shot out from his chest.

“Ma De, what god, I’m beating my son!”

Lin Fan howled angrily. He shook his fists continuously, and in an instant a hundred fists slammed out, causing the air currents that merged into the sky to explode one by one.

“Ant! Go to death!”

Heaven’s body roared several times. The black torrent was drawn by him from different time and space, and turned into a Heavenly Dragon. It shook off Lin Fan’s restrained arm and slammed it on Lin Fan’s chest.

Lin Fan spouted blood and fell back 100,000 zhang, smashing a large area of ​​the sky, and the armor on his chest suddenly burst into fragments, leaving a large piece of space.

But Lin Fan rushed forward again at the moment when he stopped falling back, humming in his hands, and blasted forward with the calming bell.


The cold voice blows like a gloomy wind, and a weird road rushes forward. The cold and severe Zhutian was dimmed in an instant, which horrified Lin Fan and killed him. Then, using the weird way of the body, he took Zhutian and Zhenshen Clock back into Soul Sea and put them into the thunder pool.

“The ants…you really annoy me.” The heavenly body once again turned into that majestic and sacred silhouette. He looked at the numerous depressions and penetrating wounds on his body, and the majesty and sacredness disappeared and turned into a sacred body. Killing intent.

“It’s almost there.” Thor said again, “Go on, he is impossible to gain any advantage, impossible is to gain any advantage, the gap is too big, worlds apart, the distance between gods and mortals.”

The god of medicine nodded, said: “But you and I have a big gain, at least it proves that this kid can go that way.”

Thor’s pupils shrank slightly, but he didn’t say anything.

“It’s time to intensify certain processes.” Yao Shen said, and looked towards Thor: “I suggest you two go out and play.”

Thor smiled bitterly, but still did not speak.


Lin Fan is showing off.

Of course, after continuous losses, he understood that in a battle in the dunya, his various ultimate moves, such as one yuan, the sky thunder world, etc., are not enough to be seen in front of the heavens, like a fake, simple “corrupt” two As soon as the word came out, it really had the mighty power to turn magic into decay.

At this time, he was crushed and beaten, and he didn’t even have the strength to fight back.

“Ni chaos! Chaos, Chaos, Heaven and Earth Chaos!”

Lin Fan is full of murderous intent.

Since I set foot on the road, has there ever been such an aggrieved battle?

Who knows, this rebellion has a miraculous effect!

When the game was played, the Heavenly Body screamed–“How can you do this? How could you do this? Even the God of Medicine can only realize it in the seventh life…”

Lin Fan frowned.

Of course, he didn’t see the shock on the face of Thunder God on the side of Medicine God and the incredible face of Medicine God.

Lin Fan only knows that Niran is useful, and the nine-style Niran’s uninterrupted horizontal strikes have miraculous effects, making the heavenly body scream again and again.

“What a pity.”

The Medicine God and Thor sighed like this at the same time.

“If he has the power of the gods, these few tricks will be enough to destroy this day.” The God of Medicine sighed.

Raytheon nodded, said: “This step is enough to fight, you should take action. This is a big thing. I didn’t agree with him to go that way in advance, but now it seems…”

The medicine Divine Eyes narrowed, the Thunder God disappeared, and the battle below was stopped by the medicine God.

“Go, in today’s battle, go back and experience it, you will benefit from this life.” God of Medicine glanced at Lin Fan.

Suddenly, Lin Fan felt that he was being repelled by a wave of Supreme’s mighty power, but in a blink of an eye, he was out of the dead.

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