Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3517


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Both of them smirked jié jié, full of murderous intent, and there was expectation in their eyes.

“Keep on searching.” Xuan You said, “Obviously, Divine Court also knows our intentions and is also looking for it.”

“It’s useless.” Lian Ying sneered: “We have the sword array in our hands, so we can more accurately perceive where the last bit of slaughter is. In this game, we have the upper hand.”


At a certain time, no one knew about the Divine Court fighting against the restricted area.

The training ground was activated again, and this time, the pawns of Divine Court advanced farther, ten thousand meters, this area is more dangerous, but also more capable of training people.

Lin Fan is once again caught in the cultivation day and night.

In a short period of time, I don’t know how many powerhouses the Divine Court has cultivated for Divine Court. You must know that within one day, equivalent to the outside world for decades, this is a cultivation accelerator for terror and heaven defying.

In the 300th year, Lin Fan probably knew how to continue this disconnection. Of course, it was only deduced in Soul Sea, and it requires practice to implement it.

Qingyue broke into the six realms, only half a step away from the front of the territory.

In fact, if it weren’t for Lin Fan’s cautious advice, to make Qingyue more realm before tempering, maybe Qingyue has already reached this step.

In the 400th year, Lin Fan really knew how to take this road, and tried Yu Yu to walk alone, and successfully took a small step. At the same time, Lin Fan’s Small World changed greatly and was full of vitality. , Fish, insects, etc. appeared, and the rule of fire buried in the heart of the earth by Lin Fan gave this planet a pulse and movement.

At this time, Lin Fan is sitting cross-legged above his Small World, a posture that he has maintained for a hundred years.

“so that’s how it is.” Lin Fan sighed, he understood something, but Lin Fan’s eyes were very strange–

This is a real star, how can we integrate it into Soul Sea and make it into a fruit?

This is a bit weird.

But it’s about his future, and he has to do it. Lin Fan only thinks the road ahead is a bit difficult.


In the world for four hundred years, no major waves have occurred.

450 years ago, at the extreme edge of the Divine Court galaxy, a major event appeared. A soldier who came from nowhere killed thousands of soldiers stationed in the frontier at Divine Court for no reason.

This makes Chen Xuandong angry!

You know, Divine Court has been in charge of Three Thousand World for thousands of years and has never been offended so much.

Under his order, Xiao Nuo rushed to the frontier in reincarnation.

At the instruction of Lin Fan, Qingyue sent Slaughter Immortal to Xiao Nuo.

This battle is scary, and of course it’s quick.

Everyone can only see that scarlet sword light cut through the starry sky, accompanied by the fairy light flying up, and the endless blood rain falling down.

It’s just a sword. All the enemies who came here died, and none of them survived.

The most terrifying thing is that after these enemies who committed the Divine Court were killed, they only left behind a dead body. All the essence and so on were all swallowed by the Slaughter Immortal, making this Slaying Immortal Sword The body is more glamorous; a weird red glow is released.

An unknown place.

“The last sword really lies with them.”

Xuanyou complexion ashen, full of unwillingness.

Lian Ying’s eyes jumped straight, and it took a long time to say with a malicious smile: “Divine Court sits on the world and controls the stars. Of course, the news is better than us, and it’s normal to get a sword.”

“But in this way, the sword array is incomplete.” Xuan You looked ugly, and said: “The sword array is incomplete, and the natural lethality is drastically reduced. Is there a certainty that Lin Fan father and son will be killed?”

Lian Ying glanced at him, sneered: “You really were terrified by the father and son.”

Xuanyou glared at Lian Ying and jokingly said: “If you weren’t terrified by the father and son, how could you hide for thousands of years in this limited space invisible to the sun?”

Lian Ying’s face suddenly sank.

Xuanyou tsk tsk smiled: “In my opinion, you and I are the big brothers and not the second brother. Under the majesty of the father and son, they lost their fighting spirit.”

Lian Ying did not speak for a long while, and after a long silence, he said grimly: “I admit, so I want to find the face and war heart I lost, all of which I have lost.”

Xuanyou eyes shrank: “Are you going to do it?”

“Of course you have to do it.” Lian Ying grinned: “For so many years, we have practiced the sword array every day, and we are already proficient. We should be able to bring out the most powerful might of the Three Swords and kill the father and son. It shouldn’t be difficult.”

Xuanyou’s eyes appeared to be moving, and a moment later, he said: “A hundred years later, a hundred years later, we are going to fight.”

“After all…you are more afraid of death than I am.” Lianying jié jié smiled: “Well, then a hundred years, wait for the father and son to live a hundred years.”

In Divine Court.

“If the two swords only have this power, it will not be difficult to break.” Lin Fan said, he looked at the sword array drawn by Xiao Nuo with the strength of Divine Soul, his expression was slightly solemn, and said: “But, can It can be seen from their trajectory that these two people did not cooperate well and did not give full play to this sword formation’s prestige.”

Xiao Nuo is nodded.

Lin Fan said: “They have got the sword array for hundreds of years, so next time they meet, you must be careful.”

“Father, I feel they are going to be killed soon.” Xiao Nuo said, “If father doesn’t let the child kill the enemy with the Slaughter Immortal, maybe they will still be willing to continue to find the fourth sword in silence, but since they know the Slaughter If the immortal is in our hands, they should know that they have no hope, so they should be unable to sit still.”

Lin Fan said with a sneer: “I deliberately told them that killing immortals was in the hands of my Divine Court. It dragged on for nearly 2000 years. This time is long enough.”

Xiao Nuo’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Lin Fan said: “I thought the battle between the two realms would have happened in about a thousand years.”

Xiao Nuo said: “It should be that the many foreshadowings that father buried in Chaos Realm are of great use and restrain that group.”

“It should be so.” Lin Fan nodded, said: “At the very least, the woman in the Senluo world can let the heavenly people drink a pot, even more how there are many Divine Race shots over and under.”

After a long while, Lin Fan said: “But the battle in the realm should not be long. The strength of that clan is terrifying. Whether it is the Divine Race or the one that I arranged in the Senluo realm, it should not last long. , In fact, the time of 2000 years is something I have never expected, all… solve them in the shortest time, after killing them… the whole starry sky prepares for battle.”

One hundred years.

Two generations of dunya.

But for the cultivator; in the blink of an eye.

Lin Fan is still on his Small World.

In the past 200 years, he has been doing one thing-sacrificing the whole star.

It’s just too difficult.

200 years ago, he was just an initial understanding, to continue to the next step, it will be difficult, not inferior to the layman.

But this is his only way. It must be so, otherwise he will be trapped in this situation forever.

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