Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3518


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Lin Fan even felt that he had boarded a thief boat, and was no longer impossible to step down. He could only go forward courageously, and step back was a ten thousand zhang abyss.

For Lin Fan, who is immersed in thoughts, time is slow, but another hundred years have passed in the blink of an eye.

In the past hundred years, Lin Fan’s gains have been even greater. Looking down from a very high altitude, you can see that the outermost layer of Lin Fan’s stars is at least 1000 meters. The ancient star does not touch the edge.

This is one of Lin Fan’s gains. The initial success of the ritual, if it continues to be stable, maybe at most thousands of years, this big star can truly become Lin Fan’s Tao fruit.

Of course, this is just an idealized state. How can it be so easy in the actual process?

There will be all kinds of ups and downs, and there will be endless hardships waiting for Lin Fan.

One day–

Suddenly, a sword light was chopped down from Nine Heavens and hit the main star of Divine Court!

This sword is too terrifying and sensational. The sword light traverses the entire Three Thousand World, like a blood-colored unrolled bolt of white silk scouring down, covering the vast main stars of Divine Court under it.

Thrilling Human World, shaking the palace of heaven!

Divine Court has dominated the starry sky for thousands of years. No one dared to disobey, and was respected in the world, but at this time someone cut a sword from the sky, with vicious and sinister intentions, fearing that the destruction of Divine Court is not the main player. The purpose, but to humiliate the dignity of Divine Court!

“Who madmen dare to come to Divine Court to make trouble!”

In the Divine Court, there was roaring and shaking.

That is Wu Jian.

To this day, he is already a great cultivator of the six realms. The world only saw an arm thrusting into the sky, holding a sacred sword against the other sword.

With a clang, sword energy overflows, killing intent shocked.

The shocking sword was defeated, but in a flash, those defeated sword intents once again evolved countless ten thousand small swords, all suspended in the starry sky, aimed at the main star of Divine Court, all swords Point forward.


Under the sword, like a rainstorm pear blossom.

“get lost! ”

It’s angry roar again. It was Xiaowu who was making a shot, and his big hand touched the sky, and all the disasters were wiped out. This made people even more in awe of the terrifying power of Divine Court.

The years passed by calmly, more then 2000 years without any war, not at all let the main battle strength of Divine Court slack off, on the contrary, in this peaceful age, they cherish the rare opportunities of cultivation even more and strive to become stronger , Have made considerable progress.




“Divine Court is destroyed today!”

“Divine Court died today, shame on my restricted area!”

Two consecutive blows were resolved. It seemed that the shooter behind was a bit angry, and cut through the void with a sword. It turned out that in an instant, a space channel that didn’t know where to penetrate was blasted out, making the millions of heroes. The roar of roar spans time and space; it rolls along this passage, forming a terrifying prestige, suppressing the entire Divine Court ancient star.

“Lianying and Xuanyou? The deity has been waiting for you for many years!”

Xiao Nuo appeared, holding a halberd and standing on the main star of Divine Court, Trident in his hand was too gorgeous, in an instant overshadowed the sky.

Behind him, Lin Tian, ​​Lin Wudi, and Lin Undefeated were all armed with soldiers, staring at the three huge space channels with sorrow.

This kind of formation is breathtaking!

It seems that there are these four brothers, even if there are tens of billions of heavenly soldiers, they can only turn into a withered bone under the Divine Court Supreme divine might.

Lian Ying appeared. He held the Heaven Punishment Sword with a grinning grin: “Little God, I haven’t seen you for many years.”

Lin Nuo narrowed his eyes, and sighed after a moment: “You can’t do it anymore. Thousands of years have passed and you haven’t grown.”

His evaluation was too direct, causing the shadows to roar again and again.

“I’m telling the truth.” Lin Nuo said seriously: “Thousands of years ago, if only talking about realm, I could only look up to you, but now…I can overlook you enough.”

“Really?” Xuanyou also came with a grin: “Sometimes realm doesn’t mean everything.”

Nodded approved by Lin Nuo: “Yes, otherwise I would be impossible to cross the border to kill the enemy.”

“What do you tell him about this? Today is just to destroy Divine Court, let’s go to war.” Lian Ying said, the killing intent was too strong, like a peerless demon born.

“Destroy Divine Court? Just rely on you two old rubbish, and the rubbish behind you that had thrown away your armor thousands of years ago?”

Lin Tian ridiculed, and directly cut down one of the space channels with a single sword.

A sharp sword, even if Xuanyou roared and swept across with the absolute immortal in his hand, it wouldn’t work to block Lin Tian’s sword. The space channel exploded, completely turned into ashes, and one sword buried millions of soldiers. .


Lian Ying shouted.

This destroyed one million soldiers was at least one of the third elites of his Nine Heavens station, but he didn’t have time to show off the divine might on this battlefield, and he just passed away.

“What is the ghost howling?” Lin Wudi scolded. He walked forward, holding a long spear point and pointed forward: “Thousands of years ago, you were my father’s enemy, but at this time you should not be worthy of a fight with my father. , I will kill you.”

Xiao Nuo browsed slightly wrinkle, but did not stop it.

Lin Wudi is very strong, although he is much younger than him, but at this time, he is also at the top of the five realms, and he will take a step at any time.

A battle with Lian Ying is difficult to win, but a fiasco is also impossible.


The long spear suddenly exploded a fierce light, assaulted forward, counting the spear glow of thousands zhang and slashed forward.

pu’ sound, time and space are all annihilated, of course, even the shadow disappears in an instant.

The war has begun.

The restricted area is indeed well prepared. At the moment it appeared, the entire Divine Court was surrounded by hundreds of absolute killing formations. These absolute killing formations were too terrifying. Even Xiao Nuo felt tricky. In fact, If it weren’t for their brothers and the mighty powers of Divine Court to stand in front of the battle, and they were sheltered by the Sect Protection Great Array of Divine Court, Divine Court would not know how many people would be killed or injured.

“Not good!”

Xiao Nuo screamed suddenly.

“hahaha… just found out now? It’s too late!”

This is a treasure in the Xuanyou Forbidden Zone. His teeth are all out of old age. When he laughs wildly, it looks like a ghost.

“Second Brother third brother, you Guardian God, I will go out to help father.”

Xiao Nuo roared and emphasized that Xiao Tian and the invincible Guardian God court.

“hong long!”

At this moment, another terrifying array shook down, blocking the main star of Divine Court.

These big formations are not easy to break. Each big formation is at least co-hosted by hundreds of people. It is too difficult to break the formation.

“Little God, wait, and our patriarch will bring your father’s head to come.”

There is a grinning smile again, and he raised the “trapped fairy” in his hand, laughed: “My acting skills are okay?”

Xiao Nuo’s eyes are full of self-blame.

I complained that he didn’t immediately notice that the masters of these two restricted areas were pretending to be.

It is also that he is too confident of his own strength, in fact, this kind of acting simply cannot stand scrutiny.

If the two restricted areas are really coming with legendary swords, how can it be just this trifling power?

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