Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3516


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Lin Fan stopped here, and he looked towards Dead Sky Stream.

Only in an instant, that day was collapsing, and the ground was sinking; the endless aftermath spread out and hit his deity.

This made Lin Fan horrified. He felt that a catastrophe was imminent and he was about to die.

If this aftermath spreads endlessly, the Three Thousand World will all be annihilated today, and the impossible will continue under this starry sky.

Fortunately, the one who took the shot was the God of Medicine. A great cauldron flew up and went straight into the nine heavens above, and then it expanded a million times, covering the entire stream of dead heaven, and the aftermaths that spread out hit The Dingbi buzzed.

Lin Fan is silent.

The gains from this battle are of course great.

Don’t say anything else, it’s just that his Daoism and fighting intent are not comparable to before. Zhantian, this speaking of which is like is legend, but it happened to him.

Of course, Lin Fan would not foolishly think that he really has that kind of ability.

“Perhaps…all the planning for eternity is just to…cut the sky.”

Lin Fan whispered and said lightly, but it made his scalp numb for a moment.

“You let me fight, are you trying to test my battle strength at this time?” Lin Fan whispered, and then laughed: “Can I disappoint you? Don’t think you are here. I don’t know. Actually, I know, it’s just you. Since I don’t want to see me, I don’t even bother to say anything.”

Lin Fan is gone, and hurried to Divine Court. In the loop, Lin Fan is thinking about the chaos.

In this battle, he knows what his strongest skills and methods are. He is rebellious and confused his ears. If he doesn’t think about it, he should devote all his thoughts and thoughts to this chaos.

In Divine Court.

All the top.

All of them have a sullen face, and Xiao Nuo’s face is pale, and she knows that she has experienced a terrible and cruel fight.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Fan came, and when he saw this scene, his pupils suddenly shrank.

“Why did you come here! The message was sent to you hundreds of times, and you didn’t reply.” Li Guang said, and Lin Fan realized that he was missing an arm.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Fan dashing eyebrows stood up, his eyes flashing with killing intent, and a horrified baleful qi rushed towards Nether, and said sternly: “Are those two coming to attack Divine Court?”

Chen Xuandong’s eyes were cold, and he said: “It is indeed those two, but they are not here to attack Divine Court.”

Lin Fan brows frowned, said: “Let’s talk slowly, I first healed the broken arm for Li Guang.”

“It’s useless.” Li Guang shook his head: “This is Zhuxian’s sword. It is a blessing to be able to save his life.

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink sharply!

But he still walked over, the eye of rune was activated, and two laser-like line of sight shots on Li Guang’s slit. After a while, Lin Fan frowned and said, “This way is so scary and can stop Your self-healing can more offset the various Supreme treasures.”

Li Guang twitched his lips who didn’t care and said: “I don’t care, I will kill the old bastard next time I meet him.”

Lin Fan’s brows are still frowning: “Don’t think too much, it’s just a small difficulty, I will find a way to restore you to the original.”

Lin Fan smoothed the blood energy for Li Guang until Li Guang’s complexion eased slightly and he no longer tolerated the pain. Then he sat down slowly and said, “Maybe the training ground is really…”

Li Guang nodded with a smile, said: “Indeed, that is the hiding place for the last sword.”

“Zhe Xian…” Lin Fan sighed.

“Father, it’s useless for a child.” Xiao Nuo rebuked himself.

“Nonsense.” Chen Xuandong lightly scolded: “The two major restricted areas have been killed by the legendary two swords, and there is a formation diagram to complement each other. If it were not for you, I am afraid that everyone who entered the training ground would not survive.”

Xiao Nuo lowered his head.

Lin Fan patted Xiao Nuo’s shoulder: “It’s done beautifully, at least it didn’t cause any serious injuries. Even more how you Xuandong Uncle told me that even if you are trapped in the sword array, you still kill the two The seven or eight statues in the restricted area are even more smashed by the sword array with heavy halberds, to the depths and fears.”

“Xiao Nuo is really brave. If it weren’t for him to kill the two men, I have full confidence that those two people will try to destroy my Divine Court while you are away.” Wuji said, his eyes were very cold. and severe.

“Immortal Beheading Four Swords…” Lin Fan said quietly.

Even now, Lin Fan still feels a little dazed when he hears the name of the four swords.

Because of this legend, it is really like thunder piercing the ear on that blue planet. It started before the opening of the sky and traversed many mythological history.

This World, there is also…

“Fortunately, the Slaying Immortal Sword is still in our hands.” Chen Xuandong said with a solemn expression: “As long as our sword is not lost, the other party will not be able to form a perfect Immortal Beheading Sword Formation.”

Xiao Nuo nodded, said: “In fact, continue to kill today, we must lose, that sword array formidable power too terrifying, I can break through once or twice, but impossible is eternal and invincible, always tired.”

Lin Fan said with a sneer: “They are waiting to collect the four swords of Qi, and they have a certainty that our father and son will kill, they are not really terrified by you.”

Xiao Nuo is nodded.

“Prepare for battle.” Lin Fan said with a grin: “Even if they really form the Four Swords?”

“The sword array formidable power is so great that it is not allowed to be underestimated.” Chen Xuandong instructed, “It happens that the third sword is in our hands, otherwise I will have more trouble sleeping and eating.”

Lin Fan laughed and said, “You don’t have to think about it, and don’t bother to search where they are. You will definitely not be able to do anything after you work hard. If we can find out, we will find out. We will wait for work and wait for them to call. Come here.”

Lin Fan casually, mainly to reduce the burden on everyone’s heart.

How could he despise the sword formation’s prestige?

The people continued to talk, but whenever they asked him about the various things about going to Death Stream, he was always vague, or he just changed the topic, which made them a little strange.


At this moment, a blazing light swept across the Universe Starry Sky like a scorching sun, so that everyone could not open their eyes.

Lin Fan got up suddenly, stepped onto the starry sky, looking at the direction of the explosion.

That is the stream of death.

But at this time, he exploded, and even all galaxies were turned into gray, and the blazing brightness was followed by eternal darkness.

The sky they set up suddenly howling wind and torrential rain, bloody lightning roars, and there are bright red raindrops pouring.

“Heaven is dead.”

Lin Fan whispered.

Only this is possible, the medicine god kills the sky.


An unknown place.

Three Divine Swords with different colors and lustre lie in front of them. No one is urging them. They are suspended in the air by themselves, clanging loudly, and the bits of sword energy that burst out from time to time are enough to split the sky.

Xuanyou and Lianying both stared at the three Divine Swords greedily.

“jié jié…There are three of the four. If we find the last one, we can kill back to Three Thousand World, slaughter Divine Court, and take charge of the starry sky.” Xuanyou grinned.

Lian Ying has a cold face, said with a malicious smile: “The father and son should die!”

Xuanyou’s face sank, and said: “Little Young God…really strong, his body is like Linnuo.”

“Strong? Under Immortal Beheading Sword Formation, everything is ants.” Lian Ying sneered: “The reason why I can break through sword array is because the four swords are uneven. Otherwise, let alone Lin Nuo, even his father Lin Fan is here, so I have to drink hate.”

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