Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3519


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The intention of the restricted zone is too obvious.

Divided and broken.

First, use endless heavy forces to bring all kinds of the most terrifying absolute killing formation to block the main star of Divine Court, the real Xeon holding the Three Swords and the formation diagram, and go to kill Lin Fan.

“Kill! Quickly kill!”

Xiao Nuo roared, and the Trident in his hand turned into an afterimage. The speed was too fast, and it turned out to ignite the void.

They are all worried about Lin Fan.

Although I know the power and ability of Lin Fan, they are the legendary four swords. The most terrifying thing is that the opponent still holds a formation diagram!

Fortunately, they held the last sword in their hands, otherwise it would really be a disaster.

Lin Fan never dared to underestimate these four swords. They can shock different ancient histories, span different realms, and have rich legends in both realms. Who dares to underestimate them?


Lin Fan is still cultivating hard, thinking further.

Suddenly there was a sword on his body, and a variety of slender killing swords with immortal patterns nailed the void in front of him.

Lin Fan eyes opened, said with a smile: “Waiting for a long time.”


Suddenly there was a sword nailed behind him, and there were various patterns of gods and demons on it, horrible to see.

Lianying and Xuanyou suddenly appeared with the killing sword, and they stepped on Divine Sword with one foot, their faces were very cold and cold.

“It is true that long time no see.” Lianying said coldly, said with a malicious smile: “For thousands of years, I have been looking forward to seeing each other today.”

Lin Fan smiled in surprise: “I never thought about it.”

Xuanyou’s face suddenly became cold!

What does this mean?

It should be noted that for today, they have been preparing for thousands of years. None of the big Killing Formation that blocked Divine Court is simple. It is too difficult to build. They have searched out the heritage of the two races and exhausted the two races. Heavenly margin.

But the other party, so careless.

“Don’t be angry.” Lin Fan said: “The fact I said, in these thousands of years, I have never thought of you.”

“tsk tsk…the god is still domineering.”

The last sip of Divine Sword blocked Lin Fan’s retreat, and a background came down, which looked a bit similar to Lian Ying. This background should come from the restricted area of ​​Nine Heavens.

Lin Fan silently looked towards the three of them. After a moment of silence, he actually cup one fist in the other hand, grinning said with a smile: “Many thanks, you guys sent me three Divine Swords and a formation diagram, which will let me The strength of Divine Court has soared to a large level.”

“It’s time to kill!”

Background roars.

Even he couldn’t help Lin Fan’s arrogance.

why did it come to this?

Instructions, their three people, no matter which one, are the best in the world, they are all in the seven realms, and have been immersed in this realm for tens of thousands of years.

strictly speaking, this Lin Fan is just a junior.

even more how, at this time they each hold a legendary killing sword.

But Lin Fan said so casually.

“Kill it.” Even the shadow exploded.

What he hopes to see is that after being surrounded by them, Lin Fan’s face changed suddenly, with fear and fright. With a grim smirk, he pretended to agree, and then took Lin Fan to the main star of Divine Court, in front of the Divine Court crowd, cutting off Lin Fan’s head like a dead dog.

But obviously, he was destined to be disappointed.


formation diagram flew up suddenly, hanging in the middle of the three swords, hanging above Lin Fan’s head.

It’s very scary. When this formation diagram appeared, Lin Fan’s Divine Soul seemed to be delayed, and billions of sword intents suddenly appeared in his Soul Sea, cutting vertically and horizontally, causing him trouble. Soul Sea was restless, his whole body was roaring, and there was soul blood flowing, which dyed the golden Soul Sea red.


angry roar, the thunder pool flew up, filling the Soul Sea, and there were hundreds of thousands of golden thunder leaps, turning into golden dragons to kill the square, expelling and devouring the raging sword intents.

Lin Fan’s expression was slightly solemn, and said: “This should be the best position you have found after a thousand years of deduction.”

“Yes.” Lianying did not cover up, said with a malicious smile: “In order to kill you… we really took pains, deduced for thousands of years, without killing immortals, this method of formation is the most lethal. The strongest.”

Lin Fan perceives carefully and clicks nodded: “Not bad.”

Lianying’s expression froze.

It turned out to be… so plain?

Thousands of years of deduction, just a ‘good’?


Xuanyou roared, his single finger stretched forward, and a sword intent cut his fingertips, letting a drop of blood drip, and finally immersed in the formation diagram, which immediately glowed.

Of course, the luminescence mentioned here is not all. The formation diagram is circular, and it can be seen that it is divided into four parts. This mysterious holding the heaven, the part of the formation diagram that belongs to the Heaven Punishment Sword is lit up.

“tsk tsk, I really can’t bear to send you off so fast, I wanted to have more fun.” Lianying jié jié grinned, but he was just teasing and teasing Lin Fan. When Xuanyou took the shot, He also split his fingertips, making the part of the formation diagram that belonged to Xianxian light up.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

The lighting of the formation diagrams increased his pressure. There seemed to be an invisible killing sword hanging on his soul, and a sword would fall at any time.

slightly frowned, the Purgatory Hell flew upside down, sheltering his soul and body inside, which greatly reduced his pressure.

“Lin Fan, today you cannot escape with your wings, you must die here!” Lian Ying roared, he actually flew into the formation diagram that belonged to him and turned into a mark within it, pushing all kinds of immortals The corpse moved.

“When you come to this step, the deity was killed, not scared. If you continue to fight, Bi Luo will be your end.”

Lin Fan roared, and at this time, Rune’s eyes were shining, and he attacked and killed him, but at first the feeling appeared again, like a mouthful of Divine Sword hanging on his soul. Just waiting for the opportunity to crack, let him explode and die completely.

At the same time, a peerless sword energy suddenly lased from the Heaven Punishing Formation chart and flew towards Lin Fan. He quickly retreated, but even so, a blood spattered on his shoulder.

Lin Fan was silent.

For thousands of years, he searched the stars and was invincible, but today he saw blood, which made his expression solemn, worthy of being the third of the legendary four swords, really too strong.

“jié jié… If you can survive this lore, then heaven defying really.”

Backgrounds grinned, he did not fly into the formation diagram like a shadow, but slashed at Lin Fan with his sword power, with a bang, this sword has no sword light, and there is no scary killing intent. But in an instant, Lin Fan seems to be caught in the Land of Primal Chaos, knowing nothing, not seeing the light, like being deprived of five senses.

“It’s this time!”

“It’s now!”

Lianying and Xuanyou roared at the same time, shaking the formation diagram together, and one after another corpses flew up, as if they were given life, suppressing and killing Lin Fan with unpredictable power.

Lin Fan can’t figure out whether these fairy corpses and divine corpse are dead or alive, but they can’t deny that they are extremely powerful, and any one of them is no less powerful than his deity.

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